Best Rick and Morty quotes and catchphrases

Best Rick and Morty quotes and catchphrases

Rick and Morty quotes from the animated science fiction adult sitcom are some of the most hilarious quotes you will ever come across. The sitcom is created by Justin Roiland in conjunction with Dan Harmon. The sitcom was created for Cartoon Network's late-night programming block known as Adult Swim. From it, a lot of quotes have emerged with some being favourites in different gatherings.

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Movie characters have a way of shaping certain ideologies that trend and stick on. It is not surprising that favourite characters in different films are associated with different sayings and quotes. Here are a few from your favourite sitcom.

Interesting Rick and Morty quotes

The adventures of Rick and Morty are often exciting and hilarious, to say the least. The two seem to be up to some form of mischief any time they get together. As such, they have become a popular duo among fans that follow the show. Here are a few of the best quotes from the program.

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  • A hair, Morty. I need one of your hairs. This isn't Game of Thrones. — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Rick Potion #9.

This happened when Morty decided to unzip his pants yet all Morty wanted was a sample for the DNA.

  • My life has been a lie! God is dead! The government's lame! Thanksgiving is about killing Indians! Jesus wasn't born on Christmas! They moved the date, it was a pagan holiday! — Morty Jr. (Richard Christy), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Raising Gazorpazorp.

This episode shed a lot of light on what Morty believed in before. It was a revelation of truths about life and government. It all appears to be like a conspiracy.

  • And this is why you don't invite a Floopy Doop and a Shmoopy Doop to the same party. — Party-Goer, Rick and Morty, Season 1: Ricksy Business.

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It was all about the tension that comes with being invited to a party. It can actually be a risky business.

  • No, no, I haven't seen that. I mean, why would a Pop-Tart want to live inside a toaster, Rick? I mean, th-that would be like the scariest place for them to live. Y'know what I mean? — Morty Smith (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 1: M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

There is no doubt that people have some scary and weird fantasies.

  • Get off the high road, Summer! We all got pinkeye because you won't stop texting on the toilet. — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 2: Total Rickall.

Well, some toilet manners are called for in this episode.

  • That's because losers look stuff up while the rest of us are carp'en all them 'diems. — Summer Smith (voice) (Spencer Grammer), Rick and Morty, Season 3: Rickmancing the Stone.

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This could be the best description of losers you ever get to hear.

  • Morty: So what?! Y-Y-You could do things inside! Y-You could play guitar, you could m*****bate! Morty Jr.: I don't wanna m*****bate! I wanna conquer the planet! — Morty Smith (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Raising Gazorpazorp.

Sometimes we get to grow up and focus on more important things than self-gratification. The world is big and in need of conquering.

  • Well, all is forgiven, because right now, I’ve got an er**tion the size of an East Coast lighthouse, and I’m coming home to share it with my beautiful wife. — Jerry Smith (voice) (Chris Parnell), Rick and Morty, Season 1: M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

Well, you got to be an adult to get this joke!

  • All I have are pictures are of me and my friends from school. What? What teenage girl has pictures of her family? It's not like we're Mormon or dying — Summer Smith (voice) (Spencer Grammer), Rick and Morty, Season 2: Total Rickall.

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You will get to learn about family and memories in this episode as you find out how little attachment people have to pictures.

  • Gimme a break! We're not heroes for having unprotected s*x on prom night. — Jerry Smith (voice) (Chris Parnell), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Rixty Minutes.

You will love Jerry's response when Beth suggested that people needed to set aside their lives once they create a new one together.

  • I'm Doctor Who in this motherf**ker! I could be a clone! I could be a hologram! We could clones controlled by robots controlled by special headsets that the real Rick and Morty are wearing while they're f**king your mother! — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 3: The Rickchurian Mortydate.

Whether it was intended or not, this is one powerful diss.

  • Mr. President, if I've learned one thing today, it's that sometimes you have to not give a f**k! — Morty Smith (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 2: Get Schwifty.

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Morty is right, sometimes in life one does not have to care so much.

Rick Sanchez quotes

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As one of the main characters in the sitcom, it is not surprising that Rick quotes are among the most common here. Chances are that you will find a Rick and Morty quote that you love among them. Here are a few self-explanatory quotes by Rick. It is possible that you may need to watch the sitcom first to fully understand the context. Either way, they will crack you up. You may just end up believing that Rick is a creative genius after all.

  • 'M A PICKLE! I'm pickle Riiiiiick! — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 3: Pickle Rick
  • TO GET R*ugghhb*IGGITY RIGGITY WRECKED SOONN — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Ricksy Business
  • Don't break an arm j**king yourself off, Morty. — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind
  • Wait for the ramp, Morty. They love the slow ramp. It really gets their d***s hard — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 2: The Ricks Must Be Crazy
  • Stupid-a*s, fart-saving, carpet-store motherfu**er. — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 2: Mortynight Run
  • It’s funny to say they are small…it’s funny to say they are big. – Shrimply Pibbles
  • Listen, if the situation keeps on darkening, then you gotta do yourself a favor and pop by Pirates Of The Pancreas. I mean, the top priority is to, you know, get you guys out of there, but, I mean, if that becomes impossible then you gotta treat yourself. — (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Anatomy Park
  • Weddings are basically just funerals with cake.
  • Put a saddle on your universe. Let it kick itself out. — (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 3: The ABC's of Beth
  • Also, I can’t feel anything either, did I mention that? – Ants in My Eyes Johnson
  • Yeah, well, tough ti*tties. - (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 3: The Rickshank Redemption
  • Stop saying it like it’s a thing! – Morty
  • Hey, muchacho, does your planet have wiper fluid yet or you gonna freak out and start worshipping us?
  • 60 for the resonator, and my grandson wants the s*x robot. - (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Raising Gazorpazorp
  • Morty, you gotta flip 'em off. I told them it means 'peace among worlds.' How hilarious is that! —(Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 2: The Ricks Must Be Crazy
  • Well, I don't like your unemployed genes in my grandchildren, Jerry, but life is made of little concessions. — (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 2: Total Rickall
  • You got some of that mermaid puss. — Rick Sanchez (voice) (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 3: The Ricklantis Mixup
  • I’m sorry, but your opinion means very little to me.

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Mr Meeseeks quotes

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Meeseeks is the name of all the Meeseeks who are summoned by activating a Mr. Meeseeks Box. The Meeseeks appear in the show's fifth episode of season one, "Meeseeks and Destroy". These creatures are known to inhabit different planets across the universe. Here are a few of Mr Meeseeks quotes.

  • Hey Jerry, you mind if we get back to the task at hand? Meeseeks don’t usually have to exist this long. It’s getting weird. — Mr. Meeseeks
  • I'm Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me! — Mr. Meeseeks (Justin Roiland), Rick and Morty, Season 1: Meeseeks and Destroy
  • Your failures are your own, old man. I’m Mr. Meeseeks! Look at me. I say follow-through! Who’s with me?!*shouting* follow-through! — Mr. Meeseeks
  • I’m sorry, Jerry, but I doesn’t work like that.I’m Mr. Meeseeks. I have to fulfill my purpose so I can go away. Look at me. — Mr. Meeseeks
  • I can’t take it anymore. I just want to die! — Mr. Meeseeks
  • Having a family doesn’t mean that you stop being an individual. You know the best thing you can do for the people that depend on you? Be honest with them, even if it means setting them free. — Mr. Meeseeks

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Rick and Morty love quote

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  • Listen Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people calls “love” is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it. Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. Focus on science. — Rick

Here is old Rick asking Morty to rise above the emotions. It appears as though he does not believe in love and claims that the emotions messed him up. He is counting on Morty to restore his generation back.

  • Listen, I’m not the nicest guy in the Universe because I’m the smartest. And being nice is something stupid people do to hedge their bets. Now, I haven’t been exactly subtle about how little I trust marriage. I couldn’t make it work, and I could turn a black hole into a sun, so at a certain point, you’ve got to ask yourself what are the odds this is legit and not just some big lie we’re all telling ourselves because we’re afraid to die alone? Because, you know, that’s exactly how we all die … alone. But … but … Here’s the thing. Birdperson is my best friend, and if he loves Tammy, well, then I love Tammy, too. [Cheers and applause] To friendship, to love, and to my greatest adventure yet … opening myself up to others. — Rick.

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This is one of those rare moments when Rick shows his vulnerability and accepts his limitations.

Rick and Morty catchphrases

Apart from popular Morty quotes, there are a few phrases that the characters in the sitcom are fond of saying. These catchphrases have become a part of them that it is impossible to imagine the character without them. They include:

  • Wubba-lubba-dub-dub: In birdperson language, the phrase means I am in great pain please help.
  • And that’s the wa-a-a-a-ay the news goes
  • I don’t give a f**k
  • And that's why I always say, Shumshumschilpiddydah
  • Calm down Morty, you gotta listen to me, Morty
  • Uh oh, somersault jump
  • Rikki-tikki-tavi, beyotch
  • And awa-a-a-ay we go!
  • Burger time
  • Hit the sack, jack
  • Wubby-lubby-doop-doop
  • AIDS
  • Rubber baby burger bumpers
  • Shum-shum, shlippety-dop
  • Maybe you should major in shutting the f**k up, Summer?
  • Lick, lick, lick my b***s
  • Shut the f**k up, Morty
  • Grass tastes bad
  • Rubber baby buggy bumpers
  • No jumping in the sewer
  • Tiny Rick

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The mentioned Rick and Morty quotes are just but a few examples of what you would expect in the sitcom. It comes packed with a great sense of humour and an interesting perspective on different subjects of life. If you haven't watched it yet, then you do not know what you are missing.


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