Beauty Standards in Nigeria: Why Asoebi Styles for Only Curvy Women are Popular in Demand

Beauty Standards in Nigeria: Why Asoebi Styles for Only Curvy Women are Popular in Demand

Every weekend promises the thrill of exciting owambe events and beautiful ladies dressed in head-turning and ritzy asoebi outfits.

As is the case with almost every asoebi style, be sure to see form-fitting dresses featuring either (or all) of these designs: cleavage-revealing corset bodice, thigh-high slits and mermaid skirts.

Photos of ladies in asoebi.
Many ladies often go for form-fitting dresses. Photo credit: Bibi Lawrence, Xtrabrides Lagos and Veekee James
Source: Instagram

With these features on a dress, best believe curves - both obvious and hidden - are bound to be on display.

Over the past few years, it has become obvious what the go-to style is when it comes to slaying asoebi looks and that is - anything that would project one's figure 8 or at least give the illusion of a curvy body.

Why is this trend popularly accepted?

It goes without saying that for a woman to be considered beautiful, she needs to have ample bosoms and derriere. We hear it in songs and we see it in music videos.

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It is glaring why this trend of wanting to fit into this beauty standard has become widely accepted.

For many people, the idea of beauty is either a pear-shaped or coke bottle figure; anything outside this is considered not up to par.

This is why popular celebrity designers like CEO Luminee go as far as padding clothes for clients in order to achieve that figure 8 look.

This is also why there are stories of people who would rather restrict their lungs in tight-fitted clothes in order to achieve a tiny waist - a highly-coveted feature for ladies.

Only a few days ago, a bride went viral on social media after a video surfaced online in which she appeared rather uncomfortable in a corset dress.

The issue of lack of representation for different body shapes

With numerous styles tailored for hourglass shapes taking over the fashion scene in Nigeria, one may wonder what happens to people who do not fit into this beauty standard.

Only a short while ago, reported the story of a man who went viral on social media for simply asking about where to get the perfect dress for his big-bellied wife.

With little or no representation, people in this category have few options available to them. While there are those who continue to love their bodies and refuse to conform, sadly, this is not the case for others.

Hence, the increase in cosmetic surgery and body-altering businesses like waist trainers and the like.

How women of all shapes can be better represented in fashion

Every day on the internet, we see women (who do not fit into this box of how society expects a woman to look like) struggle to fit into this same box, denying themselves the bliss that comes with self-acceptance and self-love.

But it doesn't have to be so and fashion designers have a huge role to play in promoting better representation.

Rather than stick to the popular styles for curvy ladies (understandably high in demand), more diverse looks can be advertised by women with bodies that a whole lot of others can relate to.

Since a lot of people turn to social media for style inspiration, promoting designs that will give women of all shapes and sizes the confidence to love their bodies is undoubtedly the only way forward.

Society will be a whole lot better if women are not constantly trying to fit into one standard of beauty rather than love and accept their different and beautiful shapes!


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