Text messages to send to people who want to sell their house

Text messages to send to people who want to sell their house

The housing market can be unpredictable, even if you have a broad portfolio of leads. When unexpected lulls occur, it's critical to have a toolkit on hand to help you interact with potential homebuyers or brokers. Even the most enthusiastic customer can overlook emails and phone calls. Texts have a word limit hence they are an efficient method to reactivate dormant leads at a low cost. Moreover, even the most complicated leads respond to these text messages.

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People sell their homes for various reasons, from kinship to physical surroundings. Another family may find their dream home in a house that is no longer a good fit for another family. Here are some examples of real estate message samples you might send to homeowners looking to sell their homes.

Best real estate message samples

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Text messages allow for direct communication, which makes it easier to engage with prospects more quickly. Additionally, they increase the amount of personalization in selling real estate. Below are SMS for real estate you can send to a home seller.

  • Hello, and thanks for getting in touch with us. Are you looking to sell the house?
  • We appreciate you joining us. Feel free to call this number and ask any questions.
  • Please include more information about the property you are selling.
  • Greetings, your listing has been canceled. Other real estate brokers are likely overwhelming you and frustrating you by promising to sell your house quickly. You have every right to look around for a listing. Here's why I want you to continue with me, though.
  • I am well familiar with your property. I've been carefully gathering buyer and agent feedback, keeping an eye on other houses in the area, and getting to know the specifics of what makes your home special.
  • Although I am aware that neither of us expected to be in this situation, I am committed to helping you locate the ideal buyer for your house.
  • Hey, I'll have your valuation ready soon. When do you hope to sell the property that you have held for how long?
  • Are you still thinking about selling your home? A buyer who wants to buy a house nearby has expressed interest.
  • Hello and thank you for using our company to sell your house. We appreciate that you picked us. Would you mind posting a review on Google?
  • Please let me know a time that works for you so I may see your property before I list it on our website.
  • I wanted to express my appreciation for our meeting last week and my best wishes for the selling of your house.

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Real estate messages for home sellers

real estate sms messages
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There is no denying that texting can speed up and improves the effectiveness of communication. Texts, however, differ from other forms of communication in that there is a character restriction, and you must be succinct in order to make your point. Below are some texts for info real estate agents can send to house sellers.

  • Do you still want to sell your house? Responding with the word REALTOR will link you with a realtor.
  • Hello, a showing of your property is scheduled for this Saturday, July 6th, at 11 a.m.
  • A couple who stopped by yesterday wants to include the porch repair in the asking price. Please share any ideas.
  • This week, there will be five viewings of your property. Send the code 765ELMST to the number 80123 for a complete schedule of times and dates.
  • Your home is regularly marked as "overpriced" by buyers on our site. Let's arrange a call to discuss it.
  • Hello, a home inspection for a potential buyer discovered mould beneath kitchen baseboards. Can I drop by tomorrow at 3 p.m.? To affirm, respond YES.
  • Hello there! This is the realtor who will be trying to sell your house. We appreciate you subscribing to our text updates. Please include more information about the property you want to sell.
  • Hello, a couple of prospective buyers were interested in setting up a viewing for your house. Tell me what time is most convenient for you, please.
  • Hello, the purchasers that came by yesterday are interested in making an offer. It represents our best result yet. Would you like to move forward with it?
  • Hello, similar properties in your neighbourhood are listed for that price, which is less than what you are asking. Visit our official website to get our suggested pricing guide.
  • Hello, I'll have a quick appraisal of your house ready. When do you intend to sell?
  • Hello, I'll have a home valuation for you as soon as possible. Can we have a little conversation for a moment, though? I have a few short questions.
  • Hello, in ABQ, now is a fantastic time to sell! How can I assist?
  • Hi! The sellers have accepted your offer, and the home inspector found no problems. Congratulations!
  • Hey! In just a few minutes, I'll email along with the home valuation for your property. How soon do you intend to sell?
  • Hello, right now is a fantastic opportunity to sell in your area. How soon do you intend to sell?
  • I'm happy to hear that your house sold. Working with you was an absolute delight. I really appreciate your business and consider it a great honour that you choose to entrust me with the selling of your house.

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Persuasive site visit text messages

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Getting your prospects to sign up for your company's real estate news is a highly effective strategy to keep their interest. You can send the following SMS messages to people interested in visiting the site.

  • From now through the end of the month, our business is holding a sale. Visit right away to see if you can locate something within your budget.
  • Hello, I'm calling from Real Home Agencies. Last week, you contacted me regarding the listing at one of our homes. It's still available; would you like to arrange a viewing? If you want to see it this week, let me know!
  • Hello, just a reminder that tomorrow at 9 a.m. I will be bringing a variety of purchasers. Please check that the house is clean. By 9:30 a.m., we will be finished. Thanks.
  • Hello, would you be interested in viewing our property? Please let me know when you are available so I can arrange transportation.
  • The residence you desired is available for viewing. Visit our offices on the weekends, please.
  • A new listing has come up that fits your criteria! Visit our website to see it. If you're interested in a showing, let me know!
  • Did you enjoy your time on our property? More real estate may suit your needs; check it out! Visit our website to see our other comparable listings.
  • Hello, on Wednesday at 9 a.m., a showing of your property has been set.
  • We cordially invite you to our open house! Come hang out with us from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Hello, an agent is available to show you the property. Do you still have an interest? Make an appointment for a site inspection right now.

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What do you write to a house seller?

It is best to keep SMS messages to home sellers short and to the point. Inquire about the property's location and get the seller's preferences and asking price.

How do you write effective text messages for sales?

An efficient text message for sale, especially one concerning properties, should always include information about the home's size, number of rooms, whether it is furnished or unfurnished, and the asking price.

How do I advertise through text messages?

Businesses may easily communicate with clients about bargains, unique promotions, or significant news by sending them text messages. The best way to advertise through texting is to send bulk texts to tens, or hundreds of them at once to many people.

Texting those open to selling their home and meeting with them is an excellent decision. It should happen, especially if you are a buyer or a broker. It is a simple and quick way to stay in touch with people looking to sell their homes.

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