Lizzy Anjorin Renounces Islam, Sends Strong Warning in Video: “No Muslim Defended Me When I Was Bullied”

Lizzy Anjorin Renounces Islam, Sends Strong Warning in Video: “No Muslim Defended Me When I Was Bullied”

  • Controversial Yoruba actress Lizzy Anjorin, in a video, cautioned people from tagging her a Muslim or addressing her by any Islamic title
  • The actress said she would prefer to be called by her traditional titles instead of identifying with a religion where other faithful didn't support her
  • According to Lizzy, when she was bullied and trolled online, no Muslim rose to defend, support, or fight for her
  • In an exclusive chat with Dr Imam Idris Oni, an Islamic scholar, tutor and lecturer, he talked about why some clerics give out titles to people like Lizzy Anjorin, and who a true Muslim is

Popular Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin, during an Instagram live session, blasted fans who chose to call her by the Islamic titles she willingly accepted as a Muslim woman.

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Lizzy, known for fighting and cursing on social media, noted that she prefers to be called by her traditional title, Yeye Mesho.

Popular actress Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin reveals why she renounced Islam Photo credit: @lizzyanjorin_original
Source: Instagram

According to her, she no longer wants anything to do with Islam or Muslims because when she was bullied and trolled online, no Muslim or Islamic organisation rose to defend her.

Watch the video below:

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Netizens react to Lizzy Anjorin's video


"There’s a slim line btw outspoken n speaking for oneself and gradually turning into a mad woman, how can one person have so much people to fight Laikin se werey."


"Because you chose to fight, na everyone you don fight finish. You no Dey taya."


"From Christian to Islam from Islam to Yeye. Awww omo oshoringa."


"They should please get this lady help... She needs help."

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"She ain't a serious Muslim to begin with "


"How do one defend rubbish? May Almighty God heal her - Amen."


"I blame the Alfas that gave you the title of Borokini Adini. Msheeww."


"Make una dey play sebi she was a Christian before now she don denounce Islam again yeye mesho isoun."

Lizzy Anjorin has not done anything to deserve an Islamic title

In an exclusive chat with, Dr Imam Idris Oni who holds a PhD in Islamic studies and lectures at Crescent University, Abeokuta, gave insights as to why people are awarded titles, why Lizzy Anjorin didn't deserve it and lastly, why a true Muslim would never renounce Islam over bullying.

On titles such as Iya Adinni in Islam, Imam Oni said:

"Iya Adinni is a title domiciled only in Southwest Nigeria. It is a way but which Muslim clerics in past try to appreciate, reward and encourage influential people who contribute meaningfully to the religion with their wealth, ditto for Baba Adinni, Balogun Adinni and so on. While it is true that valiant Muslims have been rewarded with titles by RasūluLlah SAW, it is a very different case with ours in Yoruba land. Reason being that the titles here are driven mainly by financial contributions irrespective of how bad the individual is in respect of faith and practice. Until we reach a time when people who are sweepers and cleaners of the Masjid are elevated, when the Muadhin is given great value and respect irrespective of their backgrounds or wealth, we would always have the situation we have now."

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Why does Imam Idris think Lizzy Anjorin doesn't deserve a title?

The cleric believes the move was motivated by financial gains, he said:

"As for the case of Lizzy, she has not done anything to deserve a title. People don't earn titles just because they became Muslims. However, those who gave her the title might claim that it was to encourage her. Nonetheless, the undertone and the mode of giving the title showed that it was motivated by money. It was a very sad bastardization of title giving in Islam and an insult to Islam and Muslims. All of that not because they gave her a title but because of the modes with which they did it and because she has done nothing to deserve it. They flouted the laws of Muslims and disrespected the Muslim community. It could be said that the titling was mainly a trade by barter for whatever they intended to gain from it. Nutshell, it has nothing to do with Islam."

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Lastly, on the actress' claim that she left Islam because she was bullied and got no support from Muslims, Imam Idris kicked against her motive.

In his opinion:

"Muslims don't leave their faith because they are bullied and no Muslim supported them. We are Muslims for Allah, not for anyone. If any Muslim leaves his or her faith for such reason, it would be true that he or she was never really a Muslim to start with. Nonetheless, Muslims have the duty to protect one another. It is a mandatory duty. However, not finding such support when needed should never push a Muslim out of Islam."

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