What is a sigma female? Meaning, characteristics, examples

What is a sigma female? Meaning, characteristics, examples

Have you ever heard the word 'sigma female' from your friends or people around you, and you wondered what it means? It is among the six female personalities. Others include delta, alpha, beta, gamma, and omega. A sigma female is believed to be an independent woman who is never afraid of going against the grain. This article will explain in detail the meaning, characteristics, and examples of a sigma female. You might be surprised to find out that you fall under this unique classification of female personalities.

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You might have that one female friend who is a rebel, likes to do things her way, and does not take orders from other people. Sometimes people tend to misunderstand these kinds of people, but you don't know that their personality makes them who they are. Here is a chance to understand yourself and your female friends, who might be sigma females.

What is a sigma female?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a sigma female is a woman similar to an alpha woman. She is bold, highly sarcastic, intelligent, brave, harmonizer, balanced, and straight to the point. They get along well with alphas or sigma alphas. She is wise and knowledgeable.

Are sigma females rare? A sigma woman is considered to be the rarest personality to find. However, recognizing them or differentiating them from alpha females can be challenging.

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Sigma female personality traits

Like any other personality, these females have characteristics that make them different from others. Being a sigma woman can come with many challenges because people around them find it difficult to understand them. How can you tell a female sigma? Below are some of the characteristics to help you determine if you belong to this unique group of females.

1. They are independent

Sigma female
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This is one of the characteristics that make them powerful and unique. To be independent means that you are not subject to being controlled by others. A sigma woman always relies on herself in everything she does. She does not need anyone's approval to do whatever she wants. This trait makes her admired by people around her. She stands up for what she believes and does not shy away from doing what she believes is right.

They are admired and respected by males; however other men who cannot handle an independent woman might despise them. Moreover, she does not base her happiness on anything or anyone. She can be happy as a single woman or in a relationship.

2. She can fit in any social situation

Despite their independence, these kinds of females can fit into any situation. This trait makes them likeable, and they usually get along with people from different backgrounds. She can never be rude or cold towards someone without a cause. She believes in mutual respect, so she will never disrespect someone who respects her.

3. She is strong

Some people assume that being strong means having physical strength. However, it can go beyond physical strength. A sigma woman is strong emotionally and physically. She does not let anything weigh her down or interfere with her dreams. She is willing to do anything possible to make sure she becomes successful.

4. She is loyal

What does it mean to be a loyal person? Being loyal means being reliable and always true to the people around you. She is not only loyal to her partner but also to her family, friends, and loved ones. They know how to make best friends and strong connections by being loyal to them. She makes one of the best friends one could ask for.

5. They are seen as intimidating

Sigma woman
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Some people, especially men, cannot handle strong independent women. For this reason, they feel intimidated by how a sigma woman always handles and expresses herself. She usually speaks the truth and cannot just pretend to be okay with you when she is not. A sigma woman enjoys stirring things up a bit; sometimes, other people consider them rebellious.

6. She is honest

She means whatever she says. A sigma woman does not lie, and this makes her earn the trust of people around her. She makes people respect her wherever she goes because of her trait of speaking truthfully as much as possible.

7. She is not judgmental

Many people judge celebrities based on what they hear from other people. However, a sigma woman is different and doesn't make assumptions/opinions about someone based on rumours. She can't make judgments about a person she doesn't know well. She believes that you can only make judgments about a particular person if you take your time to learn about them instead of basing your judgments on rumours.

8. Nobody pushes her around

She believes she was created to be a winner; if she loses, that does not break her; instead, she uses that as a lesson to make her do great things next time. She does not need anyone to give her lectures or tell her what she is capable of doing. This is because she is the driver of her life and knows what is best for her.

9. She does not follow trends

Sigma female personality
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This character trait makes her unique. She does not follow the latest fashion trends, music, films, and foods. If she likes a dress of a particular design from the 1990s, she sticks to that. She doesn't care what other people think of her fashion or taste as long as she is happy and comfortable with herself.

10. She will pay back if you double-cross her

She is peaceful and gets along with people. However, you should not take that as an advantage to do her wrong because if you do, she will make sure you pay for it. She hates disagreements and conflicts and does whatever is possible to avoid such situations that will make her vengeful.

11. They are mysterious

She is hard to read and understand. For this reason, people fear interacting with them because they don't know what is running on their minds. However, this trait also makes them interesting and draws a lot of attention because people want to know more about them.

12. They do things at their own pace

They hate working under pressure or doing things out of pressure from society or the people around them. They like setting their own pace in whatever they do. This trait makes them happy because sometimes, pressure regarding relationships, marriage, careers, and family life can all be overwhelming.

13. She never settles for less in a relationship

Sigma female meaning
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She is picky when it comes to their partner. A sigma woman wants a strong, powerful, and confident man like her. If she finds out you are a weak man, she ends the relationship and looks elsewhere until she can find someone who suits her best. She also can't settle in a relationship where she feels that her freedom is being infringed.

14. She is willing to take risks

Most people fear taking risks and want only to take safe paths. However, these kinds of females are different. She is ready to take any risk as long as it is necessary for her.

15. She does not easily forget

She has the sharpest memory. If you do something good to her, she will never forget, and she will always find a way to repay you for your good deeds. However, this character makes people fear double-crossing her. If you wronged her in the past, she wouldn't let it slide just like that; she will get her revenge in one way or another.

Who are sigma female examples?

You can only tell that a particular woman falls under a sigma personality if her traits conform to those characteristics of sigma females. Some of the known sigma female celebrities include Dr Nikki Giovanni, Angela Bassett, Brandee Evans, Cicely Tyson, Natalie Cole, Sheryl Lee Ralph etc.

Is a sigma female personality good?

Yes, this personality is good. However, that does not necessarily mean that other female personalities are bad. What is important is understanding them and knowing how to deal with people with different personalities.

There are six female personalities. The sigma female personality is the most unique; this group of ladies are strong and independent. They don't let anything or anyone control them or tell them what they need to do or how to live their lives. A sigma female is loyal and can adapt to any social changes.

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