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Tips for dating a Yoruba woman

Tips for dating a Yoruba woman

Most men believe Yoruba women are complicated and it can be very hard to deal with them or understand them. That is quite true but another truth is that most of them are fragile at heart and want their men to truly love them. Every woman needs someone she can love back without fear of being cheated on. If that is what you desire, here are some tips that will be helpful in dating a Yoruba woman.

Tips for dating a Yoruba woman

When it comes to dating a Yoruba woman, there are many sides to it. Everything depends on the type of Yoruba woman you are dating. Just the way people are different, there are different kinds of Yoruba girls. As well as the way you handle them will be different from one to another. What works for one girl might not work for another. It is the way life is. But there are some things that can be applied to all of them.

We have gathered for you in one post useful tips that work with every Yoruba lady. Here you will find some things that they want, they desire and expect from their men. So, if you want to date a Yoruba woman successfully, these tips will be helpful to you.

Wonder how to make a Yoruba woman happy?

Know the kind of Yoruba woman you are dating

This is the first thing you want to do, trust me. Like I said earlier, there are different types of Yoruba women. Some can be quiet and easy going and some can be very outspoken and even quarrelsome. Another type is the high class, high maintenance ladies. These kinds of ladies want to keep up with the latest trends in vogue in technology, dressing, hairstyles, etc. So before you start going out with her, make sure you know her kind of woman and a little about her lifestyle if you can keep up with it.

Be honest with her from the start

Yoruba girls like to know your intentions from the start. They want to know if you just want to play with them or you mean business with them. The way you start will set the tone of your relationship. So you want to start well.

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Dating Yoruba women

Tell her sweet things

A Yoruba woman likes hearing sweetings and compliments. Yoruba ladies want to be pampered. They want to be shown affection. This does not mean unnecessarily complimenting her all the time, from time to time and in proper time will work for you. Overdoing will cause problems, believe me. Just make sure to know how to tell her sweet that will impress her for sure.

Spend time with her

Yoruba women like and want attention. And if you want to enjoy your relationships, you must give your woman attention. You must spend quality time with her. By doing this, you will be showing her that she is valued and means a lot to you.

Get to know her better

I said at the start that you should know the kind of woman you are dating. And once you have started dating, get to know her more. Know the basic things about her. Things she likes and doesn’t like, her favourite things and many other. This information will be helpful in many other things that you have to do to be successful in dating her.

Helpful tips for dating a Yoruba woman

Respect her parents

If the lady is someone you want to marry, you must respect her parents and families. As you know, Yoruba people value respect and you must show this if you want her parents to bless your relationship. Anytime you go visiting her parents, greet them by prostrating before them. Although you might not need to do that all the time but just make sure you do greet them properly and show full respect.

Treat her like a queen

Yoruba ladies are very good when it comes to taking care of their men. The Yoruba culture teaches them to do so.One way you can enjoy that in your dating is to treat her like a queen. They want you to make them feel like a queen. And once you do that, you will also be treated as a king. When you are good to a Yoruba lady, she will be good to you. And you both will enjoy your relationship. If you don’t know how to treat her like the one, learn how to do so.

Do not be too forward

This will depend on the kind of Yoruba girl she is. But overall, don’t be too forward with her. Don’t just show up at her place. Don’t just be too forward in any way too forward can be.

Dating Yoruba women

Give her money to make her hair

Be ready to give her money to make her hair. There are different kinds of hairstyle. There are traditional styles they make with their natural hair like Didi, Patewo, and Shooku. But young ladies of today prefer using attachments, Brazilian hair, doing hairstyles like Ghana weaving and different vogue hairstyles. Most of their hairstyles cost money and time and you must be ready to do some spending. And always make sure to compliment her when she makes a new hairstyle.

I like your new hairstyle

Be on the good sides of her friends

Most ladies have cliques. Her friends in her inner circle, her best and close friends. Be on their good side, be good to them and respect them.

Learn how to surprise her

Learn how to surprise her once in a while with gifts. This also proves to her how you value her and what she means to you.

Surprise her

If you do these things, I believe you cannot go wrong from your own side. If she decides to leave you doing these things, then she probably didn’t like you that much from the start, or there's probably another very serious reason.

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