High Cost of Living: Dad Complains as 5-Month-Old Son Finishes 14 Tins of Cerelac, Opts for Eba

High Cost of Living: Dad Complains as 5-Month-Old Son Finishes 14 Tins of Cerelac, Opts for Eba

  • A Nigerian dad lamented on the internet over his little son's large appetite, which has seen him consume many tins of cereal
  • The man wondered how his five-month-old son would have such an appetite and vowed to switch him to eating eba (swallow)
  • Internet users who watched his video could not help but marvel at the striking resemblance between father and son

A father has expressed disbelief at his five-month-old son's eating habit.

In an Instagram video, @mr_bishop12 displayed tins of some baby foods like Cerelac and SMA Gold on a table as he complained with the kid in his arm.

Dad cries out as little son consumes 14 cerelacs, vows to switch him to eating eba
He was shocked by the kid's large appetite. Photo Credit: @mr_bishop12
Source: Instagram

@mr_bishop12 said that the baby finished 14 tins of Cerelac. According to @mr_bishop12, he stopped taking such baby foods when he clocked three months and considered opting for eba for his kid.

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The man also spoke about the high cost of baby foods, revealing that a tin of Cerelac is now sold at N12k and SMA Gold is N25k.

Another woman had also displayed the large tins of milk her twin babies had consumed within six months.

Also on the same issue, a woman showed the 35 tins of milk her babies consumed in three months.

Opinions divided on the man's lamentation

thefoodnetworknig2 said:

"See as e be like say na the papa vomit am! They never look like the mother that carried them for 9months."

dazzling_atelier said:

"I beg pity this pikin he knows nothing daddy. Just hustle & pray hard ooo."

_oluyemisi said:

"I wonder why you guys feed your kids cerelac and SMA gold. My niece was breastfed exclusively for six months and started eating normal food. Yes, she was born in the UK. You don’t have to feed your kids imported food."

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mikeike5508 said:

"Some men will suffer all this stress and still find out years later that they’re not the real father… May God help Men not to train other people’s kids."

giftsbyenielleconcepts said:

"Boyooo says daddy you are saying your own when you are done talking I need my cerelac."

wakeelah_teju said:

"See how the child resemble only you like say na you carry am for 9 months and went into labour. God bless fathers and mothers."

Mum shows milk her baby consumed

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a woman had showcased 10 empty tins of milk her three-month-old baby consumed

The mother, surprised by her baby’s voracious appetite, posted the video online to share her disbelief.

Many viewers commented on the video, wondering if it was a wise decision to start a family in Nigeria at this time when the prices of basic necessities were sky-high.

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However, some netizens who watched the video said they are also going through the same challenge at the moment.

Source: Legit.ng

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