How to know if a girl loves you secretly

How to know if a girl loves you secretly

Do you have this special girl that you are thinking about every day? Perhaps you know her personally and are unable to figure out if she has romantic feelings for you too? This is not as hard as you probably thought, and it is possible to recognize signs of affection on her side. With our article, you will be able to uncover her secret love in no time. Learn how to know if a girl loves you secretly!

How to know if a girl loves you secretly

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How to know if a girl loves you: all the tips and tricks

This article is for everyone who has ever had a massive crush on a girl but was unsure if she reciprocates those feelings. If you are wondering how to know if she loves you secretly, you should definitely proceed to read further, because we have collected some of the most common signs she loves you without saying.

However, it depends on which stage of a relationship you are on because there is a difference between liking a person and falling in love. So, at first, we will cover all the signs of a girl showing casual interest in you and hoping it could result in something more. And, later, we will answer the question “how do you know a girl loves you?”, by listing all the behavioral patterns she would show if she was truly in love with you. There can be absolutely various signs she loves you, and if you want to become an expert in uncovering the girl’s true feelings towards you, then you should definitely join us in this exciting ride.

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Signs that the girl is interested in you

The psychological studies found out that men usually confuse the signs of romantic interest from women and mix them up with the friendly interactions about 70% of the time, as well as the opposite – they can mistake the displays of friendship for something more. This leads to a lot of problems in personal life and painful rejections from both sides.

Remember that one guy you knew in school who always was able to get any girl he wanted? Chances were that he just read their signals correctly and this helped him avoid awkward situations. So, it is time for you to stop being one of those men who always become victims of miscommunication, and start understanding women’s signals when they are interested in you.

Read about the important signals that women usually give when they want to pursue a romantic relationship with you, but are too shy to say it directly.

  • Making long eye contact. We all make eye contact with each other at some point. But, if the woman is making a long contact and literally is unable to take her eyes off you, this might be one of the signs that she likes you. This especially shows when you are involved in a conversation with her – you can get a lot of information from how she looks at you. When she likes you, her eye pupils can also dilate, so if you have such a possibility, you can look into her eyes. The red sign is when the woman is looking around or grabs her phone every two seconds to avoid the conversation. This clearly shows that she is not that interested and even uncomfortable with how it is going.
  • Smiling with her eyes. Obviously, women smile when they genuinely like a person they are talking to. But there are different types of smiles, and in many cases, the woman is just being friendly and supportive. There is a bigger chance that she loves you when she is smiling with her eyes because quite often women are trying to subtly show their interest in men in such a way. Smiling with the eyes means that her mouth smile is genuine. To spot an eye smile, you should look if there is a crease appearing at the edge of the eyes. It is a good sign if there is.
  • Occasional touches. If you and the woman have already been acquainted and are just getting to know each other better, you should also be very attentive to her behavior. First of all, she might be naturally touching you – such as your shoulders, chest, or hands. In case you make a joke, she might playfully slap you. And if you sit right next to each other, there is a possibility of your shoulders or legs starting to touch naturally because of no distance between you. Examine her behavior during situations like these. If she looks comfortable and is alright with touching, this is a clearly good sign. And finally, the woman who likes you would often accidentally bump into you or give you random touches to get noticed by you. However, you should also remember that not all women get entirely comfortable with touches, so you should not instantly assume the worst if she does not do that. Perhaps, she thinks this would be too much, and is waiting for this gesture from you.
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  • The feet signals. A lot of psychologists who study body language will agree that even the legs are able to say something about our intentions. So, if the woman has been looking away, but her feet are facing towards you, this is often a subtle sign of her interest in you on her side.
  • She is talking to you. If the woman has an interest in you, she will talk to you, call you, and respond to your texts. In case she does none of this and keeps ignoring your initiative and avoiding the conversation, you could assume she is probably too shy and waiting for the first step from you, but the truth may be that she is simply not interested. The woman who is taking time out of her day to talk to you, and not just in the short messages like “ok” or “good”, but actual detailed conversations, then you should be happy knowing she at least has some kind of good feelings for you. Whether they are romantic or not, this is a nice start.
  • Smile. The woman who likes you will always be smiling around you. This is the clearest signal that she has an interest in you. You have to learn to distinguish between friendly and flirty smiles. Sometimes, the girl sees you as a friend who she is comfortable with, and she will laugh around you a lot. But when she is flirting, even her eyes give her away. Always observe the way she smiles, and do not forget to smile back at her.
  • Nervousness. Most often, women are nervous and anxious in the presence of their crushes, because they definitely would not want to make a fool out of themselves. There are different ways in which women show nervousness. For example, the girl can touch her neck, lips, and collarbones a lot when she is talking to you. She can also play with her hair strands and run her hands through her hair. You should also look out for the signs of her imitating you – like you doing some move, and her repeating it a couple seconds later. This could tell that she is into you.
  • Compliments. If the girl is interested, she will try to make compliments to subtly tell you that you are the man she desires. She can say that you have beautiful eyes, or compliment on your athleticism and ask if you play sports, or praise your brains. Observe how she behaves during complimenting you, and if she does it often and is seemingly smitten by you judging from her body language, this might be the evidence of her crush.
  • Her friends. Believe it or not, but the girl’s friends can also be a large indicator of her interest in you, so you should pay close attention to their reactions as well. If her friends are often looking at you with smiles and giggles, it might mean that they are teasing her about her crush. Quite often, when you come up, she and her friends might suddenly stop talking, which probably means that they were discussing you before. Sometimes, if you are lucky, one of this girl’s friends can even come up and directly inform you that she likes you.
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  • Her style. The girl who really likes you will obviously try to impress you, and not only with her behavior but also with her looks. If you noticed that the girl starts wearing more stylish clothes and puts on makeup around you, the chances are that she likes you. You should remember, though, that every girl has an absolutely different sense of style. So, not every girl will instantly change it for you or will be too bothered about her looks in your presence. Some girls will instead try to impress you with other signs. However, you should keep an eye on her dressing a little more fancily when she is around you – this could be a hidden sign of affection from her.
  • Teasing. When she really likes you, she will inevitably tease you about some things you say or do. The example is given, she can call you out on an unfunny joke, make harmless fun of the clothes you are wearing, or tease you jokingly about any of your hobbies. She will also try to do it very gently and not go over the top, because she knows teasing has a risk to go too far and offend someone, and this would be the last thing she wants.
  • Making excuses to talk to you. She may talk to you every day if you are studying or working together, send you random texts, and like your posts on social media. These may be clear signs that she wants to know you better. This one can be tricky because the girl who likes you can do these things, but so can the girl who just wants to be your friend. However, the guts will never let you down. If she shows a lot of body language signs and is complimenting you more than usual, this might be her way of telling you that she likes you.
  • Mentioning your relationship status. When you are already acquaintances or friends with the girl, and she wants to know if you are single, she might casually try to get this information out of you. For instance, she might mention your girlfriend or try a more subtle approach. Your job is to discover these occasions and use them for flirting back with her. Like, if she says something along the lines of “You will go to the movies with your girlfriend, right?”, then you can say that you do not have a girlfriend, but still want to go to the movies with someone, and invite her along. This might be the most accurate sign of her crush on you because if she did not care about you at all, she would not look for ways to ask you about your relationship status.
  • “Damsel in distress” moments. The girl who has a crush on you could pretend to be in a vulnerable situation to get closer to you and check your reaction. For example, when she says that she is cold when you are outside, it might be a hint that she wants you to suggest her your jacket. She might pretend at not understanding some part of the homework or her work tasks, therefore asking you for your assistance. By the way, you can also ask for help sometimes to test her reaction and get closer, but do not do it too much, otherwise, you will seem as a nuisance for her. Bear in mind that if you are not the only person in the room and she asks for help, she will clearly be glad if it is you who offers it. If she likes someone else, she will probably look disappointed if it is you who suggests her to help. In this case, the good thing will be that it is at least clear how she feels about you, and you can move on.
  • See how she acts around other people. Not every girl who flirts with you will necessarily like you. Some girls just have an outgoing personality. In some cases, they do not even notice how it sounds. So, the best way to see if it is only you who she treats differently from other people will be observing her interactions with others. If you are treated in a clearly different way – either she holds eye contact with you for long or is more gentle when she teases you – then it might suggest that she likes you.

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Sometimes the signs can be confusing, and you can get the completely wrong message from the woman’s behavior. To understand whether she is romantically interested in you, or perhaps is just being nice, you should take the context of the situation into account. Everything we have said here is completely individual, depending on the situation.

Consider such example: if you are communicating with a woman one-on-one, and she touches your arm for a couple seconds, this could be interpreted as her flirting with you. But if she just taps your shoulder quickly and tells you something casual, it is just a polite gesture without the hints of flirting. Also, the conversational practices of all people are very different. So, if you are talking to a girl and she is making a long eye contact, she can just be interested in what you are saying and paying close attention, or trying to make you acknowledge her points, and it does not exactly mean that she likes you romantically. But, if the girl has been making eye contact with you for a long time without talking, or shyly lowers her gaze the second you look back at her, there is a chance that she is intrigued.

Still, all the situations and contexts are very different, and even if the girl shows signs of a crush, there is always a chance that you are wrong. Never push yourself on a girl, even if she did confess that she is interested in you. Your relationship should develop at a natural pace, so both parties are comfortable with how things are going.

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Telling if a girl is falling in love with you

We have already talked about the signs of a girl liking you and being interested in pursuing close relationship. But what if she is already your close friend or girlfriend, and you are constantly wondering if she is in love with you, or just casually dating you without any obligations? Falling in love with someone is rare and complicated, and you should consider yourself really lucky if your girlfriend is fully committed to you.

There are a few reasons why it is important to know whether the girl is in love with you. The most important reason is that you have to make clear that both sides want the same thing from this relationship. When one person is already in love and ready for commitment, while another wants to take things slowly, there is a possibility that someone will be unhappy. Now, we will list some signs that a girl is completely and irreversibly in love with you. If you start seeing them, then you have a bigger chance of pursuing a happy and healthy relationship.

  • Cutting off other men. It is quite common for people to play the field, looking for the person who they have the most connection with. However, when they have already found this perfect someone, it is logical to stop casual dating and reject other people who may be interested. If she has big plans for you and your relationship, she should focus on it fully, and cut off all the other men who might see her in a romantic way. This does not mean she should completely stop communicating with all men except for you. But if she takes you seriously, she will limit them to simple friendships.
  • Making long-term plans for you both. There is an obvious difference between the big and small plans. While the small plans may be weekend dates or trips or hanging out at someone’s home, the bigger plans are family events, long travels, and vacations. The good sign is when your girlfriend is planning a date which is months away – this means that the breakup is not in her plans. Usually, this long-term commitment comes from people who are in love. There are also big plans when your girlfriend would actually change something in her life so it would suit both of you and bring you closer. It may not just be moving in together, but also transferring her job, or moving away somewhere – she might ask you these questions just to check if you would be ready to be in a long-distance relationship with her. If she is prepared to plan her life around you and your own plans, she might be seriously in love.
  • Getting meaningful gifts. A lot of women put efforts into their gifts and try to get their beloved one something really special to show how much they care. Meaningful gifts are not always expensive. They show that she is really on the same wavelength with you, and understands you without words. For instance, you could have mentioned a book that you have been planning on reading for a long time already, and soon afterwards, you get this book as a surprise for her. Or you have told her about one of your interests, and she got you something that relates to it closely. This is what the proverb “It’s the thought that counts” is trying to say to us.

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  • Finding your quirks and flaws cute. Every person has something that would be annoying to other people. But when you fall in love, it definitely does an interesting thing in your perception of the surroundings. You start seeing irritating things in your partner as something special and endearing, and this is one of the signs of unconditional love. So, if you have found a girlfriend that accepts your quirks and loves you for them, she must be telling you that she has totally fallen for you.
  • Talking about you both as a couple. If she uses a pronoun “we” when she talks about you both, this shows that she already considers your union serious, and thinking of you as a whole. You are not just another boyfriend of hers who she is casually hanging out with, and she sees your happiness as something that could not be separated from her own. Language reflects how people feel about each other.
  • Telling you directly. Sometimes feelings are so obvious, but our own doubts and misconceptions get in our way, and it becomes harder for us to understand what is going on. If the girl tells you that she is in love, then she takes it seriously for sure. People do not drop such huge statements on each other if there is no truth. So, if she said these words, she must have meant them. You should acknowledge how significant these three words towards you are, and not take them for granted.

Once you realized that the girl is in love with you, you should accept that and, if you feel the same way, just do everything to preserve your happiness. If her feelings are more serious, and you do not see her as a life partner, then, unfortunately, it would be better to tell her directly instead of playing with her feelings, so she could process this and you both could seek happiness elsewhere instead of making each other unhappy.

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Either way, it is a very special feeling when someone loves you, and it makes your relationship the entirely new experience. Finding out that someone who is very special to you loves you back can be a start of something new and amazing.

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