Lady Looks Disappointed After She Got a Dress Different From What She Ordered: "How Much U Pay?"

Lady Looks Disappointed After She Got a Dress Different From What She Ordered: "How Much U Pay?"

  • A lady looked dissatisfied as she showed off the dress she got from her tailor after ordering a more beautiful version
  • In a trending video, she posted the long black dress she ordered, and it looked lovely on the original wearer
  • After she shared what her tailor did for her, it got many people laughing and making jest of her posture in the dress

A lady gave netizens something to laugh about as she posted the outfit her tailor sewed for her.

A lady rocks a lovely black dress
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She ordered a black dress that extended to the ankles of the lady who inspired the style. The pleated outfit came with a matching scarf, and the lady combined it with a portable black handbag.

However, it was a moment of regret after she saw what was delivered to her. It was a caricature of what she ordered and could be perfectly described as a substandard version.

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The pleated design on the white dress that was delivered was not properly aligned and was made with an inferior fabric.

She wore the dress that way and posed before the camera without a smile on her face. The video had many laughing their hearts out.

Watch the video below:

Peeps laugh at dress lady got

Several social media users have reacted to the dress, and they made different funny comments about it. has compiled some of them below:


"Why you sef stand like house girl wey thief gold and dollars? Go carry bag stand for outside and retake the picture."


"The way you carry shoulder up sef, na that pride no let the cloth fit you."

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"Carry bag and carry shoulder down first."


"Dye it black the dress will come out."


"Wetin connect white and black?"


"Put your hand together fess, let me see something."


"My dear how much did you pay? because I can tell from your material that you didn’t pay well."


"At this point, she should go to Nollywood and apply for the role of a ghost in those village movies."

Lady shares funny dress she got earlier reported that some fashion designers are known to deliver dresses that do not match what was ordered, and it is fast becoming a norm.

A lady ordered a blue wedding dress, but she got a funny replica that appeared different in the upper part of her body.

She had to get another one within a short time as her wedding was a day away, and this time, it was properly done with another set of fabrics.

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