Richest Gospel musician in Nigeria

Richest Gospel musician in Nigeria

Those who love Nigerian Gospel music might be wondering which artists are the richest and what are their net worths as of 2018. Here are listed singers and musicians whose spirit lifting music is recognized both in Nigeria and universally. In this article, we will discuss the profits of the top 10 richest Gospel artists so that you will be able to determine who is the richest Gospel musician in Nigeria.

Richest gospel musician in Nigeria

Gospel music

Gospel music in Nigeria has always been one of the most popular genres. They say one who is singing is praying twice. A lot of people in Nigeria find Gospel music appealing and inspiring. There’s a reward for hard work. All of the Gospel musicians listed below are known to release high-quality music that tops the national charts. So, let’s take a look at the richest and the most talented Gospel artists in Nigeria.

Top 10 richest Gospel musician in Nigeria

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The top 10 richest gospel musicians in Nigeria are ranked by their net worth starting with the lowest figures and finishing with the highest. The list is made as of 2018. Note that the list is covering musicians which music falls into the genre of Gospel music, so you are not going to find hip-hop, rock or pop singers here. So, here we go.

10. Esther Igbekele (Net worth $250,000)

Esther Igbekele is a successful Gospel artist whose fans often call her Duchess of Gospel Music. Esther is one of the richest gospel singers in Nigeria. She started her professional singing career in 1996. Since then, the Duchess of Gospel Music has released 11 albums to her credit.

Esther Igbekele


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2. Tope Alabi (Net worth $300,000)

Tope Alabi is, probably, the most popular Yoruba language Gospel singer in Nigeria. She is also a movie track composer and actress featuring in a host of Yoruba films. Those who are fond of Yoruba gospel music, Tope Alabi is an artist whose voice is difficult to forget. Tope Alabi gained her fortune from Yoruba movie soundtrack production, live concerts and shows, album sales and endorsement deals.

Tope Alabi’s first album Ore ti o Common was released in 2001 which allowed her to quickly enter the Nigerian music industry. Tope Alabi’s released near 9 albums including Iwe Eri, Agbara Re Ni, Agbara Olorun, Angeli MI, Kokoro Igbala, Kabiosi, Agbelebu, Alagbara, Agbelebu.

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Tope Alabi

Photo: Mobizoneng

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3. Gozie And Njideka Okeke (Net worth $320,000)

The next spot on the list of the richest Gospel musicians is not one but two stars, Gozie and Njideka Okeke. They are probably the most remarkable Igbo Gospel musicians in Nigeria as of 2018. Their hit album, “Akanchawa” went multi-platinum, gaining wide popularity in Nigeria and beyond its borders. Businessmen and businesswomen never joke with the song because it is a financial breakthrough song. The wife, (who is also the lead vocalist) Njideka Okeke entered music industry under the lead of her husband, Prince Gozie Okeke who helped her to become a professional singer.

"Akanchawa" became a kind of national anthem song to many Gospel music listeners. They earned their fortune from millions of sold album copies and numerous Gospel shows.

Gozie And Njideka Okeke


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4. Eben (Net worth $350,000)

Eben is one of the most talented Gospel artists who takes the number 4 spot on this list. Eben got into the spotlight and earned national and international prominence after his first major public appearance with his track “Imarawa” at a Youth Conference lead by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in 2005. The Gospel artist earned his money from a live performance in Gospel shows, album sales, and music production.

Eben is married to Jadiel, another talented gospel artist, widely known for her hit song "Heritage".

Eben - Gospel musician in Nigeria


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5. SamSong (Net worth ($370,000)

SamSong left his banking job to start a career in the Gospel music industry because he was passionate about singing. SamSong’s hit track "Bianule" brought him huge fame in the Nigerian music industry and won him many awards. SamSong has released many other songs that brought him nationwide popularity. He has performed in Nigeria and many other countries. Since SamSong started a singing career, he became one of the richest Gospel artists in Nigeria.

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Samsong - Gospel musician in Nigeria


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6. Lara George (Net worth $400,000)

Lara George is highly talented and rich Gospel singer who possesses a truly captivating voice. Lara George started her singing career with membership in the successful group widely known as “KUSH”. After the group broke up, young Gospel singer went solo in 2008. Lara George made an attempt to make a difference in the Nigerian Gospel music industry with her debut album "Forever in my heart". The star track “Ijoba Orun” which were the most successful and made her one of the top Gospel artists in Nigeria and abroad.

Lara George is an owner of numerous awards such as Trailblazer of the year 2013, best female artiste AGMA 2012, Nigeria’s Gospel artiste of the year 2010 and 2011 NEA, Female Vocalist of the Year 2010 HHWA. Lara George earned her fortune from a live performance in Gospel shows and album sales.

Lara George


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7. Sinach (Net worth $420,000)

Sinach (real name - Osinachi Kalu) is the third on the list of the richest Nigerian gospel singers. The gifted gospel singer is from Ebonyi State. Sinach is a multiple award-winning Nigerian Gospel vocalist, songwriter, and chief praise leader at Believers LoveWorld.

She is known internationally for several gospel hits that top the charts in Nigeria even today. Sinach has truly become one of the most popular musicians in the Nigerian music industry thanks to such songs as "Way Maker", "I Know Who I Am" and "Great Are you Lord". Osinachi Kalu has released over ten albums. Additionally, Sinach has earned a lot of money for herself from a live performance in numerous Gospel shows, endorsement deals, album sales and concerts performed in Nigeria and many other countries.

Sinach got married to Christ Embassy's Pastor Joseph Egbu on June 28, 2014.



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8. Nikki Laoye (Net worth $450,000)

Nikki Laoye (born Oyenike Laoye-Oturu) is one of the richest and highly respected Gospel musicians in Nigeria. She is a highly professional Gospel artist, singer, songwriter, dancer and, occasionally, actress. She is well-known for her eclectic musical expressions and impressive stage performances. Nikki Laoye is one of Nigerian Gospel artists who was interviewed on American entertainment channel BET in 2009. She had an opportunity to perform on stage with one of the most famous American gospel artists Kirk Franklin. Nikki Laoye has earned numerous awards for her records including The Headies Award in 2013 for Best Female Vocal Performance and the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA) in 2014 for Best Female Artiste in African Inspirational Music. Nikki Laoye earned her fortune from a live performance in Gospel shows and album sales.

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Nikki Laoye


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9. Frank Edwards (Net worth $600,000)

The number nine on our list of the richest Gospel musicians is Frank Edwards. The artist was born in Enugu (Enugu State). If you have ever listened to any of the top Gospel male singers in Nigeria, then you couldn’t but notice his name. He is known as Nigeria's hottest Gospel rock artist. He is also a songwriter, music producer, keyboardist, and founder and owner of the record label Rocktown Records, one of the most successful record labels in the Nigerian music industry. The gospel artist has earned his money from the live performances in Gospel shows, endorsement deals, and album sales. Frank Edwards’s the most popular songs are Changing Lives, Mma Mma, Eze Eligwe, Omema and many other.

Frank Edwards

Photo: BellaNaija

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10. Sammie Okposo (Net worth $750,000)

Sammie Okposo is, probably, the richest Nigerian Gospel artists as of 2018. This multiple award-winning Nigerian Gospel artist has built a carer of the soundtrack producer, psalmist, entertainment consultant. He is also a CEO of Zamar Entertainment. The Delta state born artist started a singing career in 1995. Since then, has released many hit songs. Sammie Okposo’s earnings derive from his live performance in gospel shows, album sales, and music production.

Sammie Okposo

Photo: Believers Portal

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In this post, there was made an attempt to create a list of the top 10 richest Gospel musicians in Nigeria in 2018. These Nigerian musicians have released a lot of praiseworthy albums that have found acceptance in Nigeria and abroad. Each of them is talented and unique. They are known to make national and international impact and release singles and albums that have won numerous awards. They all have been doing a great job over the years though the numbers speak for themselves.

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