What is the "no cap" meaning and where did the phrase come from?

What is the "no cap" meaning and where did the phrase come from?

Younger generations use unique phrases when communicating through chats or texts. New lingo keeps coming up, and sometimes it's hard to keep up. "No cap" is a commonly used slang on social media, especially on TikTok. What is the "no cap" meaning, and where did the phrase come from?

What does "no cap" mean in slang?
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Slang words are familiar to the young generations as they communicate with peers. You may have come across "no cap" online and wondered what it means. The term is popular on social media and in the hip-hop world. Find out what "no cap" origin and meaning are.

What does "no cap" mean in slang?

"No cap" is a popular slang term online. It is mainly used by Gen Z and Gen Alpha on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The phrase is mainly used when someone explains or states something in chat groups or social media. What is "no cap" meaning in slang?

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According to Urban Dictionary, "no cap" means "no lie". The term is used to emphasise that you are not lying or you are telling the truth. It also means you are not exaggerating. In slang, "cap" means "to lie", "to brag," "or "to exaggerate".

Where did "no cap" come from?

Origin of "no cap" can be traced to the African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). The phrase first appeared on Twitter in 2012, although it is believed to have been used in spoken English before that. Atlanta-based hip-hop artists Young Thug and Future popularised the term in 2017 when they released a track named No Cap. They brag about their wealth in the song.

Nicki Minaj also has a song titled No Cap featuring Young M.A, Megan Thee Stallion. In the song, the American singer emphasises how successful she is. By saying "no cap", she's letting the world know that she is rich and the hottest in the rap game, and it's not an exaggeration.

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The phrase gained popularity on social media in 2020 and has been widely used in other contexts. The most popular use of the words is in the cancel culture. Other celebrities who have used the slang include Cardi B and Kendall Jenner.

How is "no cap" slang used?

Origin of "no cap"
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The phrase can be used in various ways. Usually it is added to the beginning or the end of the sentence to add emphasis to it. Below are other ways you can use it:

  • To emphasise something is true. In such a situation, you could say "No cap, it's true!"
  • To show the craziness of an idea. If you hear something insane, you could say "That's crazy, no cap!"
  • To show you are impressed by something. You might be surprised at someone's success and say "No cap, that's great!"

What is the "bussin no cap" meaning?

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What is "no cap"?
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The term "bussin no cap" is Gen Z slang, meaning something is really good. Some examples of usage include:

  • When you've been served a delicious meal, you could say "This was straight bussin no cap", meaning that you really enjoyed it.
  • When someone shows you a funny picture, you can reply "This meme is bussin no cap".

It can also emphasise how successful someone is or you are impressed by their achievement.

What is the "no cap" meaning? It is a famous slang phrase used on social media that traces its origins in the African-American culture, specifically hip-hop. The phrase means "no lie", emphasising that you are telling the truth or not exaggerating.

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