Groovy and Beauty, Mercy and Ike, Tobi and CeeCee, 8 Other BBNaija Ships That Did Not End Well

Groovy and Beauty, Mercy and Ike, Tobi and CeeCee, 8 Other BBNaija Ships That Did Not End Well

  • The BBNaija reality show has continued to keep fans entertained for seven seasons now and one thing that has stood out in each set is ‘ships’
  • Putting a bunch of adults together in a house has led to close connections that also led to ships that have fan bases of their own
  • Despite the whirlwind romance these housemates display on the show, some of these ships do not stand the test of time

The BBNaija reality show is no doubt a favourite among Nigerians and one thing that has stood out each season are ‘ships’.

Over the years, housemates have gotten involved with each other, displaying over the top romance which even leads to fans outside the house showing massive support for them and showering them with gifts.

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Despite all of these, not all of these shipped housemates see eye to eye after the end of the show or even right from the house.

BBNaija stars in ships that ended badly.
BBNaija stars who were in ships that did not end well. Photos: @tecnomobileng, Media Room Hub, @mercy_ikeshow
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Some BBNaija ships will go down in the memories of fans as failed ones and has gathered a list of such ships that did not end well.

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1. Tobi Bakre and CeeCee from Double Wahala:

These housemates 'Ceebi' shook social media during their set over the apparent toxic nature of their relationship. Tobi was known to show attention to CeeCee and even begged her on several occasions while she was a woman who did not mind standing alone and was quick to lash out at Tobi or anybody else who upset her. Their ship did not last long and they don’t appear to be much into each other’s business even after the show.

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2. Tobi Bakre and Alex from Double Wahala:

Tobi was no doubt in a ship triangle during his time and another female housemate he seemed to be really close to was Alex. Despite that, their 'Tolex' ship also didn’t last for long or end well.

3. Bisola and Thin Tall Tony from See Gobe set:

Bisola and Thin Tall Tony aka Triple T were very much in the faces of fans during their set but unknown to the female star, her ‘partner’ on the show was a married man with three kids. His marital status was known to fans and this led to a lot of bad blood towards him. After Bisola eventually found out, she obviously wasn’t pleased and they don’t appear to be friends till date.

4. Ozo and Nengi from Lockdown set:

Ozo and Nengi aka Ozone were a fan favourite seeing as they looked very good together. However, the feelings seemed to be from just Ozo as Nengi did not often reciprocate his show of affection. She continued to speak on how she had someone outside the house but Ozo was determined. After his eventual eviction from the show, their ship seemed to end. Ozo is still one of BBNaija’s poster housemates for lover boys.

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5. Miracle and Nina from Double Wahala set:

This couple, aka Mina, was one that caused a lot of buzz on social media. At the start of the show, Nina had spoken about her boyfriend named Collins outside of the house. However, as the show progressed, she got closer to Miracle and people wondered about her situation with the man outside the house. Anyway, Miracle and Nina didn’t last long after the show and even seemed to drift apart while the season was still on.

6. Vee and Neo from Lockdown set:

This couple during their set seemed to be very in sync and were pleasing to watch. They appeared to have each other’s backs and gave fans highlights. Even after the show, they still went on together for some time before their eventual breakup that seemed messy going by shots that were fired on social media.

7. Dora and Ozo from Lockdown:

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This duo started out as close friends during the Lockdown show but Dora seemed to have more in mind for Ozo. However, Ozo did not appear to see her that way and had eyes for Nengi instead. Their once close relationship later became almost nonexistent as the show progressed. By the end of the show, Dora got closer to Prince.

8. Lilo and Eric from Lockdown:

During their set, these housemates seemed to instantly click and started playing lovey dovey almost as soon as the show began. Sadly, Lilo was the first housemate to be evicted from her season and she seemed to think it was because she was too attached to Eric and did not mingle with the others. After Eric eventually left the show, they did not rekindle their romance. Eric also mentioned during the Reunion show how she snubbed him.

9. Mercy and Ike from Pepper Dem set:

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This duo aka Merike, were lovely to watch on screen as they both gave gangsta vibes. Even after the show, they continued their relationship and even had another reality show in their name. However, things later turned sour and their breakup was not an amicable one seeing as they started to shade each other on social media.

10. Liquorose and Emmanuel from Shine Ya Eye set:

This couple aka Emmarose usually left fans with mixed feelings about them. While a number of people felt Liquor was being genuine, others noted that Emmanuel felt nothing for her and was only using her to advance in the game seeing as she was social media famous before joining the show. After the SYE season ended, the housemates continued with their ship and fans showered them with luxury and expensive gifts. However, both parties later took to social media to announce that they were no longer an item. During their reunion, Liquour also recounted something that happened in Dubai about Emmanuel having another lady in his room.

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11. Groovy and Beauty from Level Up season:

These housemates became an item almost immediately after their season started. What seemed to surprise viewers was how intense it seemed in a very short time considering the heated fights they had which eventually led to Beauty’s disqualification in the second week. This was a shocker to many considering that she was the 43rd Miss Nigeria and she left the show on the account of violence in just two weeks. After her exit, Groovy also quickly moved on to Phyna and that also did not stop him from making moves on Chomzy.

BBNaija ships in the mud.


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