Groovy, Phyna, Sheggz, Other BBNaija Level Up Housemates in Interesting Relationships and Situationships

Groovy, Phyna, Sheggz, Other BBNaija Level Up Housemates in Interesting Relationships and Situationships

  • The BBNaija Level Up reality show has proven to have a lot of drama in just three short weeks after it started airing
  • One of the highlights of the season has been how some of the housemates have gotten into complicated or interesting ‘ships’
  • will be looking at some of the friendships, relationships and situationships that has kept people talking

The BBNaija show has always been described as a social experiment but the Level Up season appears to have taken fans ‘where they do not know’ over the many relationship dramas that have come up in just three short weeks.

Keeping a group of adults in a confined space for a period of time is bound to bring about connections and the Level Up season has shown fans a number of those.

On the show, housemates have fallen in and out of love, gotten into fights over feelings, been relegated into friend zones and has even led to a disqualification.

BBNaija Level Up relationships.
Ships in the BBNaija Level Up house that got people talking. Photos: @tecnomobileng
Source: Instagram

Today, will be taking a look at some of the interesting relationships, friendships and situationships that have caused a stir on the BBNaija Level Up season.

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1. Sheggz and Bella with a side of Dotun:

Almost as soon as the BBN season started, fans started to notice Bella and Sheggz’s ‘relationship’. Sheggz quickly made his move with the female co-star and they seemed to hit things off quickly and became inseparable. Their relationship has led to people calling Sheggz names on social media especially because he continues to open up to Bella about what other people tell him about them.

Recently, Sheggz even accused his co-star, Dotun, of being two-faced and not moving straight after the young man asked to dance with Bella at one of their parties. According to Sheggz, Dotun is not totally backing off from Bella but still claims to be his guy.

2. Doyin, Shegzz and Cyph:

Another interesting dynamic that has played out on the show is between Doyin and Sheggz as well as Doyin and Cyph. Doyin made it known to Sheggz that she was really into him and that his closeness with Bella was what was stopping her from clinching to him. As expected, Sheggz relayed this to Bella who in turn spoke with Doyin and told her that they can’t be friends if she has feelings for Sheggz but that they can co-exist.

On the other hand, Doyin appeared to have the hots from another housemate from Level 2, Cyph, seeing as they quickly moved to first base by kissing passionately during their first Saturday night party together. Subsequent group parties also saw them being very cosy. However, Cyph was one of the first set of housemates to be evicted and Doyin seemed shaken by the news.

3. Doyin, Deji and Chichi:

Doyin appears to be a free spirit on the show considering how she easily expresses her likeness for another housemate. While Cyph was still on the show, she started to show interest in one of the newly introduced fake housemates, Deji. She revealed this to him with her actions and body language. Deji however did not seem to feel her but had eyes for Chichi. Chichi also seemed interested in him seeing as they continued to openly flirt with each other. Once again, Doyin remained booless.

4. Groovy, Beauty and Chomzy:

During the first week of the show, Beauty and Groovy quickly became an item. Everything seemed to move so fast considering how Beauty got into heated moments with other housemates because of her man. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Beauty got disqualified on just the second week of the show after amassing a total of three strikes because of Groovy. The former Miss Nigeria had gotten pissed because Groovy danced with Chomzy at their party. Her disqualification from the show led to the end of their relationship/ situationship.

5. Groovy, Amaka and Phyna:

Not long after Beauty was disqualified, Amaka spoke with her closest friend at the time, Phyna, on how she had feelings for Groovy. Phyna even gave her tips on how to get him. It then came as a surprise when Groovy spent the night in Phyna’s bed. Amaka raised the issue with the young man but nothing seemed to change. Shortly after that, Groovy and Phyna were seen ‘under the duvet’ with strange movements. This no doubt hurt Amaka’s feelings and she has continued to try to move on from it by giving herself words of affirmations.

6. Groovy, Phyna and Chomzy:

Once again, Groovy’s name comes up in a complicated BBNaija ‘ship’. Not long after him and Phyna had established themselves as an item after their incessant PDAs, the young man seemed to realise that he also has feelings for Chomzy. Recall that his dancing with Chomzy was what led to Beauty getting more strikes and eventual disqualification. The current situation of things with Groovy is that he is making moves on Chomzy while also having a thing with Phyna.

7. Phyna, Eloswag and Groovy:

Phyna is another housemate who seems to always find herself in interesting ‘ship’ situations. From the start of the show, she took a liking to Eloswag and they even shared a hot kiss during their first Saturday night party. However, that situation did not stop her from starting things with Groovy.

8. Eloswag, Chomzy and Phyna:

Another interesting ‘ship’ dynamic on the show is between Eloswag and Phyna and Chomzy. Eloswag has continued to make it known to Chomzy that he is into her. However, Chomzy seems to have been put off because of his coziness with Phyna during their Saturday night parties.

9.Kunle, Allysyn and Deji:

One of the cool and unproblematic guys on the show, Kunle, took a liking to his co-star, Allysyn, and they started to keep each other’s company in the house. However, Allysyn’s feelings for Kunle did not seem as deep as his and she had eyes for the new guy on the show, Deji. She eventually distanced herself from Kunle but missed her shots with Deji who seemed to have eyes for Chichi instead.

10. Khalid and Daniella:

This is another set of housemates who got fans talking over their steamy relationship in just a matter of days. Even though their ‘union’ seems to be surrounded by no drama, Nigerians on social media had a lot to say after they were both captured on several occasions doing things under the duvet.

11. Diana and Giddyfia:

These level one housemates are an interesting dynamic because Giddyfia expressed his interest in Diana but she was totally against the idea because she was way older than him. However, in recent times, she appears to have started considering him as an option.

12.Hermes and Allysyn:

This is one ship that many fans of the show would have loved to see get started. Hermes, who has two girlfriends outside the show, make it known to Allysyn that he would like them to have something together in the house. Allysyn was however not keen on the idea and she turned him down.

Despite all of the interesting relationships, friendships and situationships on the BBNaija Level Up show, there are some housemates who have just been coasting along and avoiding entanglements like Bryann, Kess, Modella, Pharmsavi and a few others.

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