Top Igbo names for boys and their meaning

Top Igbo names for boys and their meaning

Every mom-to-be is often excited with the baby on the way. Different people use different criteria for naming kids. Some consider the season, nature of birth, and culture among others. Igbo names for boys take into consideration the above factors as well.

Igbo names for boys
Source: UGC

A majority of the kids have always turned out exactly like the monikers they carry. This shows that the name given to a baby goes a long way in defining him and some of his traits. Therefore, you need to choose a name that will positively impact your little one for the rest of his life.

List of Igbo names

Below are fine Igbo names for boys and their meaning from South-East Nigeria. The names are sure to tickle you fancy. A majority of these names have mortal or godly attributes attached to them.

Classic Igbo names for boys

  • Ekene - The one who receives a lot of praise
  • Chizutere - God's envoy
  • Ifeanyichukwu - No one is greater than God or God is the most powerful
  • Obimnaetochukwu - My heart will praise the Lord
  • Onochie - The one who can replace his father's status
  • Chimankpa - The creator knows my needs
  • Emeka - Numerous excellent deeds or the almighty king has done so much
  • Enyinnaya - A friend of his father
  • Chinaka - Our creator decides or schedules
  • Chukwuma - I shall live
  • Abaeze - Branch of kings
  • Achebe - He who is under the protection of the Goddess
  • Afamefuna - My name will not be lost
  • Akachukwu - The hand of the Almighty Lord
  • Azubuike - Strength attained from past experiences
  • Bunkechukwu - A man who belongs to the Lord
  • Chetachi - A man who always remembers the Lord
  • Cibuike - God is my strength
  • Ekenedilichukwu - Offer thanks to the almighty one.
  • Esomchi - One who follows into the footsteps of the Lord
  • Chioke - A gift from the heavens
  • Chukwudumaga - The Lord leads me
  • Chukwueneka - God has been kind to us
  • Ezesinachi - The chief comes from above
  • Ezeudo - The prince of peace

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Delta Igbo names and meaning

Igbo names
Source: UGC
  • Chubunna - The lord is my father
  • Chidozie - May the Lord fix it and make it good for you.
  • Achike - Give praise to God
  • Chibuikem - God is my power
  • Maduka - People are worth more than earthly riches
  • Chidindu - Show the whole world that God is alive
  • Amaechi - No one knows tomorrow
  • Chimamanda - My Lord will not fall nor fail me
  • Amaka - King of ravishing gorgeousness who is versatile and spontaneous by nature
  • Chukwuebuka - God is great
  • Amandi - A man who does not trust anybody easily
  • Chiekezie - Our heavenly father has made it for me
  • Chiemeka - Our God has done marvellous
  • Ebubechukwu - The greatness and the glory of God
  • Chikanma - Our heavenly father better than anything in this world
  • Anozie -The creator knows more than anyone else
  • Debare - A man who was born during the good times
  • Chibuzor - The Lord leads
  • Chidiadi - God is present
  • Amara - One who is favored without death or the end; blessed to be immortal
  • Chidiebere - The Lord is glorious and great
  • Diarachukwundu - He who lives for the creator of the universe
  • Echezonanna - Always remember your father and your Lord
  • Ejikeme - It is not by power or might
  • Akunna - The wealth belongs to my father
  • Amobi - No one know the heart of a man
  • Munachimso - One who agrees with the Lord
  • Nwabueze - The child is the king
  • Nchedochukwu - Protection from the heavenly father
  • Obiajulu - My heart is at peace
  • Obiefune Ganiru - Full of good luck
  • Golibe - A joyous man
  • Gosifechukwu - Display the light of the Lord to the whole world
  • Hanyechukwu - Leave everything into the hands of the almighty one

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Funky Igbo names

igbo names and meaning
Source: UGC
  • Ifechi - One who illuminates the light of the Lord
  • Ifechukwude - Written by the Lord
  • Ifekristi - The light of Jesus Christ
  • Ifemyolunna - Everything that I asked from the heavenly father
  • Igwebuike - Great strength in a multitude
  • Iheanacho Kufreabasi - One who never forgets the Lord
  • Kwento - A man who protects the name of his family getting destroyed
  • Lotachukwu - Do not forget our heavenly father
  • Machie - Replacement of a lost gem or treasure
  • Maduenu - The impermanence of life
  • Kambili - Do not lose hope
  • Ogechukwukana -Time spent worshipping the Lord is the best
  • Okorie - Born on Orie
  • Diokpa - First son
  • Ifeadigo - The light has come
  • Ebudedike - The glory of a hero
  • Kaetochukwu - May our heavenly father be praised
  • Kainyechukwuekene - Let's praise God
  • Nwolisa - Child of the Lord
  • Ikenna - Power of a father
  • Chibunna - God is the father
  • Chijindu - The Lord hold life
  • Ozoemena - May another one never happen

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Unique Igbo name for baby boy

  • Oguchinalurum - The fight God fights for me
  • Tobenna - Worship the father
  • Tobechukwu - Worship the Almighty
  • Lotanna - Remember the father
  • Lotachukwu - Remember Lord
  • Chibidoro - Lord started
  • Nwabugw - A child is a thing of pride
  • Ugwu - Mountain
  • Ochudo - He who chases after peace
  • Ume - Breath
  • Uwazurike - Road
  • Nnamdi - My father lives.
  • Chinedu - God leads
  • Uchenna - The thoughts of the father
  • Uchechukwu - The thoughts of God
  • Zikoraifechukwu - Show the world the light of God
  • Jidenna - Hold the father
  • Onyekachi - Who is bigger than God?
  • Zeribe - Avoid bad people
  • Ndubueze - Life is king
  • Chigoziem - God bless me
  • Muonanu - The spirit can hear

Popular Igbo names and their meaning

igbo names for twins
Source: UGC
  • Somadina - May I not be alone
  • Chikamso - I am following God
  • Chibuzo - God is the way
  • Uzodimma - The road is good
  • Uzoma - Good
  • Ogugua - Consolation
  • Okenna - Father’s share
  • Nwachukwu - God’s child
  • Kelechi -Thank God
  • Chizaram - God answered me.
  • Oliseloka - God has thought well
  • Chike - This is a short form of ‘chineke’ which means God the creator
  • Nwadiaso - This child is sweet/holy.
  • Beluchi - Cry to God
  • Echezona - Do not forget
  • Onyedikachi - Who is like God
  • Nkemakolam - May my own not leave me
  • Kamsiyonna - The way I asked
  • Chukwudi - There is Lord
  • Chukwunonso - God is close
  • Munachiso - I am with God

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Igbo names for twins

  • Onwuegbuchulam - May death not wipe me away completely
  • Azubuike - The back is the strength.
  • Kachimezuo - May God finish
  • Amuka - Laughter is bigger
  • Chukwumerije - God created the journey
  • Chukwudumaga - God leads me
  • Ezomchi - I’m following God
  • Enyinnaya - His father’s friend
  • Okani - Great
  • Onu - Neck
  • Chimaobi- God knows my heart
  • Muoneke - The spirit creates
  • Ogbonna - Father’s namesake
  • Ejike - With the power
  • Ejidike - He who holds a hero
  • Onyeneke - He who creates
  • Dikoma - A good-hearted warrior
  • Okoro - Strong man
  • Udo - Peace

Now you have some of the best Igbo names for boys and their meaning. The names will propel your son to greatness.

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Depending on the region you come from, you can select the best and most popular name for a boy or girl in the area. Some of the most popular baby names do not have to be what you can easily come up with. In some cases, the names are unique and will make your baby stand out in a crowd.

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