What do cardinals represent? The meaning behind the red bird

What do cardinals represent? The meaning behind the red bird

Cardinals, also called red birds, are a species of songbirds, most of which have crested heads and thick bills. People from different cultures associate seeing these birds with various things. What do cardinals represent?

Red bird meaning
A male northern cardinal bird perched on a metal pole in a neighbourhood of Ridgefield in New Jersey, United States. Photo: Tayfun Coskun (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

The cardinal is the official bird of seven eastern US states and is particularly common in the Southeast. These birds are often featured on Christmas decorations in snowy scenes. Cardinal symbolism exists worldwide as part of different cultures, religions and traditions.

What do cardinals represent?

A cardinal is thought to hold various meanings. It symbolises energy, security, good fortune, protection, romantic love, willpower and determination. Here is a look at different redbird meanings based on spirituality, love and relationships, positivity and wellness.

Spiritual meaning

What does seeing a cardinal mean from a spiritual perspective? Divine energy is believed to be channelled through living things, including birds. Below are spiritual meanings associated with the redbirds:

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  • The Holy Spirit and Christ's sacrifice is symbolised by a red bird, igniting people's passion to turn their lives around and do good.
  • Redbirds are perceived as spiritual messengers from the people who died and went to heaven in some cultures, for instance, in the ancient Roman culture. The word 'cardinal' comes from the Latin word 'hinge'. These birds are, therefore, seen as hinges on the doorway between heaven and earth.
  • Cardinals represent the Greek god of the sun, Helios, in ancient Europe. They believed that seeing a cardinal meant that the Greek god was watching over them, and hence, one would be successful in what they did.
  • Cardinals are native to North America—the southeastern tribespeople associated cardinals with the sun and good fortune.
  • Redbird reminds you to tap into your spiritual faith power. Red is the colour representing determination, courage, passion, and intensity. Your faith will deliver outstanding reserves of energy and willpower.

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Love and relationships

Cardinal symbolism
The cardinal bird on top of a log (L) and looking on the side (R). Photo: @hercozysoul, @jc_wings on Instagram (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What do cardinals mean in your romantic relationship? Here are the different meanings representing the red bird in love:

  • In most cultures, red is considered a colour of luck, hence associating redbirds with good fortune. Redbird appearance can signify the deepening of an existing or the beginning of a new relationship.
  • Coming across a redbird signifies you should work on having a healthy relationship that will eventually make you feel secure and happy.
  • A flock of red birds symbolises a reminder that romance is perpetually fashionable. Glamour ever ages; therefore, be romantic whether single or in a relationship.
  • In romance, seeing a redbird signifies a time to let your love interest know about your feelings.
  • It also symbolises a long-term romantic relationship. As red is linked with eternal fire, sighting a redbird signifies a romantic relationship that make it through the test of time.

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What do cardinals mean
Redbird on a thorny plant (L) and on a tree (R). Photo: @janice-carriger, @skyler-ewing, pexels.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What does it mean when you see a cardinal? Redbird sighting signifies positivity as they symbolise good fortune in the law of attraction, manifestation, and creation of ampleness in life.

  • Secure and protect your weak points. The root chakra is red and relates to your sense of stability and security. Coming across a redbird means you defend your foundations that determine your present and future security while aspiring for greater abundance.
  • Conceive good fortune. As in Feng shui practice and Asia, red is associated with good fortune, good luck, and abundant wealth. The power to create ampleness in your life is symbolised by seeing the redbirds.
  • It reminds one to be more passionate about work. Redbirds are associated with favour and passion. Sighting a redbird when you are not passionate about your occupation means you should probably make a change.

What does it mean when you see a cardinal in a dream?

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What do cardinals represent
The cardinal on top of a log (L) and seated on the snow (R). Photo: @am83, @skyler-ewing, pexels.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

A red bird in a dream can mean a visit or a message from a passed-on beloved notifying you of their peaceful presence. Here are some of the possible interpretations of red birds in dreams:

  • An anxious dream involving a redbird signifies feeling stressed or overwhelmed about an issue in your conscious wakeful state. The redbird here may represent your inner determination for success, irrespective of your difficulties.
  • A red bird in a romantic dream may symbolise having romantic feelings or a crush on someone, but you are yet to address these feelings in your wakeful conscious state. It also represents readiness for a new romantic experience.
  • A fun-filled and enjoyable dream with a red bird or a flock of red birds symbolises optimism or hopefulness about an aspect of your life.
  • Seeing a red bird in a fearful dream indicates feeling threatened in your wakeful conscious self. The redbird may signify a need to converge your attention on creating personal, spiritual, financial, physical, or emotional stability and security.

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Is seeing a cardinal a good sign?

Many believe sighting a cardinal signifies good luck, hope and loyalty. Thus, seeing a cardinal, be it in a dream or in the waking world, cold be considered as a very positive sign, meaning that you are on the right track.

Redbirds are beloved across the globe due to their vibrant and captivating beauty. What do cardinals represent? In particular, their appearance represents special occasions and signifies angelic messages of good fortune and joy coming your way.

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