UNIPORT postgraduate school fees

UNIPORT postgraduate school fees

Here we have important information for all postgraduate students and applicants. We will give you details on UNIPORT school fees and courses offered in the institution.

UNIPORT postgraduate school fees

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UNIPORT postgraduate school fees

Let’s start our overview of the application form, its cost for postgraduate students is N20,000.00. Be aware that the one can buy the form until August 31, 2018. It is necessary for applicants to visit UNIPORT website, www.uniport.edu.ng, here you can find information about requirements and other details of the application.

See more details on the postgraduate fees:

  • The fee of the first academic session is N160,000-N170,000
  • The fee for the first academic session for masters programme is N160,000
  • The fee for External Defense is N51,000
  • The fee for Internal defense is N15,000

The University of Port Harcourt has a famous business school, and here we have the list of postgraduate programs fees.

UNIPORT postgraduate school fees

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  • Post graduate diploma in management (PGD) programme

Duration - 9 months

Fee - N8 00 000. 00

  • Executive master of business administration (EMBA)

Duration - 1 year

Fee: N1 250 000. 00

  • Master of business administration (MBA Accounting, Finance&Banking, marketing&management.)

Duration - 2 years

Fee - N2000 000. 00

  • Master of business administration, master of science (MBA, MSC in healthcare management and security management)

Duration - 2 years

Fee N 2000 000. 00

  • Master of science (MSC project manager and supply chain management)

Duration - 2 years

Fee - N 2 000 000. 00

UNIPORT postgraduate school fees
  • Master of science after the master of business administration (MSC short course)

Duration - 6 months

Fee - N1 000 000. 00

UNIPORT courses for postgraduate students

Here we have the list of faculties and courses offered in their postgraduate programmes:

Faculty of Humanities

  • Comparative literature programme
  • Theatre and film studies
  • English studies
  • Foreign languages and literature
  • History of diplomatic studies
  • Linguistics and communication studies
  • Philosophy
  • Religious and cultural studies
  • Fine arts and design
  • Education
  • Curriculum studies and educational technology
  • Educational management
UNIPORT postgraduate school fees
  • Human Kinetics and health education

Faculty of social science

  • Economics
  • Geography and environmental management
  • Sociology
  • Political and administrative studies

Faculty of science

  • Biochemistry
  • Pure and industrial chemistry
  • Plant science and biotechnology
  • Microbiology
  • Animal and environmental biology
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Computer science
UNIPORT postgraduate school fees

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Faculty of agriculture

  • Crop and soil science
  • Forestry and wildlife management
  • Animal science
  • Agricultural economics

Faculty of basic medical science

  • MD and MS degree programme
  • Human physiology
  • Human anatomy
  • Pharmacology
  • Faculty of clinical science
  • M.Sc sports medicine
  • Preventive and social medicine
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Experimental pharmacology toxicology

Postgraduate diploma programme in sports

UNIPORT postgraduate school fees

Faculty of engineering

  • Master of Engineering Management
  • Master of Environmental Engineering Technology (M.ENV.T)
  • Chemical engineering
  • Petroleum and gas engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil and environmental engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Faculty of management science
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science (M.Sc) (Accounting, Finance, and Banking, Management, Marketing)

The University of Port Harcourt allows postgraduate students to pay the fees online, visit the official page http://pg.uniport.edu.ng/ for more details.

UNIPORT is considered as one of the best university in Nigeria. According to Times Higher Education (THE) the university was at the first place in Nigeria and sixth place in Africa on the list of best institutions in 2015.

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