How to write a tribute speech to someone

How to write a tribute speech to someone

Today we are going to tell how to write a tribute speech. We all have beloved people who are the dearest to us. Whether they are alive or not, we want to express our admiration, love and respect. A tribute speech is a great opportunity to make it. Well, let’s consider how to write a tribute message? We also recommend you to look through the samples below.

How to write a tribute speech to someone
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What is a tribute speech?

A tribute speech is a special category of speech aimed to express any positive feelings for someone. It helps to pay tribute to your relatives, friends or someone else. This kind of speech shows the real abilities and achievements of a person. For example, we can pay tribute to soldiers who protect our country or scientists who give us their ingenious works.

The tribute is given at many events and the most common cases are the funeral tributes. However, this is fundamentally wrong that they are meant to show the achievements of the deceased. Actually, a tribute is quite normal and acceptable for people who are alive. It also can be thank-you tribute to a someone who has done something good for you in the past. In fact, you can find many reasons to say nice words.

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a tribute speech to someone
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Before you start to write a tribute speech, take into account some important things. Firstly, you should find out about the event itself as much as possible. It’s also important to know

  • Who is the audience?
  • Are you the only speaker?
  • How long are you going to speak? It’s recommended to speak not longer than 15 minutes.
  • Is the event is formal or informal?
  • Are there any requirements for your speech?

The main rules for writing a good tribute speech

When you’ve found out all these things, proceed to writing. Remember that your speech should have the following characteristics:

  • admiration and respect;
  • highlighting of positive features (humility, kindness, determination, trustworthiness, devotion, sacrifice, loyalty and so on);
  • paying attention to a person’s achievements, successes and all difficulties he/she overcomes to achieve them;
  • highlighting of his/her positive impact on the other lives.
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Sample tributes

If the theory isn’t enough for you, read this simple example. Here is a short sample of tribute to a mother from her daughter:

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My mom is a superhero, basically. Some examples: When my brother's daughter was born, my mom literally made a huge bouquet out of baby socks — she rolled the socks into little rose shapes and stuck them onto wires and it was amazing. For the two family dogs, she slow-cooks their dog bones herself. They sit there on the stove stewing for hours. It's like some artisanal butcher shop in Brooklyn. She buys my cat treats and toys even though she doesn't even like cats and insisted on getting him an organic hemp scratching post. And despite the fact that we're all in our 20s and 30s, my mom still sends me and my three siblings themed packages for every holiday — literally every holiday: Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, you name it. Usually the packages have themed socks in them. She is so next-level it's insane.
Plus, she gives the most comforting hugs ever.

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This eulogy for mother is in the nature of humor and lightness. Such kind words would be nice for any mother or even other relatives. You can write something more touching. Look at this tribute to a beloved father from son:

My father is a defender of our family. He is an example of perfect husband and father. This is the case when a son seeks to be like his father. When I studied at school, our family was poor, My father was a simple factory worker. And my mom couldn’t work for health reasons. However, our defender wanted to give us better future. That’s why he worked nights. I found out later that he also was a guard in the local flower shop. My father agreed with the shop owner that he will work only at night. As you understand he slept very little and got a lot of health problems. However, now he has a son who is the best doctor in our locality. I provide him free high-quality treatment and carefree old age. My father gave me everything and I want to give him twice as much. He deserves the best in this world.

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sample tribute speech
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Of course, these are very simple and short sample tributes. You can write your history in more detail. It depends on your desire to open up to an audience. A tribute to my father may include a lot of funny and touching moments.

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Funeral tributes

If you are going to write a funeral speech be sincere and concentrate on positive moments and features. Make your tribute speech not very long. It should take about 10-15 minutes.

If you worry about uncontrolled emotions, get somebody to help you (to finish or complement your speech). Don’t try to seem smarter than you are. If you are not professional speaker or writer, use the simple words to express your real feelings.

funeral tributes
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The things you should think about before to write a funeral tribute

  • How close you and this person were?
  • What do the people think about you and the relationships between you and him/her?
  • What do you miss about him/her?
  • Were there any humorous or emotional moments with him/her that show your love?

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Tips for funeral tribute speech

How to write a tribute to my late father or someone else? We recommend you to follow the certain instructions for writing a good tribute speech. These simple steps will help you to pay tribute properly.

Show your relation and personal attachment with the deceased

You can begin with describing how close you were with this person. If he/she was your friend or spouse, write how you met. Describe the place, time of meeting, your emotions and first impression.

Describe a personality of a deceased

Write about his/her character. What did impress you the most of all? What did you like in this person? Do you think his/her personality had an impact on your life? It would be good to write that this man changed your life if that’s true. Mention also that you became the person you are today due to him/her. Give examples.

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Tell about his achievements

Speak on the deceased’s achievements. Describe all good deeds, progresses, talents. Tell how all these things had benefitted others people. These are providing shelter to the homeless, taking care of the disabled, looking after orphans and so on.

Share your own experience and memories

Tell any story related to the deceased. It will help you to show how close you were. According to your desire it may be humorous or touching. Take the audience into account. Nothing should offend other people.

Explain why these moments will always be important for you. Maybe you studied in one college, sat next to each other, cut class together, spent romantic afternoons. Every detail is important if you were happy.

How to write a tribute speech to someone
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Sample tribute speech for deceased

This is real a tribute to a friend. One man wrote this nice speech for her deceased best friend.

Carol Smith was a very dear friend of mine. When we met years ago, we both had just moved to New York City. I had dreams of becoming a model, and she was looking for a fresh start. We both loved the big city. We lived next door to each other, and both came from small towns so it worked out perfectly. We were friend from the moment that we met each other.

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Carol was one of the most supportive people that I have met. She was always there to lend an ear when I needed someone to listen. A hug was always just a few steps away. She was constantly there to offer support for anything and everything I wanted to do, no matter how big or small. When I got rejected by modeling agencies, she insisted they were crazy, and missing out on the best model. That was Carol. She was always there to encourage everyone around her. She always tried to lift up your spirits when you were feeling down. I only knew Carol for a few short years, but that was enough time to realize how amazing she was. I’m glad that I got to spend that time with her, and that I had the pleasure of knowing someone as sweet as Carol. Thank you all.
How to write a tribute speech

Tribute speech is a good opportunity to say about love and respect. This is what could strengthen and improve any relations. That’s why writing a tribute speech for your beloved people when they are still alive. There is nothing more painful than to say to deceased people about love and understand that they don’t hear you anymore.

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