What are pet peeves: Definition and 50 most common examples

What are pet peeves: Definition and 50 most common examples

Pet peeves are subjects of complaints. These are things that most people complain about since they are a common subject of dislike. While different people have different hates and likes, there are certain common issues that people generally dislike.

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Once you understand the pet peeves meaning, you are likely to come up with a few of these peeves that not only get to your nerves but also other people's nerves. Is there a particular behavior that really gets to your nerves, and you know that other people would feel the same? Then this is what you would consider as a pet peeve. Consider the examples below to know more.

Pet peeve definition

What is a pet peeve? According to Merriam Weber's dictionary, pet peeve meaning is a common subject of a complaint. Different people have different peeves, but the chances are that a few of these behaviors will get on many people's nerves. With the above pet peeves definition, a few examples will shed more light on the matter. Check out the list of examples below.

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Common pet peeves

What are your pet peeves? Have you been wondering what are some examples of pet peeves? Well, peeves may depend on personal dislikes. However, the list below contains some of what would be considered popular pet peeve examples for most people. These are probably the biggest pet peeves you will come across.

1. People chewing poorly - loud or with mouths open

Of all the diverse peeves, this is probably the most common and most annoying one. People who tend to chew while making weird noises irritate. The same applies to those that produce an 'Aaah' sound when taking a satisfying drink.

What these people fail to acknowledge they are a nuisance every time they do that. It is difficult to understand why someone would be comfortable with such a thing. For whatever reason, it appears as though our brains are wired to loathe the sound of someone slopping food into their mouths and chewing it like a cow chews the cud. It is simply disgusting.

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2. The 'fanatic.'

Nothing gets on your nerves more than a person that continuously talks about one thing nonstop. Such people never realize how irritating it is to talk about their lovers nonstop, or even about the food they love without switching to something else. It is especially more annoying when the person has taken up a new hobby, which may not even interest you, yet that is all they talk about. It is a total turn off. It is possible that such people would get under your skin.

3. People who are chronically late

Getting late once in a while is excusable. However, the habit of always being the last one to get to an agreed destination is downright bad and annoying. This applies to people who are consistently late. It appears as though they did not prioritize the meeting, or are deliberately late to annoy you. Knowing that you can never set your watch by such people can be a bummer, especially if you must meet up for official business. It is rude to keep doing this to your friends as it indicates that you feel that their time is less valuable than yours.

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4. When people eat your food without permission

No matter how free you feel around someone, be careful not to feel too comfortable to eat their food without asking. It is rude to do this since you have no idea what the person's plans are. It is possible that they prepared the meal, especially for a purpose, or that they have no future plans to cook a meal later. Rudely getting into their fridge and consuming what you find is uncalled for. Other than that, finding someone eating and wanting to join in without even asking is plainly rude.

5. People who don't use turn signals

This one gets to the nerves of all responsible drivers out there. It is difficult to understand why someone would choose to ignore road signs and endanger the life of others. It leaves you wondering what kind of parents raised such a person. It is the utmost show of irresponsibility.

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6. Paying for shipping

Human beings are sometimes difficult to understand. The idea of always paying for shipping gets on many people's nerves.

7. The person who constantly bashes everything you like

Well, no one wants negative and draining energy around them. Such people would easily make you feel sick and dejected when they are the ones with a problem. People that never see any good in anyone can make you lose your self-confidence. We all want people that encourage and cheer us on. Forget the haters.

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8. Constant cell phone distraction

Most people would rank this as their top-most pet peeves, especially in modern times. It is common to have people distracted when talking to them just because they are lost on their phones. Many people would consider it rude to have someone look at their phone, unless in emergency situations when they are having a conversation.

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When you really think about it, there are a lot of situations in life when you get ignored. Adding someone's inability to pay attention when talking to them is not necessary. It is courteous to put your phone aside for a few minutes when engaging someone in a conversation.

9. Referring to yourself in the third person.

Besides the fact that this is totally wrong grammatically, people that constantly refer to themselves in the third person should just grow up. This is often a show of selfishness and self- involvement to a level where no one else matters but you. Get a life and involve other people in your life. Being too much self-centered is repulsive and will only make potential friends keep off.

10. Slow internet

In an era where almost everything is internet dependent, slow internet can be a turn-off. Slow internet makes you feel grounded because every time you try to load a page, it fails to complete. It could only be second to having no internet, both of which are absolute disasters in the current digital world. This explains why slow internet is one of everyone's biggest pet peeves of all time.

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11. People who watch videos in public spaces with no headphones

When considering some of the world's bizarre behaviors, this would be among the top. It is quite difficult to understand how someone would be comfortable intruding in other people's spaces by loudly watching videos that could be distracting to others. This is tantamount to forcing on others your personal entertainment choices. After all, someone else in the same space could prefer reading a book, while another just wants his or her peace and quiet. Rudely distracting everyone with your noises is uncalled for.

Random pet peeves list

pet peeve examples
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What is your biggest pet peeve examples? Apart from pet peeves that may be generally annoying for most people, there are others that are a bit specific to one's personality. Once you understand what is pet peeve, then you can think of a few that really get to you on a personal level. The pet peeve list below captures such examples that may not necessarily work for everyone.

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  • When people smoke electronic cigarettes around non-smokers so don't assume that it is okay because smoking will remain just that.
  • People who make you wait anxiously for a message only to discover that it was all a prank are annoying. Some people are sick, and such a trick could cause their conditions to worsen. Be sensitive always.
  • People who fail to cover their mouths when they cough are irritating. They end up coughing into your face.
  • People who say “ew” to the food on your plate are rude. If you don't like it, shut up and move on. You do not have to make it obvious; the other person may be enjoying their best meal.
  • People who use redundant hashtags on Instagram, like #me #human #girl #selfie, get on others' nerves. It has to make sense. Learn the proper use of a hashtag.
  • Misspelling my name when it’s right there in the email staring you in the face. This is disrespectful because you have it, so there is no need to guess.
  • When dog owners leave their dog’s poop on the sidewalk, so have some manners.
  • People who talk over you when you’re clearly still in the middle of the sentence. Rude! Let people finish talking before you can join in.
  • People with an inflated sense of their own importance are annoying to the core. Other people's lives matter too. Just so you know!
  • People that kiss small babies on the mouth. Unless you are an immediate family member like the parents or siblings, desist from this uncouth behavior. Some babies have actually suffered serious complications and even died from infections transmitted by mouth. You never know what you are carrying. Have fun with the adorable baby without satisfying the urge to peck them. And while at it, wash your hands before holding them. A little courtesy could go a long way.
  • Joking about something someone is struggling with. They may not show it, and may even laugh with you but deep down you may have caused a scar that will take ages to heal. Be sensitive always.
  • People who say “no problem!” or “no worries!” in response to “thank you.” The appropriate thing to say in return is, “You’re welcome.” Learn to respond properly and stop making things feel awkward.

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  • People who say “this is she“ when someone on the phone asks for them. Just say, “Yes.” This one is even ridiculously hilarious. Stop trying to impress people. You are not in a movie.
  • People who pick their noses with their fingers are disgusting. There is no excuse for doing this in public. If you must, use a handkerchief and, if possible, do it privately.
  • People who do not know the lyrics to songs but still try to sing along when they cannot. Learn the lyrics first!
  • Asking a retail assistant what size they think you wear. Get fitted!
  • When people fail to do their job and try to justify their inadequacies with excuses that make no sense, it can be irritating.
  • Colleagues that tell you they ate something really bad yesterday and should really stay home. Just say you’re taking a sick day. Nobody needs to hear the details. To be sincere, sometimes, the details are so gross. Unless you are really close friends or you are talking to a doctor who might offer a solution, spare everyone else the details by summarizing.
  • Those who fail to give way to an ambulance when it is an emergency are inhuman. It makes one wonder how inhumane people can get when they know that it could be a matter of life and death for the sick patient in the ambulance. Such people need to grow up.

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  • Failing to let children cross the road when the sign clearly indicates children crossing. Such drivers are not worth to be on their road. Basic ethics and natural conscience dictate that you should always allow the old and very young to cross no matter how much of a hurry you are in.
  • Hit and run drivers. There is a special place for such people on the other side of heaven. You cannot cause someone to incur injuries and then run away without stopping to even confirm the damage that you have caused.
  • People that show up uninvited. You never know how bad your gate-crushing could be. You may be dropping in on people who have no plan B and get to ruin everything.
  • Visitors that attend dinners without a gift are just rude. This group of people is difficult to understand. How much would it cost to buy or even bake cookies for dessert? Better still, buy a bottle of wine to wash down the free dinner you will be getting. Your host probably does not need it, but if you can afford it, please come with something. It is about time people grew up.
  • Teachers that call people's children's names are cruel. This is the height of all evil. Teachers are meant to be protectors. They should mold a child into becoming the best they can. Name-calling only makes the child believe they are smaller than they can actually be. A lot of dreams have been shuttered because teachers made kids lose their self-confidence.
  • People that park into spaces for the disabled. Human beings can sometimes annoy you when they ignore and hurt others, especially the helpless. Those who park in parking spaces reserved for the disabled should be barred from driving.
  • School bullies. Any parent that allows or tolerates their kids bullying others should be ashamed of being called a parent. Kids need to grow in harmony if we are to have a better society. Don't teach kids to hate, for they will grow into spiteful adults.
  • Parents who incite their kids to avoid others due to their color are the worst. With the world becoming a global village, some of these discrimination tactics are overrated. Let children spread the love they are born with.

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So what are your top 3 pet peeves? Feel free to let us know what you think is the most annoying thing that people do without even batting their breath. The list of pet peeves above only shows a sample of what many people would consider as uncouth. Once you define pet peeve and know where your boundaries are, it is very easy to pick them out. The bottom line is that people should be considerate and avoid some of the annoying pet peeves, especially the habitual ones that can be changed.

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