Ways to pack braids for a wedding

Ways to pack braids for a wedding

In this article, we want to show you how to pack braids for a wedding. Read on to see 30 top examples of beautiful hairstyles for such a special event. Here are some best ideas for your celebration hairdo.

Wedding braids hairstyles

Top wedding braids hairstyles for you

  • Braids wave
Braids wave

Photo: therighthairstyles.com

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This is the example of a simple but beautiful design, pack the braids in the form of the wave and form the bun. Add some accessories to look even more beautiful and maintain the style of your celebratory look.

  • Braided hairstyle with veil
Braided hairstyle

Photo: straightuphairstyle.com

It is hard to imagine a wedding look without a white veil. As you see in this example, wedding veil can be beautifully combined with braids, and this hairstyle is also simple but classic and elegant at the same time.

  • Braided bun with accessories

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Braided bun

Photo: inflexa.com

Adorn your braided bun with white accessories, it can be white flowers and diadem. Such shape of braided bun gives the ability to experiment with wedding accessories and highlight your style.

  • High braided bun with white flower
High braided bun

Photo: ianicsolutions.com

In this case, we see long braids that are packed in a high bun, and of course, these white flowers, in combination with makeup make the look so gorgeous.

  • Braids combination
Braids combination

Photo: africanamericanhairstyling.com

Here we can see a beautiful way to combine different styles of braids in one wedding hairstyle. Stylized forelock combines with a back bun and the braids, it makes the hairdo very creative. The hairstyle looks stylish from the different sides.

  • Protective and natural style
Natural style

Photo: gmposts.com

Thin side braids and a big back braided bun is a hair-protective style for the special event.

  • Creative braiding
Creative braiding

Photo: africanamericanhairstyling.com

There are many creative ways to pack your braids. Side braids have a unique form that will definitely make your look the most noticeable and elegant.

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  • Twisted braids
Twisted braids

Photo: gunkhort.com

One more idea to pack long braids in the form of back bun.

  • Side forelock of braids
Side forelock of braids

Photo: senecaeyewear.com

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Special day requires some special design, pack your braids in the form of side forelock. Such a hairstyle can be adorned by adding some brown braids, or accessories.

  • Style for short box braids
Short box braids

Photo: therighthairstyles.com

Side hairstyles are popular if it goes about wedding look, short braids can be easily shaped in simple but stylish side twist and adorned with wedding accessories.

  • Thick box braids
Thick box braids

Photo: oaksclan.com

If you have thick box braids, look at this example. These Havana Mambo braids easily combine with bridal veil and wedding jewelry.

  • Simply elegant
Simply elegant

Photo: angleymatson.com

Another way to pack the braids in a side hairdo, you can also see a beautiful dark brown color of braids.

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  • The diadem of braids
The diadem of braids

Photo: vibe.ng

The diadems are very popular when it goes about wedding hairdo, you can easily create diadem-style bun of braids. Make it even more beautiful with adding some accessories and wedding make up.

  • One side long braids
One side long braids

Photo: wonderfulhairstyle.cf

This is one more idea for thick box braids, as you see, glam beauty can be easily achieved if you wear long braids.

  • Simple shape - elegant effect
Simple shape

Photo: tuko.co.ke

Braids create a beautiful texture of your hairdo, so even a simple shape with wedding accessories make you the queen of the event.

  • Light and tender
Light and tender

Photo: therighthairstyles.com

Among numerous ways to pack braids, there are examples where you just turn long braids into the bun and let the braids to lie down on your shoulder. Combine it with tender flower accessory, and light dress. As a result, you get light and tender look for your wedding.

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  • Faux locs
Faux locs

Photo: Hairstyleonpoint.com

We already mentioned that the braids are beautiful in their natural look, so why to complicate? In this example we see a gorgeous bride look with faux locs hairstyle. The braids can just fall down as they are, or leave them at one side, in any case, the hairdo is great.

  • Make a big braid of the braids
Big braid

Photo: ghanaweb.com

This is quite a popular way to shape the braids, you can turn them around the head to achieve the hairdo with unique texture, add some leaf-style jewelry, and the celebratory hairstyle is ready.

  • Mini twists
Mini twists

Photo: findbesthairstyle.com

Mini-twists are versatile, therefore they can be styled easily and will stay in place all day.

  • Short faux braids
Short faux braids

Photo: websigns4u.com

This is the example how to pack your short faux braids in the most beautiful way for the most special event.

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  • Short kinky braids
Short kinky braids

Photo: curlsunderstood.com

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Here is an example of kinky braids style, simple and natural.

  • The idea for a couple
The idea for a couple

Photo: africanamericanhairstyling.com

It is great when a bride and groom support one style. Here is some example for your loving couple.

  • Modern and elegant twists
Modern and elegant twists

Photo: coupecheveuxlong.com

The twists of braids is a modern trend in braids hairstyles, so here is one of the examples on how you can pack your braids in an elegant twist.

  • Gold braids
Gold braids

Photo: thestylenewsnetwork.com

If you are going to wear the dress with some native patterns, it is a good idea to adorn the look with braided hairstyle and use a suitable color of braids.

  • Ghanaian braids style
Ghanaian braids

Photo: marcomanzoni.me

This is a neat and modest style, but not less beautiful than others.

  • Big high box braids bun

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Big high box braids bun

Photo: therighthairstyles.com

Box braids are so popular now, and the bun is such a universal method to treat the long braids. It can be good for the everyday look, and at the same time, it looks gorgeous in the case of wedding look.

  • Short braids for a couple
Short braids for a couple

Photo: solbiatese.com

One more idea for a stylish couple to highlight their love.

  • High fashion braids hairdo
High fashion

Photo: cabelobonito.net

Here we can see a fashionable combination of thick and thin braids. This is a natural crown for the queen of the wedding.

  • A creative shape of cornrows
Creative shape

Photo: Visitlegoliberty.com

This is the beauty of braids - they give you numerous variations and a huge field for experiments.

  • Braided bun and fringe
Braided bun and fringe

Photo: therighthairstyles.com

Here is another inspirational example of picture-perfect braided bun and fringe for your wedding.

These are our examples of wedding braids, choose the best one for your special event.

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