Nigerian Man Deceives Pregnant Girlfriend, Moves to UK after Making Her Prepare for Their Marriage

Nigerian Man Deceives Pregnant Girlfriend, Moves to UK after Making Her Prepare for Their Marriage

  • A lady has narrated how her friend was played by her boyfriend after she told him she was pregnant
  • The pregnant woman was told by her boyfriend to travel home and inform her people in readiness for their wedding
  • However, she could not reach him after heeding his directive and would later find out he was in the UK

A Nigerian lady broke hearts after she opened up about how her expectant friend was deceived by her boyfriend.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the lady, identified as Chidera Nora, explained that her pregnant pal had been dating the man since HND 1.

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She was so invested in the relationship that she shared the lodge her dad paid for with him. According to Nora, her friend was the man's backbone and support.

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Narrating further, Nora said her friend discovered she was pregnant and told her boyfriend.

He told her to travel home to inform her people so they could get married.

He played his pregnant girlfriend

The pregnant lady did as her lover told her and tried contacting him on the phone afterwards to no avail.

It was then his family broke it to her that he had gone to the United Kingdom. Nora's heartbreaking story went thus:

"My babe from school has been dating this guy since our HND1...
"She's literally been his backbone & supporter. Even while in school, they stayed together in the lodge her father paid for. Afta graduation last year, she moved with him to Ibadan.
"Months ago, she found out she's pregnant for him. He told her to travel to the East and make necessary arrangements with her people so he'd come and properly marry her. She came back on Saturday, worried as she couldn't get him on calls & chats, only to be informed by his family that he's gone to the UK."

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People blasted the man

Chigozie Gertrude said:

"Ahh, some men are so mean and wicked. How can you be planning your travel document with letting your babe have an idea...
"Dude was using the girl and had plans for himself."

Chinaza Izundu said:

"Why can’t women wait till they are married before getting pregnant? Learn this and learn peace, men have dreams, if you choose to pause on yours, they’ll ride with you and use you as stepping stones to achieve theirs."

Ike Stephen said:

"Please let her go to Enugu Ezike so they can send him a goodwill message spiritually."

Mabel Victor Anya said:

"Nahhh this is so wrong, just tell the person you're no longer interested."

Chukwudi Emmanuel Nwafor said:

"How was she his backbone and he could afford UK flight ticket, accommodation and presumably school fees of about 21k pounds?
"Let's get the story clear."

Stephanie Deam said:

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"I will call him back home spiritually and make sure he comes back mentally unstable."

Lady takes revenge on lover who dumped her pregnant

In a related report, a woman dealt with her husband-to-be for dumping her in the past with pregnancy.

The young man reportedly abandoned her when she was only two weeks pregnant with his child.

According to her, he came back four years later and proposed to her, but she left him at the altar on their wedding day.

Her revelations shocked people.

White lady exposes Nigerian lover who abandoned her pregnant

Meanwhile, previously reported that a white lady exposed her Nigerian lover who impregnated her and returned to Nigeria to marry someone else.

Jennaa, in a TikTok post, exposed the man as she jumped on a new trend that involved ladies sharing what happened after they responded to a DM.

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Jennaa remarked that though the pain is excruciating, she still cherishes the small time they felt like a family.

She said he left her when she was about nine months pregnant with their son.


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