Man-Made Religion Killed Osinachi, Nollywood Actress Dorothy Njemanze

Man-Made Religion Killed Osinachi, Nollywood Actress Dorothy Njemanze

Nollywood actress and founder of Dorothy Njemanze Foundation, Dorothy Njemanze, has said that man-made religion could be blamed for the death of Nigerian gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu. recalls that the popular gospel singer at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre died following an alleged beating she received from her husband.

Reports claimed that the singer was hit on her chest by her husband and died in an Abuja hospital.

Nollywood actress Dorothy Njemanze in an exclusive chat with said religion played a major role in the death of Osinachi, saying that people are more religious than being spiritual as the case may be.

Religion killed Osinachi, Dorothy Njemanze
Osinachi could have taken a step and insisted enough was enough - Actress Dorothy Njemanze. Photo: Dorothy Njemanze
Source: Instagram

She opined that it’s difficult to save oneself from a brutal and violent marriage considering what people would say or think about one, hence some people just prefer to die silently instead of opening up or walking away from an abusive marriage.

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The actress also said that most violent partners work on the psychology of their victims, creating the impression that nothing is wrong with the violence they endure.

Dorothy said:

“The burden of saving oneself from domestic violence or intimate partner violence is difficult to carry. Violent partners start out by being verbally abusive, and they try to mentally condition you to accept their abuse and normalize the abuse and try to make you think that you are not the only person going through abuse, but that you are simply making a big issue out of your own.”

The gender activist also blamed religious condition which she said does not help matters when the issue of domestic violence arises. She said:

“They want you to believe that no other person is going to want you because they are managing you and that they are the best option you can get. Over time, there is a lot of mental condition that comes with this. The religious condition doesn’t help either. All those things like ‘God doesn’t like divorce, a woman is not supposed to speak in church or ask questions in church.’ The notion that, ‘if there is anything the woman doesn’t understand in church, she should wait until she gets home and ask her husband.’ So it takes the opportunity to discuss salient things within the church away from women who believe in this fallacious doctrine and places it on their abuser who is, of course, going to come up with testimonies and justifications on whatever the person has done.

“In some situations, some people have this ideology that they want to be like Christ, and they believe they just have to believe and move on, and they keep forgiving and forgiving, forgetting to see that such a mentality is enabling bad behaviour, and exposing the children more and more to seeing bad behaviour happen effortlessly. In other words, seeing bad behaviour happening in such a way that it seems like a norm for it to be happening. “

The actress believes that Osinachi would have done something different by moving out of the marriage if the restriction placed on her and other women by religion was not there. Dorothy said:

“Osinachi could have taken a step and insisted enough was enough. I don’t know what she did in the first instance. I’m not in a position to say what she didn’t do right because I’m not aware of exactly what she did. However, a lot of people say “People should leave to live”. But my question then is ‘to leave to where?’ What was the dynamics of the violence she suffered? Were her finances forcefully controlled?

She said that if she had taken the step people are now saying she should have taken, she would have still become a victim of societal castigation and that even her career would have ended.

“If yes, then it means that for those who are thinking about how much they know she made, she may not have access to the money. The same people who are shouting she should have left would have blamed her if she had left. If she had left, would she be booked for performance as a gospel singer as she was booked at a time? So the hypocritic ideology that we promote, forgetting the inhumane effect it has on females and other vulnerable needs to be rechecked. Is that what God would have done? In this instance, I make bold to say, this is where religion takes away from humanity. I subscribe to spirituality. I’m not a religious person, because religion is totally man-made.

Making a case for spirituality as against religion, Dorothy commended religious leaders who address real-life issues such as domestic violence and other bad behaviours in homes.

“There are different variations of religion because of different sentiments. And people are busy playing religion, forgetting the spiritual angle and forgetting also learn how to align to spirituality. I’m totally for the notion of aligning to spirituality, and I love religious leaders who don’t forget to align to spirituality in their everyday lives.
“Now, we see men of God going to the gym. It tells people that your anointing or your level of anointing will not give you that befitting look that people want to see. It means it’s okay that you participate in the things of society to have a balanced life. I have heard my pastor warning against domestic violence, saying ‘ If I ever hear anybody beat his wife in this congregation, I will take the person to the police personally. These are healthy utterances to make in churches to encourage people to recognize the importance of the police, the importance of the police and the importance of working with the police to deal with bad behaviour. So I don’t know what she must have been indoctrinated to that guided her decision. I don’t know if she reached out to people, and I don’t know the extent to which she had limitations. It’s difficult to say what she did or what she did not do.

Speaking further on what people are saying after the demise of the singer, Dorothy noted:

“I can speak on what was done wrong to her and religion readily comes to mind. But I have heard from people that she endured intimate violence and there were religious ideologies that the person who perpetrated the crime used to stop people from meddling in their issues. The belief is that a man is the head of the home and he is supposed to determine everything in the home. People are not questioning a man’s behaviour because he knows best how to handle his home. All these ideologies should be questioned. We must check the provisions of the law. What does the law say about this? In what way are people trying to say they are men and forgetting to be human and forgetting also to be spiritual? We need to check the place of the law in all these,” she said.

Osinachi Nwachukwu's husband arrested

The Nigerian Police have arrested Peter Nwachukwu, the husband of late gospel singer Osinachi. Recall that the 42-year-old singer passed away on Friday, April 8, at an undisclosed hospital in Abuja.

Her husband was arrested after family members reported the incident to the police and gave further details on the violence the singer had allegedly endured.

Meanwhile, the federal government vowed that gospel artist Osinachi Nwachukwu, who allegedly died as a result of unreported serial domestic violence meted out to her by her husband, will get justice even in death.

Minister of Women Affairs Dame Pauline Tallen said this in a statement she personally signed and seen by on Monday, April 11.

Dame Tallen said Peter Nwachukwu, the husband of the late popular gospel artiste, will be prosecuted.


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