Mel Gibson net worth, height, wife, children

Mel Gibson net worth, height, wife, children

Mel Gibson's roles, appearance, and acting are always unpredictable: once, you see him playing a Scottish warrior in the historical epic drama “Braveheart”, and, a few years later, you see the man starring in the fantasy movie “What Women Want” that depicts a life story of a man who starts hearing women’s thoughts. How does the Hollywood legend look like away from the media cameras: is he a warrior or a heartbreaker? Does the actor have children? What is Mel Gibson net worth in 2019?

Mel Gibson net worth
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While watching new Mel Gibson movies (comedy, drama or action), we always admire the actor’s talent for transformation. Moreover, we experience all the worries, pain, and happiness together with his awesome characters. However, his acting is a particular mask, and it is undoubtedly professional.

What kind of a person is he for real? Are Mel Gibson net worth, fame, and popularity appearing to be comparable to his family happiness and well-being?

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Mel Gibson net worth 2019 and profile summary

  • Name: Mel Colm-Сille Gerard Gibson
  • Profession: actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, television producer
  • Birthdate: January 3, 1956
  • Age: 63
  • Birthplace: Peekskill, New York, USA
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 79 kg
  • Marital status: divorced
  • Number of children: 9
  • Net worth: $425 million
  • Profiles on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

This outstanding personality is a gifted actor, a producer, a screenwriter, an investor, and a director in the USA. He owns both awards and love of thousands of fans all over the globe. Most of his films have already entered the golden collection which brings a regular income. What is the secret of such a talent? How much is Mel Gibson worth now?

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What is Mel Gibson’s net worth?

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The acting career of Mel G. started from starring in the line “Summer City” in 1977. However, the “Mad Max” action series was his lucky lottery ticket which let him earn the first $1 million. Over time, the actor’s success expanded, thus, ensuring a warm place on the hills of Hollywood as well as new exciting parts.

Among the most distinguishing, glorious, and award-winning movies are:

The films directed by the actor were of no less success than the ones he participated directly:

Thus, as you see, the more he worked, the more opportunities he received. Over the years, the net worth of M. Gibson has significantly increased:

  • Up to the end of 2003, the income of the celebrity was estimated to be $225 million
  • The sum grew up till 2005 and let the actor enter the list of “Celebrity 100” where he occupied the third place after Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods
  • At the end of 2011, the net worth of the actor ($850 million) decreased almost for a half ($425 million) due to the divorce process with his wife, Robyn Denis Moore
  • His current net worth is estimated at $425 million

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What are the Hollywood legend’s additional sources of income? It is quite a widespread tendency among celebrities to establish particular business and invest money to obtain higher profits and enjoy life in its full measure. He is one of those actors who make money work: he is a shareholder of Green Rubber which specialises in recycling used rubber.

What is the origin of this Hollywood gem? What are his body measurements?

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How old is Mel Gibson and what his height is?

A baby-boy saw the world on January 3 in 1956 in the family of Hutton Peter Gibson and Anne Patricia. At first, they lived in Peekskill that nestles in New York, in the USA. When the boy was twelve years old, his family moved to Sydney, in Australia. At present, Mel Gibson age is 63 years old.

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If you take a look at Mel Gibson Instagram, you will notice that the Hollywood legend is neither tall nor small. Mel Gibson height is 177 centimetres.

Hollywood is a place where you cannot stay unnoticed, especially if you are talented, wealthy, and handsome. Is the actor married? How old is Mel Gibson’s wife?

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Who is Mel Gibson wife?

Millions of ladies adore the actor. However, only several women managed to get his heart.

The first (and the only official one) wife of the celebrity is Robyn Moore. The two met each other long ago: Mel was starting his career as an actor at the South Australia Theatre Company. Moore worked as a dental nurse in Roman Catholic Church, set in Forestville.

The couple got married in 1980 in New South Wales. During their 26-year marriage, they gave birth to seven children. The family lived a happy life up to 2006. Their break up process was quite a high-profile case that finished only in 2011.

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Later, people noticed the actor with Oksana Grigorieva, a pianist from Russia. They felt tender feelings to each other and even gave birth to a child. However, these relations had no future – in 2010 they broke up.

A few years later, in 2014, the actor confirmed his romantic relationships with Rosalind Ross.

Mel Gibson net worth and personal life
Image:, @MelGibsonSite
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She is a writer and a former champion vaulter. In 2017, the Hollywood heartbreaker and Rosalind met their first child.

Are you sure that you know about all Mel Gibson kids?

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Mel Gibson children

One could see millions of women around the world who wished to have a kid from the actor. What about now? Does the actor have a son or a daughter? A celebrity dad has seven children from the first marriage, one kid his relationships with Rosalind and one child from the Russian musician.

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What are Mel Gibson children’s names?

  • A daughter Hanna (1980)
  • Twins Edward and Christian (1982)
  • A son William (1985)
  • A son Louie (1988)
  • A son Milo (1990)
  • A son Thomas (1999)
  • A daughter Lucia (2009/with O. Grigorieva)
  • A son Lars Gerard (2017/with R. Ross)

You will be surprised to discover, that in spite of being a caring and loving dad in movies (for example, “What women want”), in real life the relationships of the actor with his children leave much to be desired. Moreover, it may sound quite shocking, but the Hollywood star is the №1 in the list “The Worst Celebrity Dads” issued by Forbes.

To conclude, one has to mention that popularity always goes hand-in-hand with many trials and unexpected results. Mel Gibson net worth is the fruit of love of acting, persistence, and continuous work. No matter how much time has gone, the movies of the Hollywood legend are still considered to be among the most favourite ones. What about you? What is your favourite movie?

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