Third World War: T.B Joshua's Old Prophecy About Iran-Israel Clash Resurfaces, Nigerians React

Third World War: T.B Joshua's Old Prophecy About Iran-Israel Clash Resurfaces, Nigerians React

  • Late Prophet T.B Joshua's prophecy about possible outbreak of Third World War and clash between Israel and Iran has elicited fresh conversations among Nigerians
  • In the old video, the late prophet predicted that Israel and Iran would clash at some point, and it would lead to a Third World War because big countries would take sides
  • The late cleric said every effort should be made to prevent the war at all costs, as what occurred in the past was merely an atom compared to the potential devastation of a full-fledged conflict journalist Bada Yusuf is an accomplished politics and current affairs editor, boasting over seven years of experience in journalism and writing.

An old video of late Prophet T.B Joshua prophesying about an impending war between Iran and Israel has resurfaced online amid fresh tensions between the two nations.

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In the now-viral clip, the prophet said the face-off between the two countries would lead to a third world war and would be more brutal than expected if not curtailed.

The cleric added that world leaders must prevent the war from breaking out because nations would take sides and it would lead to World War III.

Old video of late Prophet T.B Joshua's prophecy about the clash between Israel and Iran trends in Nigeria
Nigerians react to old video of Prophet T.B Joshua's prophecy on Iran-Israel face-off Photo Credit: Getty Images
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He said the conflicts the world had witnessed in the past would be akin to atoms compared to the potential scale and impact of the war between Iran and Israel, which he likened to an elemental force

Israel-Iran: Nigerians react to TB Joshua's prophecy

Some Nigerians have taken to the video's comment section to express their concerns.

Below are some of their reactions.

A Nigerian on X platform Fj_Ng said:

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"If it's nothing like we've never seen, then I'll assume it's the great tribulation the Bible said about because that's the only war that will be greater than wars ever heard of. If tension continues to rise, I guess the "man of peace" will rise—the antichrist promising peace."

Another user with the handle @firstladyshipPA tweeted:

"This T.B. Joshua prophecy has no meaning but is just a mere prediction, if you follow global politics, you can predict world events or wars. Right now the world doesn't want major war. Any major war between two major powers will be disastrous and plugged the world economy to a level we have not seen."

Sesan Akin revealed the bible verse. He wrote:

"Anyone confused about what is going on between Israel and Iran should read Ezekiel 38 & 39."

Emray Owolabi called for prayers. He stated:

"Wow it’s already happening. Let’s pray it doesn’t go beyond what it is now."

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Commenting on the video, a user with the handle @itspauldaniels said:

"It’s actually a very serious war that can set the entire Middle East ablaze. The triggers are there for world powers to step in and take sides, and this might wipe out the entire human race, as you said."

Below is the old video:

Israel intercepts 300 drones from Iran earlier reported that Israel confirmed that no less than 300 drones and missiles were intercepted in its airspace by the military.

The Middle East country disclosed that the drones and missiles were launched from Iran, Iraq and Yemen.

Iran later confirmed the launching of the drones, stating that the attacks were in retaliation to the attack on its consulate in Syria.


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