“They Greet Guys, Not the Women”: Stephanie Coker Explains Not Liking to Be Friends With Nigerian-Bred Ladies

“They Greet Guys, Not the Women”: Stephanie Coker Explains Not Liking to Be Friends With Nigerian-Bred Ladies

  • Popular Nigerian media personality, Stephanie Coker, got people talking on social media over a video of her that trended
  • In the clip, she explained that she finds it hard to make friends with women raised in Nigeria because they only greet men at the table at events
  • Stephanie’s take stirred a lot of mixed reactions, with people either agreeing with her or bashing her

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Popular Nigerian media personality, Stephanie Coker, recently spoke on a podcast about how she does not like to make friends with ladies who were born and raised in the country.

In a video making the rounds online, the media personality noted that some people take it as her being snobbish when she finds it hard to be friends with Nigerian-born and bred women.

The mother of one then went ahead to explain the reason behind her stance on the MHE Podcast.

Stephanie Coker explains why she doesn't like to be friends with Nigerian bred women.
Fans react as Stephanie Coker says she doesn't like to be friends with Nigerian-bred women. Photos: @stephaniecoker, MHE Podcast.
Source: Instagram

According to Stephanie, Nigerian-bred women’s mindsets appear to be very different from those who were raised abroad.

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“I always say this thing about how I find it hard to make friends with women who have grown up and spent their whole lives in Nigeria just because I feel their mindset are very different”, she said.

She then went ahead to give an example of how a Nigerian-bred woman can meet her and other men seated at a table at an event and will only greet the men and ignore her fellow woman.

Stephanie noted that these ladies often would just sit and start avoiding eye contact with all the other ladies already at the table before her.

In her words:

“When you are out and maybe you’re on a table, if a girl that’s not from abroad, never lived out of Nigeria comes to the table, she will greet all the guys and not greet the woman and I’m always like ‘why? What is your problem?’ I was here first, you should at least say ‘Oh Hi, How are you?’ They’ll just sit, they’ll now act like they can’t see you.”

The media personality noted that one day, she had to be the one to greet such a lady first and she was shocked. Stephanie also wondered if it could be a complex issue behind such behaviour.

She wrote:

“One day I had to say ‘excuse me madam, hello, hi’ and the girl was like ‘oh’, she was shocked. Why do they think like this? I don’t understand, is there a complex? What’s going on?”

See the video below:

Reactions as Stephanie Coker explains not wanting to be friends with Nigerian-born women

Stephanie’s statement stirred mixed reactions, with people either agreeing with her or saying she had no point. Read some comments below:


"It’s just individual behavior. Last outing I went for, one of the babes greeted the guys except me. I had to say hi to her. (I was the only babe on the table). One came and greeted everyone including me. Another came and Greeted no one. Don’t get me started with men. Some will greet the men and snob the babes. It’s not a “grew up in Nigeria” thing. And then there are the babes you’ll greet and they either snob you or use their nose to answer you. Ati uk babe ati Nigerian babe."


"Steph met a few rude people and drew this nationwide conclusion ..your from abroad so what ??? Are you feeding them?"


"What does growing up in Nigeria have to do with practical manners? A person doesn’t greet you and you immediately assume it’s because she spent her whole life in a place? Stephanie you are the one WITH complex. Nigerians are some of the friendliest people on the planet, and greet people, but we also have a strong intuition and knows snobs from a mile away. Give every daft person a microphone and this is the BILE they spew. This Stephanie is deluded and has major complex issues and Anita have a mind of your own you don’t have to agree to rubbish to be cool, have sense."


"Nigerian women greet everyone. Nigerians greet everyone . This is the strangest thing I have ever heard about us."


"This has absolutely nothing to do with growing abroad TF!!!!!"


"You generalise too much...."


"I'm always skeptical of people who tag a whole group of people as the problem... so EVERY girl raised in Nigeria that you have met behaved that way, really? Are you sure you are not expecting some sort of special recognition and giving them attitude which then in turn makes the ladies ignore you? Also how do you know they were all raised in Nigeria? The math is not mathing sis."


"Even women born and raised in Nigeria experience this as well, it’s not a general trait…some ladies are…oh well…"


"You are right, their mindset is very very different. I don learn wella I just can’t never!"


"She's right but then it's not okay to generalise, not every woman that has lived in Nigeria is like that."

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