Yoruba introduction ceremony list and other interesting details

Yoruba introduction ceremony list and other interesting details

A Yoruba introduction list is an essential part of a traditional Yoruba wedding. It contains items/gifts the groom and groom's families share. Any family that wishes their son or daughter to marry a Yoruba should fulfil this traditional requirement regardless of their tribe, nationality, or race.

introduction list for yoruba wedding
A couple wearing traditional Yoruba wedding attires. Photo: @yorubaweddings (modified by author)
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A Yoruba introduction ceremony is the first official meeting between the bride and groom's families. First, the lady and the man inform their parents or guardians about their marriage intentions. After that, the parents or guardians must inform the relatives (extended family members) and the community elders to prepare for the introduction ceremony.

Yoruba introduction list

According to the Yoruba culture, the groom's family sends senior male members of their extended family and a few family friends to the bride's home to seek her hand in marriage on behalf of the groom. Please take note of the Nigeria introduction list for the specific tribe you are marrying into because some communities have different cultures from Yoruba traditions.

Yoruba introduction ceremony list (the man's side)

The groom's family has to bring these gifts to the bride's home to show courtesy:

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  • Some tubers of yam.
  • Few bottles of wine.

The introduction list for Yoruba weddings also has specific gifts for the bride's family to provide on this day. Most families can afford and get the required goods at the local market because the list of items for introduction does not demand expensive things.

Yoruba introduction ceremony list
Flowers placed near blue gift boxes. Photo: pixabay.com, @Soledadsnp
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Introduction list in Yoruba land (the lady's side)

The bride's family should, therefore, have the following items to reciprocate the courtesy shown to them by the groom's family:

  • Cook a delicious meal.
  • Serve a soft drink.
  • The bride should wear traditional attires, the iro, buba, and gele (headgear).

The bride's family prepares for this special visit. If you are new to this community, please do not panic and overbudget when creating your list for introduction in Yoruba land. The total number of people (from both families) who attend this event is usually less than twenty because it is only a familiarization party.

The Yoruba culture demands that both families should be respectful, courteous, polite, and hospitable towards each other on this day. Most families do not bring children to this event. Children are mostly present during the engagement ceremony.

Senior members of the bride's family are expected to welcome the guests from the groom's family. After interacting for a few hours, the groom's family presents the gifts before both families can discuss the Yoruba traditional engagement ceremony date.

yoruba introduction ceremony list
Gifts wrapped in brown boxes. Photo: unspash.com, @Nina Mercado
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Yoruba engagement list

A Yoruba engagement ceremony is the second phase of a Yoruba traditional wedding. A traditional master of the ceremony oversees the event.

The groom's family must give the bride's family specific items to complete the ceremony. The engagement ceremony gifts are not similar to those on the Yoruba list for introduction ceremony. The Yoruba engagement list usually consists of:

  • A bag of rice.
  • A bag of sugar.
  • A wristwatch.
  • A large number of bitter kola.
  • Kola nut.
  • A bag of salt.
  • A lace fabric.
  • A Bible (if you are Christian).
  • A keg of honey.
  • About 40 large tubers of yam.
  • A head tie.
  • Several pairs of shoes.
  • A gold engagement ring.
  • An alligator pepper.

A Yoruba traditional wedding consists of two main parts, the introduction and the engagement. The engagement ceremony is the actual wedding, and there are no wedding rings or cakes in both events. Nevertheless, you can include them at the engagement party or perform a religious wedding afterwards.

list for introduction in yoruba land
White gift boxes. Photo: pixabay.com, @anncapictures
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How do the Yoruba do their introduction?

The bride and groom's immediate family members and close friends have a mini traditional wedding ceremony at the bride's home. The ceremony helps both families to meet officially and know their child's new relatives.

Which comes first, introduction or proposal?

The man proposes to the lady and introduces her to his family before both families hold a traditional introduction ceremony.

What is the difference between introduction and engagement?

The introduction ceremony is for the bride and groom's families to know each other, while the engagement ceremony officiates the traditional marriage. A Yoruba engagement party takes place several months after the engagement ceremony.

Preparing a Yoruba introduction list should be the first thing that comes to mind after you propose to a Yoruba girl. The introduction ceremony items are essential and are usually not too expensive for a groom's family to afford. In addition, do not worry about the engagement gifts because you will have enough time to plan for them after the introduction ceremony.

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