How to tell if broccoli is bad: the smell and color of a spoiled broccoli

How to tell if broccoli is bad: the smell and color of a spoiled broccoli

Do you know how to tell if broccoli is bad? In this article, we prepared for you top tips to define the state of this magnificent vegetable. This green product is a nutritional source of vitamins, it can be eaten steamed, raw or roasted, but this vegetable has a certain period of shelf life! Read on and find out how to identify spoiled broccoli.

How to tell if broccoli is bad
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How to tell if broccoli is bad? You can pay attention to its smell, colour texture and so on. We welcome you to find out the best ways to know when does broccoli go bad.

How to tell if broccoli is bad: top methods

It is known that this vegetable is good for the period from three days to one week after you bought it in a store. Sometimes we are not quite sure if broccoli gone bad. Fortunately, broccoli smell, colour and other signs can help us, so here are the top tips on how to know when this green product is spoiled.

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Pay attention to the colour

First of all, you should know what does bad broccoli look like. The normal colour of this veg is green or dark green; if you see there some yellowish hue, it is the first sign that this product is spoiled.

how to know when broccoli is bad
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Is there any mould?

If there is some mould at any part of the veg, then avoid eating this product, it is better to throw it away immediately. The mould can give yellow colour and irregular formations at the surface of the vegetable.

Texture is important

Slimy texture and any white spots are the signs of putrefaction, and it means that you should not eat this vegetable.

Bad broccoli smells bad

This veg should have a fresh smell, but if broccoli smells bitter or a little harder than typical smell, then it is better not to consume it.

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A soft stem is another sign of the bad product

All the fresh veggies have hard trunks and stems; if these parts are soft, please avoid this product.

what does bad broccoli look like
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Here is the tip that can help you to store the product for a little longer time: the tip is not to wash the vegetable before storing because excess moisture can become a good environment for the mould to grow faster.

We all know how important it is to consume healthy food. Veggies contain a considerable number of vitamins; that is why they should be present in our daily diet. However, we should not think that green products are healthy in any form. We should consume only clean and qualitative products to get health benefits.

We also should always be attentive when it goes about the shelf life of any meal type. Fortunately, it is easy to define good and bad green veggies. Now you know how to tell if broccoli is bad, and the main advice is to consume this vegetable as soon as possible after purchase. Eat only fresh products and be healthy.

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