100+ aesthetic cottagecore names for boys, girls and pets

100+ aesthetic cottagecore names for boys, girls and pets

Finding a name for your baby girl or boy is a huge responsibility and one of the most important decisions you will make as a new parent. Names have an impact, and parents choose names that will positively impact their children. Check out the collection of aesthetic cottagecore names for boys, girls, and pets and their meanings if you're searching for something unique for your baby.

cottagecore names
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Cottagecore baby names are part of a contemporary aesthetic trend characterized by an idealized view of rural life. Cottagecore's lace-trimmed aesthetics perfectly fit these historical names with soothing tones and calming auras. You have a lot of options when it comes to names for your children.

Cute cottagecore names for pets

cottagecore names for pets
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Having a pet is something that many people enjoy. Pets keep you company and are adorably cute. If you have recently acquired a pet, you probably think of a name for your new friend. Below is a list of options from which to choose.

  • Aster: A plant of the daisy family
  • Barley: A tall, grassy plant
  • Basil: An aromatic herb
  • Birch: Thin-leaf tree
  • Blizzard: Wild storm
  • Blue: Nature-inspired colour
  • Brin: Like a hill
  • Birdie: Bird-inspired
  • Dakota: Friendly companion
  • Denver: One who belongs to the green valley
  • Dusty: Powdery
  • Echo: Sounds in open space
  • Everest: Courageous
  • Eco: Environment
  • Farley: Woodland clearing
  • Fern: The plant
  • Felding: Lives in the fields
  • Fleur: Like a flower
  • Flint: Flint rock; rock used to create a spark
  • Forrest: Of the woods
  • Iris: Colors of the rainbow
  • Ivy: The deep green climbing plant
  • Jet: Black and shiny gemstone
  • Jupiter: 5th planet from the sun
  • Ka: Hawaiian for ocean
  • Kalani: The sky
  • Thorn: From Thorne
  • Topaz: Gemstone
  • Thistle: A prickly purple flower
  • Rio: River
  • Ridge: Spine of a mountain
  • River: Flow of water
  • Sahara: Desert
  • Savannah: Grassland
  • Shenandoah: Spruce stream
  • Sequoia: One of the largest trees in the world
  • Shadow: A cast of light
  • Sienna: Earth used as a pigment in painting
  • Sierra: Mountain chain in California
  • Silver: Precious metal
  • Stone: Rock
  • Sky or Skye: Expanse above us
  • Storm: Tempest
  • Vale: Lives in the valley
  • Well: Spring or stream
  • West: Cardinal direction
  • Wind: The air that blows
  • Zola: Means Earth

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Dark cottagecore names

dark cottagecore names
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Giving your newborn girl or boy a dark yet lovely name increases their chances of becoming unique. Many of these names are not well-known, but they are beautiful. They include:

  • Acantha: Thorn or prickle
  • Ajax: Mourner
  • Asphodel: The name of an immortal flower
  • Astrophel: Lover or friend
  • Aurora: Dawn
  • Blodwyn: White flowers
  • Branwen: Beautiful raven
  • Briallen: Primrose
  • Circe: Bird
  • Corbin: Raven
  • Dionisia/Dionysus: Name of the Greek god of wine
  • Dunstan: Dark
  • Eoghan: Born of the yew tree
  • Erebus: Nether darkness
  • Eirlys: Snowdrop
  • Garnet: Dark red
  • Garrick: Oaktree grove
  • Griswold: Means from the grey forest
  • Hadassah: Myrtle tree
  • Ianthe: Violet or purple flower
  • Iva: Willow tree
  • Jael: Mountain goat
  • Pihla: Rowan tree
  • Phaedra: Bright
  • Phelan: Little wolf
  • Rhiannon: Great queen
  • Senka: Shadow
  • Tinuviel: Daughter of the starry twilight
  • Umbra: Shadow or darkness
  • Ursula: Little bear
  • Valerian: Means to be strong
  • Yildirim: Lightning
  • Zetta: Olive
  • Zilla: Shadow

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Good cottagecore boy names

cottagecore boy names
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Cottagecore names are a new trend in baby names rising in popularity. These names, defined by an appreciation for romanticized rural life, evoke a sense of nostalgia by drawing from the natural world and from old times. Check out some cottagecore male names you can use.

  • Adair: From the oak tree ford
  • Ainsley: Hermitage wood or clearing
  • Alder: An alder tree
  • Ambrose: Immortal
  • Aster: Star
  • Birk: Means birch tree
  • Briar: For the sweetbriar flower
  • Bryce: As in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
  • Bryn: Means hill
  • Cedar: Cedar tree
  • Colm: Means dove
  • Conall: Means wolf
  • Drake: Dragon
  • Elm: Elm tree
  • Heath: A moor
  • Hyacinth: Bulbous, fragrant flowers
  • Indigo: Dark blue tropical plant
  • Jasper: A semiprecious stone
  • Jonquil: Small fragrant yellow flowers of the narcissus family
  • Juniper: An evergreen plant
  • Lake: Small body of water
  • Lark: A small songbird
  • Oliver: Inspired by the olive tree or olive plant
  • Oriel: Oriole bird
  • Otis: means wealth
  • Pierce: Rock
  • Reed: A tall plant that grows in marshy waters
  • Rowan: Type of tree
  • Spruce: Neat or dapper
  • Terran: Earth
  • Vernon: An alder tree
  • Winter: The coldest season of the year
  • Wren: A small songbird
  • Yael: Means ibex

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Adorable cottagecore girl names

cottagecore names for girls
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How many adorable cottagecore girl names do you know? Cottagecore is based on the idea of returning to a simpler and more harmonious way of life. Here are some more cute and distinctive cottagecore names for girls.

  • Amaranth: A family of colourful plants and flowers
  • Amber: Fossilized tree resin with a golden colour
  • Amethyst: Against intoxication
  • Auburn: Color of reddish-brown
  • Autumn: A lovely season with cool weather
  • Ava: For bird
  • Azure: The blue colour of clear sky
  • Beech: A large shade tree
  • Bianca: Means white
  • Brook: Tiny stream
  • Clementine: A small citrus fruit similar to the tangerine
  • Calla: Elegant flowers or most beautiful
  • Camellia: Gorgeous red, pink, or white flowers
  • Celeste: Celestial
  • Cerise: Means cherry
  • Citron: Means lemon
  • Clara: Means clear, bright, famous
  • Daphne: A laurel or bay tree
  • Ebony: Black
  • Ember: Smoldering remains of a fire
  • Eira: Means snow
  • Emerald: A prized green gemstone
  • Estelle: Star
  • Faye: Fairy
  • Flora: Flower
  • Heather: An evergreen shrub with pink or white flowers that thrives on peaty barren lands
  • Hollis: Holly tree
  • Ilana: Tree
  • Isla: Island
  • Jade: A milky green gemstone
  • Jahdahdieh: Whale who sails
  • June: Associated with summertime
  • Luna: Moon
  • Magnolia: Magnol's flower
  • Marina: Of the sea
  • Meadow: Field of grass
  • Millie: means industrious, striving, honey, gentle strength
  • Neva: Snow
  • Olive: Olive tree
  • Plum: A sweet fruit
  • Raine: Inspired by rain
  • Ruby: A red gemstone that is the birthstone of July
  • Sapphire: A precious blue gemstone
  • Stella/Stellan: Star
  • Talia: The morning dew
  • Terra: Earth
  • Viola: Name inspired by the violet flower
  • Violet: Means purple
  • Vana: Sea urchin
  • Varsha: A shower of rain
  • Winnie: means fair one, smooth, soft, happiness
  • Willa: Will-helmet or protection

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Cottagecore nonbinary names

cottagecore nonbinary names
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Cottagecore is a way of life that emphasizes simplicity and natural living. Consider the following nonbinary names if you wish to follow the cottagecore nature name trend in a more subtle way.

  • Angel: Messenger
  • Aqua: Water
  • Aphra: Dust
  • Ariel: Lion of God
  • Arin: Enlightened
  • Aubrey: Elf ruler
  • August: Great
  • Avery: Elven ruler
  • Brett: Someone from Brittany
  • Darel: One from the Airelle
  • Ellis: Means for God
  • Ellison: Son of Elias
  • Emerson: Child of Emery
  • Florian: Means blooming
  • Fable: An enchanted tale
  • Greer: A watchful and vigilant guardian
  • Keegan: Means small fiery one
  • Kai: Means forgiveness
  • Lane: One who takes the narrow path
  • Marley: From the lake meadow
  • Maine: From the mainland
  • Monroe: Red marsh
  • Morgan: Means bright sea
  • Nova: Means new
  • Phoenix: Means reborn
  • Quincy: The estate of the fifth son
  • Riley: Means courageous
  • Reese: Having great passion and enthusiasm
  • Sage: Wise one or prophet
  • Sawyer: Wood sawing
  • Taylor: Means garment maker
  • Thierry: Power is mighty or the ruler of people
  • Wesley: Means from the meadow in the west
  • Yannick: God is gracious
  • Zephyr: West wind

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Unisex cottagecore baby names that are popular

cottagecore baby names
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Cottagecore names are perfect for anyone who appreciates their ideal wholesomeness and wants to give their baby a meaningful and sentimental name as a gift. Some of the alternatives that will immediately capture your eye are listed below:

  • Amos: Burden
  • Archie: Truly bold
  • Arthur: Bear
  • Asa: Healer
  • Atticus: From Africa
  • Auden: Old friend
  • August: Holding someone in high regard
  • Dahlia: Valley
  • Harvey: Battle worthy
  • Hawk: Like the bird
  • Hawthorn: Someone who lived by a bush
  • Hayes: Hedged area
  • Moss: Born of a God
  • Octavia: Eighth
  • Peterina: Rock
  • Rafferty: Floodtide
  • Ralph: Counsel
  • Rhodes: Where roses grow
  • Remi: From Rhelms or oarsman
  • Robin: Fame
  • Romeo: Pilgrim to Rome
  • Shepherd: Sheep
  • Shiloh: His gift
  • Simon: Listen or hearing
  • Thatcher: Someone who covered roofs in straw
  • Wilder: Untamed
  • Winston: Stone

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Cottagecore last names for girls and boys

cottagecore names for girls
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There are a variety of reasons why people seek out unique surnames. Some are expecting a baby, others are dissatisfied with their present one, and yet others simply want a change. Therefore, you can utilize some of the cute cottagecore names listed here.

  • Amias: Means loved
  • Ansel: With divine protection
  • Byron: Barn for cows
  • Clement: Merciful
  • Edmund: Fortunate protector
  • Finn: Fair
  • Griffin: Strong lord
  • Homer: Pledge
  • Linus: Flax
  • Levi: He will join
  • Jack: God is gracious
  • Oscar: Deer lover
  • Otto: Wealthy
  • Preston: Priest's estate
  • Silas: Means forest
  • Rufus: Redhead
  • Theodore: Gift of God

There are many intriguing aesthetic cottagecore names and meanings to be found. It is always fun to learn about different names from different parts of the world with different meanings.

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