When a guy asks why you did not call or text him what will you say?

When a guy asks why you did not call or text him what will you say?

There is this unwritten rule that ladies should not pursue men. They shouldn't make the first move in approaching and literally throw themselves to guys. Most women abide by the rule and refrain from dropping hints that they are interested in a guy. While constant communication with instant messages and video calls is common between men and women, multiple messages from the female gender show that she is interested and making herself way too accessible.

When a guy asks why you did not call or text him what will you say?
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Surprisingly, guys enjoy receiving calls and text messages from ladies, especially if they are genuinely interested in a relationship. On the other hand, women are faced with a dilemma of the thin line between coming off as clingy and desperate and yet still showing that they are interested and available.

When a guy asks why you did not call or text him what will you say?

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Women rarely know what to say when a guy asks them why they did not call or text them. At times, men also read between the lines and combine all those signals to tell your feelings towards them. So here is a list of what you will say without sending the wrong signals.

  • I have been busy and haven't had the chance to use my phone.
  • It would be best if you had called me.
  • I have been working on something important and been rushing through time. I thought of calling you later.
  • I'm on period, and my mood has been sulky. Painful cramps, headaches, and other health issues have put me down.
  • Sorry, I forgot to call you back.
  • I was driving/ pulled over by a police car.
  • I was helping a parent/child/neighbour.
  • I've been travelling and had to deal with network issues.
  • I wasn't available when you called, but I am now.
  • I was in the middle of something.
  • I was in the shower.

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When a guy asks why you did not call or text him what will you say?
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  • Was caught in a conversation with mom or dad
  • I had classes the whole day, and I hardly had free time to contact you.
  • I accidentally put the phone on silent mode.
  • I was wearing mittens and couldn't type.
  • I was in an interview session.
  • I was driving. You don't want me to die, do you?
  • I was in a place that is inappropriate for using your phone.
  • I did not hear it ring. My phone is in silent or vibrating mode.
  • I was in the middle of a presentation.
  • I did text you back! Didn't you get it?
  • I was in an area with bad reception and let it go to voicemail.
  • I changed my ringtone and didn't recognize you!

What does it mean when a guy wants you to text him?

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Most guys are inherently straightforward, and one of the signs he's into you, he will text almost every day. This satisfies their need to communicate and keep in touch with you. To show that they care, are interested, and pursuing you. So, what does it mean when a guy wants you to text him?

At times, they step back and wait for you to text them by virtue that they have been texting you. However, most guys feel that texting should be mutual between friendships and even extra in romantic interest regardless of gender.

When a guy wants you to text him, it might mean he is interested but does not know how you feel. Unfortunately, they are considered the worst in decoding hints which women constantly drop.

It is likely that men have no idea when ladies like them. As a result, men are forced to take a step back and wait for you to text them to know your interest.

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When a guy asks why you did not call or text him what will you say?
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Most women are the best communicators compared to men. Sometimes, he is terrible at texting and wants you to text him. Most men do not know what to text, what topics to share, and how to even start texting you. They might be shy and nervous and probably, want you to text them and kick off that friendly conversation.

Does he expect me to contact him?

It is no doubt that men like and expect women to contact them. When this expectation is met, men are left feeling validated, valued, and attractive. It is always a surprise as men are the ones who are expected to contact ladies.

Guys also like to be chased and shown they are wanted. So they expect you to contact them to show your effort, especially if you are interested in them. They want you also to take charge and start a conversation.

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Additionally, men mostly work on their jobs, pursue other goals, and catch up on other intrigues of life. It is likely that they are busy and have less time to text; therefore, expect you to reach out to them first.

Do guys wait for you to text them?

Yes, guys will occasionally sit around to just wait for your texts. This is primarily the case if they want to gauge your level of interest towards them, plus anyway, no one wants always to be the first to text and overwhelm with multiple texts.

Besides, some guys do not want to come off as desperate. Showing too much interest has proven to lower attraction to the opposite sex. On the other hand, any uncertainty and mystery, including instant messaging and calls, can create a strong attraction in women.

Other men who consider themselves attractive always have a variety of women to choose from hence waiting for you to text them. They are used to being texted first.

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In modern times, relationships and dating are going against the tide of the orthodox way. It is very common for a woman to make the first move, to approach and show interest. There is no harm in a lady swallowing that ego and reaching out if you feel like texting or calling him. It does not matter who initiated the communication; what matters is the true intention of linking up. Do not force or push it; just let it flow and see where it gets to.

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