Great 50th birthday gift ideas for the men and women in your life

Great 50th birthday gift ideas for the men and women in your life

Some of your friends or family members might be 50 years old soon; therefore, it's only fitting that they throw a great party to celebrate! You'll need some fantastic 50th birthday gift ideas for the big day. Make sure they feel special on their big day with a stunning gift from you.

50th birthday gifts for her
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You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive presents; you can find unique ones that will demonstrate how much you cherish the person. Presents that no one else has thought of! To help you out, here are some great gifts for their 50th birthday that will surely delight them.

50th birthday gift ideas for men

Finding the perfect 50th birthday gift for men can be a bit tricky. A 50-year-old has come a long way since his college days. So turn back the clock and get him something that reminds him of those glory days! The ultimate goal of any 50th birthday gift is to make him feel genuinely appreciated and honoured.

1. Insulated beer growler

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Is your significant other a traveller? Does he enjoy outdoor activities like golf, fishing, grilling, and even boating? Then get him an awesome insulated beer growler to make his adventures even better! Steel growlers are particularly good for outdoorsmen, as they cannot break, and they can keep the beer cool even without a fridge.

2. A set of whiskey decanters

50th birthday gift for best friend
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If he doesn't already have a whiskey decanter set for his 50th birthday, you can't go wrong with this customized decanter set. Even if he already has a decanter or two, they can't compare to a personalized set! He will appreciate how elegant and impressive it is.

3. Custom whiskey glasses

50th birthday gifts for men
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With a personalized whiskey glass set, you can serve your favourite top-shelf liquor. Its solid weight, gracefully shaped curves, and eye-catching facets will add to the atmosphere of any home bar. A set of personalized whiskey glasses is one of the best 50th birthday ideas for him.

Whiskey glass will gladly accept various kinds of liquors. Glass breaks make the light passing through the vessel play with the colour of the drink. In this way, it emphasizes its beauty.

50th birthday gift ideas for women

50 is a number that women treat differently. Some feel like it is the end of the world, while others wear it as a badge of honour. Either way, good 50th birthday gifts can help those in the former category move to the latter. Select a unique present that will help her celebrate the half-century she's enjoyed and look forward to the coming decades.

1. A spa gift

50th birthday gifts for her
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Help her enjoy some well deserved rest with this 50th birthday gift idea. You can either present her with a spa certificate, or get a set of masks, scrubs, lotions and bath bombs, so that she could indulge in some self-pampering.

2. 50th birthday crew T-shirts

50th birthday ideas for him
Folded assorted colour shirts. Photo:, @paggiarofrancesco
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Go out together with her friends. Your loved one will definitely feel special if everyone wears a "50th Birthday Crew" t-shirt. This is one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for women because you can take fun photos, and the T-shirts will be a great reminder of the good times.

3. Five decades necklace

gifts for 50th birthday
Silver dog tag necklace on black background. Photo:, @lanophotography
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A mixed metal five decades necklace is the ideal way to commemorate the fantastic milestone of 5 great decades. A lovely necklace is an excellent choice for heartfelt 50th birthday gifts for women.

50th birthday gift ideas for husband

For your husband's birthday, consider presents that complement his impeccable style and 50th birthday gift ideas that allow him to have some good moments with the boys.

1. An expensive watch

50th birthday gift ideas
Close-up of a Cartier Chronograph Wristwatch. Photo:, @antonytrivet
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A lot of mature men enjoy well-made watches, and chances are, your husband does too. A good quality watch is always a good birthday gift idea. To make it even more special and add a little bit of you to the present, you can have the watch engraved with a special message or initials. That way, when he checks the time, he will always think of you.

2. Personalized whisky stones

50th birthday gift for best friend
Clear drinking glass with whiskey. Photo:, @disguise-truth
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At 50, your husband will appreciate a highly personalized set of marble or stainless steel whiskey stones, especially if he enjoys whiskey. They are kept in the freezer until needed, allowing him to have his scotch on the rocks. The cold stones serve as ice cubes but never melt and dissolve in his favourite drink.

3. Time capsule

50th birthday gifts
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Make a personalized time capsule for your husband on his birthday. Include copies of his birth and christening certificates, front pages of newspapers printed on the day of his birth, childhood memories, posters of his favourite bands when he was younger, and a DVD of his favourite movie. A time capsule is a lovely present that you can create with the help of other family members.

50th birthday gift ideas for a female friend

If the woman in your life is celebrating her fiftieth birthday, you will want to make sure you choose the right 50th birthday gift to give her. Of course, you can't go wrong with a sentimental or personal present, but there are plenty of other options as well.

1. Awesome mug

What do you get a 50 year old?
Ceramic mug and a gift box on yellow background. Photo:, @rodnae-prod
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Everybody needs mugs, everybody loves mugs! A lovely mug will make one of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for women. It is even better if it is a hand-crafted mug from a small ceramics shop, so you know it was made with love.

If there are no artisanal mugs nearby, a unique printed mug will do the trick. Personalise it with your photos together, or put a witty phrase on it that perfectly describes your friend. Such a gift will not go unnoticed.

2. Happy prank toilet paper

What do I get a 50 year old woman?
Toilet paper roll on the toilet. Photo:, @elletakesphotos
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Nobody expects to get toilet paper as a present, which makes it one of the funniest 50th birthday gifts for her. Imagine your friend's face when she opens a beautiful package and sees some emergency toilet rolls!

If you don't feel like toilet paper is enough of a present on its own, you can always hide the actual gift in or among the rolls. That way, your friend will be doubly delighted.

3. Throw pillows

What is the traditional gift for a 50th birthday?
Two pillows on grey couch. Photo:, @designecologist
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The 50th birthday throw pillows are an excellent gift for any woman celebrating this special day. The vibrant colours will help her feel appreciated and loved, while the soft plush fabric will keep her comfortable.

4. Washable silk robe

50th birthday gift ideas for husband
Woman in a silk robe. Photo:, @mikhail-nilov
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Nothing makes celebrations like a gift of comfort and style. Luxuriously soft and sensual, the robe will make the lady feel like the most envied woman in town. Despite the smoothness of silk, this washable robe doesn't require a trip to the dry cleaner. It is thermoregulating to maintain a comfortable body temperature, allowing your friend to lounge in comfort and luxury.

What is a traditional gift for a birthday?

A traditional 50th birthday gift is something memorable and significant. A gold watch is one of the most famous 50th birthday gifts, but not all watches are created equal. Make sure it has a classic design and will hold its value for years (just like your friend!).

What do I get a 50-year-old woman?

Just because a woman has passed her golden anniversary doesn't mean she's ready to leave life behind. If you want to get a 50-year-old woman a gift, it should be something that reminds her of the promise of adventure.

How about a cookbook filled with colourful, exotic recipes from around the world? Or perhaps you could send her an art appreciation tour of museums, galleries, and artist workshops. Maybe a book about decorating would catch her eye if she feels like staying home.

What do you get a 50-year-old?

Consider a gift experience with unforgettable and delightful treats that perfectly reflect who they are at 50 and what makes them unique.

The above are among the best 50th birthday gift ideas for that remarkable person in your life. You will get some inspirational ideas from this list, and when you give your 50-year-old family member or friend their 50th birthday gift, they will feel truly inspired and loved.

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