Latest Agbada styles for ladies to wear for a special occasion

Latest Agbada styles for ladies to wear for a special occasion

There is a unique feeling that comes with Agbada styles for women. This is a feeling of elegance, power, and class when you wear such an outfit. Nigerian men initially wore the dress to signify wealth and power. They wore this attire on very special occasions. Perhaps this is why a woman is viewed as elegant and powerful in such an outfit.

Agbada styles
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Unlike in the past, when only men used to wear Agbada outfits, now they are popular among women. Their masculine energy works surprisingly well with high heels, makeup and luscious locks.

The origin of female Agbada styles

The Agbada outfit used to be a purely men's traditional outfit worn for special occasions. It is a three-piece set with Sokoto-like pants, an inner top, and the Agbada top. The top is a long gown that flows from the shoulder to the knees or slightly lower. The Agbada is the name in Yoruba, but the Hausa call it the Babban Riga, which means king of clothes.

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Despite it being a type of clothing traditionally worn by men, it has been growing in popularity among women in the past decade. Just like they have reclaimed the right to wear trousers, West African women are staking their claim to the Agbada.

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Female Agbada gown styles

Agbada styles for ladies
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The Agbada style for women usually has enormous shoulders and embroidered patterns on the chest. However, you can incorporate some bright colours and choose to do away with the embroidered designs on the chest.

You can also incorporate a belt around the waist to accentuate your feminine shape. The female gowns can be slightly above the knee or below the knee. You can pair the gown with a hat of the same colour and pattern. This is a very classic and chic outfit for a special occasion.

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What shoes can you wear with an Agbada gown? You can wear high heels or some sandals for comfort. This is especially great for pregnant women. It is comfortable, and the gown is elegant enough to be worn on important occasions.

Classic female Agbada style

female Agbada gown styles
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Whether you choose a long or short Agbada outfit, you will get that boss feel and look. Bright colours are the best for such outfits, especially if you are stepping out to a wedding.

To add a bit of flare to your look, you can choose to wear an Ankara fabric. You can also wear it as a long top with Sokoto pants. Just pair them with patterns and colours, and you are good to go.

Agbada for ladies works as Aso Ebi for special occasions. The good thing about the attire is that it is versatile. The style does not have an age limit; anyone can wear it and still look fabulous.

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Tights with Agbada

Agbada for ladies
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Tights are a staple of a modern woman's wardrobe, and they look great with Agbada. If you don't have Sokoto pants, chances are, you own at least one pair of tights, so you can wear them instead.

You can wear pants in neutral colours like black or white. For instance, you can pair a bright Agbada gown with white tights or a dark-coloured gown with black tights.

Ankara Agbada gown for ladies

female Agbada
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If you love Ankara, why not incorporate some Ankara print on your Agbada gown? You can choose an Ankara print for your gown instead of the usual fabric used to make this traditional garment.

This is great, especially if you want to come out as unique but with a bossy elegant look. You can also wear some Ankara print pants with the gown for a classic look.

How to accessorize an Agbada gown for women

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You must look your best when going to a special occasion, including how you accessorize your outfit. If you choose to wear this outfit, nothing stops you from adding a few accessories to spice it up a bit.

As a lady, you have a variety of accessories to choose from for your outfit. If you still want that African look, you can choose some African-themed accessories, such as some beaded earrings. You can also wear some African-themed necklaces to complete the look. If you want to westernize your outfit, you can choose to have some silver jewellery like earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Agbada is now not only meant for men; ladies are styling it better than men. Whether you are plus size, medium size, or slim, you can still wear any of the above Agbada styles for ladies. Find what works for you and create a design that you will love.

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