150+ unpopular opinions that might not be all that unpopular

150+ unpopular opinions that might not be all that unpopular

Unpopular opinions are common among people worldwide. Some may agree with them, while others disagree. Interestingly, there is almost always a person who agrees with your controversial opinion. Therefore, you should express your thoughts and listen to what others have to say.

unpopular opinions
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Having unpopular opinions about various things or issues is not wrong. Unfortunately, most people do not freely express their thoughts because they fear hostile responses from others who disagree with them. Read on to see the most common unpopular thoughts that might not be all that unpopular.

Unpopular opinions that might not be unpopular in 2022

Controversial opinions can be about serious topics like politics, religious beliefs, and career choices. They can also be about less serious subjects like television shows, films, and personal food preferences.

Top unpopular opinions

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What are some commonly shared controversial statements about life? Check out some examples of unpopular opinions below.

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  • Strawberries get more credit than they deserve.
  • Meat is overrated.
  • Living in the suburbs is better than living in a big city.
  • Chocolate ice cream is absolutely disgusting.
  • Snapchat’s dog filter should have stayed.
  • PDA isn’t that weird. It’s actually sweet.
  • Walking is just as beneficial as running.
  • Putting a period at the end of a text makes it seem more aggressive.
  • Dresses with pockets look worse than those without them.
  • Buying stylish clothes for babies is a waste of money.
  • If you’re a morning person, you’re more productive.
  • Technology has done more good than it has bad.
  • Making the bed is a pointless chore.
  • Cargo shorts are attractive.
  • Rainy days are more enjoyable than sunny days.
  • Staying friends with your exes is fine and healthy.
  • The letter "Q" is not necessary and should be removed from the alphabet.
  • People who call other people “hun” are intellectually challenged.
  • Coldplay are overrated.
  • Running is an enjoyable hobby.
  • Travelling is a waste of money.
  • You should only eat 3 meals a day.
  • Christmas isn’t the best holiday.
  • I do not like dogs, any size or any breed. They smell.
  • Bikes are more comfortable than cars for travelling.

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examples of unpopular opinions
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Funny unpopular opinions

Everyone loves a good laugh. If you are looking for funny controversial opinions, check out the list below.

  • Beer out of a can tastes weird.
  • Crushed avocados should not be eaten in public.
  • Job searching can be fun.
  • Different brands of water do not all taste the same.
  • White people’s weddings are uniformly dull and monotonous in all facets
  • Alcohol changes your actions, not your intentions.
  • Sweating is fun, too.
  • An open office environment is a breeding ground for germs.
  • Clay and Skye were the most awful couple that could have happened.
  • Long walks on the beach are not that amazing to be listed as the ideal date in every guy’s Tinder bio.
  • The best and only way to sleep is naked.
  • Showering at night is better than showering in the morning.
  • Anything fewer than four “ha”s in a “hahahaha” text is rude.
  • Coldwater is better for bathing than hot water.
  • Tomatoes are not fruits.
  • Cats just seem more human than dogs.
  • Travels are more pleasant when lonely.
  • Black leather shoes are more fashionable than brown shoes
  • A minimum wage job is enough to live off of.
  • It is better to be hot than cold.
  • There is no reason to send cards in 2022. It is a waste of trees.
  • Sitting down in the shower is better than standing up in the shower.
  • Vacuuming is the worst chore.
  • Motorcycles are faster than cars.
  • Facebook and Twitter are the same.
  • Christmas trees should be real, not unnatural.

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unpopular opinions
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Unpopular opinions about music and movies

Music, television shows, and films are some of the widely used forms of entertainment. However, people have different preferences, leading to some controversial thoughts.

  • The best songs are the ones no one else knows about.
  • Brave is better than Frozen.
  • The new generation gives more emphasis on the beats than lyrics.
  • Nas should be considered in the GOAT conversation.
  • Just because I listen to emotional songs does not imply I am sad.
  • I think Simba from the Lion King is a little git.
  • Being able to play a song does not impress me. Being able to write a song does.
  • Music business, on all its layers, is still a man’s business.
  • Songs should not have lyrics to be powerful.
  • Films or television shows based on sleeping with each other is not television entertainment.
  • Musicals are just awful! All that bursting into spontaneous song will not bring about world peace or save humanity.
  • Jason Momoa isn’t all that hot.
  • The show Friends is overrated.
  • Classical music is amazing.
  • GOT is so boring
  • If you need someone else to write your songs, you are not an artist.
  • I am not too fond of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead or Peaky Blinders.
  • Beyoncé is an overrated performer.
  • Reality stars are not stars. So why do people claim they are? Why are they doing so well financially considering they have offered the community nothing and are not talented?
  • Taylor Swift is one of the most underrated singers and songwriters in this generation.
  • Concerts are a waste of money: just watch music videos.
  • Radio shows are better than watching network shows.
  • David Attenborough is overrated and nothing more than a glorified voice-over artist.
  • Gordon Ramsay is pretty hot.
  • What is the point of Ed Sheeran?

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funny unpopular opinions
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Deep unpopular opinions

What is the true meaning of life? There are numerous social constructs and controversial thoughts that prompt one to think deeply about the meaning of life, and some are listed below.

  • Not every couple needs to have children.
  • People who are raised religious are more successful in life.
  • People that read are more intelligent.
  • White-collar jobs are more work than blue-collar jobs.
  • You don’t need a college degree to get a job.
  • Football is more of America’s sport than baseball is.
  • Wild animals have the right to maul humans if they’re in their environment.
  • Having a college degree will make your life more enjoyable.
  • There’s no point in having a social media profile.
  • Listening to podcasts is more enjoyable than listening to music.
  • Political correctness is killing the honest opinion in this world. I refuse to change the way I speak just because some people need to get out more.
  • Dating apps aren’t a good foundation for a relationship.
  • Math and science are the most enjoyable subjects.
  • The roaring 20’s was the best time period.
  • The point of life isn’t to have children.
  • If you don’t like to be with yourself, you can’t expect anyone to want to hang out with you.
  • Getting married solves most of your problems.
  • Road Trips are more enjoyable than flying to a destination.
  • Different political opinions don’t matter in a relationship.

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unpopular opinions
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Unpopular opinions about food

Human beings cannot live without food. Food preferences vary from one person to another. Some foods are believed to be better than others, but must you agree with what you have been made to believe?

  • Cake is not that good.
  • Vegetables are better than fruit.
  • Hot dogs are better than hamburgers and cheeseburgers.
  • Ketchup should be fridge-cold.
  • Pineapple belongs on a pizza.
  • The liver is beautiful, the most underrated food of all time.
  • Mashed potato is the most disgusting thing ever invented.
  • Vegetables are better than dessert.
  • Frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store do not taste good.
  • Oatmeal raisin cookies are just as good as chocolate chip cookies. Time to bring justice to the raisin!
  • Tomatoes and lettuce are the unnecessary backtracking fetch quest of the burger world.
  • It is a bread roll, and not a barm or a bread cake or a bap.
  • French fries and cereal are only good when they're soggy.
  • I hate avocados, but I love guacamole.
  • Milk does not build strong bones.
  • There are not enough plants for everyone to switch to a plant-based diet, so stop trying to convert the world.
  • Watermelon has absolutely no flavour. It's like biting into mushy water.
  • Pickle juice is delicious, nutritious, and a treat for your mouth and body.
  • Mushrooms are the work of the devil and should stay in the ground.
  • Chocolate is gross.
  • Avocado tastes like nothing. It is really just a completely flavourless mush.
  • The only way to eat pancakes and waffles is without syrup.
  • Fruit should never be warm. Fruit cobblers, crumbles, and pies are travesties.
  • Dark chocolate digestives are better than milk chocolate digestives.
  • I am not too fond of pizza with tomato sauce.
  • Soda fountain Coke tastes different than a can poured over ice.
  • People drink gin because it is trendy.
  • Onion rings are better than french fries.
  • Barbecue is not good. I do not want to eat something sweet for my meal.
  • Sausages do well when eaten with a chilled drink.

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controversial opinions
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Unpopular opinions about society

Contemporary society has numerous controversial things and people. More people are questioning beliefs that have existed for centuries. Check out these controversial statements about the society we live in and decide whether you agree with them.

  • Marriage no longer works.
  • LinkedIn is the most beneficial social media platform.
  • Money can buy happiness.
  • 99% of online marketing advice only works if what you are selling is marketing.
  • You are the reason your life has turned out as it has.
  • People will always believe in word-of-mouth instead of the truth.
  • You will die. I will die. We will be forgotten.
  • True love is a scam. One can only settle for average.
  • B**bs being sexualised is not a social construct.
  • People pay too much attention to other people’s business.
  • People do not know the behaviours of their own family members but once given a chance, they tend to write or tell unwanted history about others.
  • However good society teaches, it promotes something else.
  • Getting presents is more stressful than it is worth.
  • Money comes first, everything next.
  • An automatic license is as good as a manual license.
  • People think that without studies, there might not be any life.
  • People claim that they hate online bullying, yet they are doing it themselves.
  • V*rgins are real.
  • Marriage is a patriarchal tool that gaslights women into giving away their sexual agency and the right to take up their own space.
  • Anything is better than going to the gym.
  • Wearing designer clothes does not mean you can dress well.
  • Cold weather is better than warm weather.
  • Watching a movie at home is better than watching a movie in theatres.
  • Just because I choose not to have children does not mean: I cannot/ I do not like children / make me a weirdo / or you can spend all of your time trying to convince me why I should.
  • Meeting with friends is better than watching a television show.

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controversial opinions
A picture of pink love hearts. Photo: unsplash.com, @kellysikkema
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Unpopular relationship opinions

Every relationship faces challenges. Many rumours, assumptions, and thoughts about love and relationships have been passed from one generation to another. Which of these controversial relationship opinions do you agree with?

  • Long-distance is easy with the right person.
  • Marriage is a business deal.
  • You can have kids before you get married.
  • People care more about their wedding than they do about their marriage.
  • High school sweethearts stay together for the title: not because they truly want to.
  • Do not get in a relationship if you do not have a job and a car.
  • Many people think it is fun and comfortable to be around each other 24/7, but that is unhealthy. People need their space.
  • So many people are so desperate for love that they forget to take the time to love and learn themselves.
  • Love is a choice, not a feeling.
  • When you’re in a relationship, you can keep secrets.
  • I would much rather be called "darling" or "hun" over "bae."
  • If you give up, it means you never wanted it.
  • Your boyfriend should not stop you from finding your husband.
  • Fairytales have diluted what a real relationship looks like.
  • I do not have the energy for meaningless and forced relationships as well as unnecessary conversations.
  • There is no such thing as the honeymoon phase; if you are in love, you are in love. You don’t just “lose the lovey-dovey” feeling after the first couple of months.
  • If the goal of the relationship is not to eventually get married and be committed forever, then what is the point?
  • Are romance and comfort mutually exclusive?
  • Just because someone says “I love you”, does not mean you are forced to say it back. Save the opposing party some heartbreak and be honest.
  • You can never find true love. So, it is better to settle for average.
  • Single parents should not jump from relationship to relationship.
  • Everyone you dated before adulthood does not count.
  • Stop thinking about him because he is not thinking about you.
  • You cannot make someone change.
  • Too many baby showers, not enough weddings.

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What is a controversial opinion?

A controversial opinion is an expressed thought that becomes the subject of intense public disagreement or disapproval.

What is the unpopular opinion game?

It is a party game for grownups where the players vote for or against friends on different controversial opinions.

What is another word for an unpopular opinion?

The synonym for an unpopular opinion is an obnoxious or controversial opinion.

Unpopular opinions may be true or false, but people tend to not discuss them for fear of being judged. Even so, it is advisable to express them because you might find someone who agrees with you.

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