Mad Nigerian Lady Visited, Played with by Her Dog Daily and 2 Times Dogs Showed it Remains Man's Best Friend

Mad Nigerian Lady Visited, Played with by Her Dog Daily and 2 Times Dogs Showed it Remains Man's Best Friend

While it is said that dogs share 99% of their DNA with wolves who are rarely considered warm and kind creatures, the domesticated animal is generally regarded as man's best friend across racial divide and continents.

The animal which was initially being used for hunting and guarding properties has over the years shown that it is more than that positively and can care for man more than some humans.

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Dogs remain man's best friend. Photo Credit: @CPPuneCity, @Nigeriangod_, INstagram/@dailymail
Source: Twitter

In appreciating the faithfulness of the dog, takes a look at 3 times it showcased care for humans.

1. Dog plays and keeps its mentally ill owner everyday

On Sunday, April 24, a surprised Nigerian man shared the story of a dog's crazy loyalty and love for its mentally ill owner.

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The Nigerian with the handle @Nigeriangod_ shared on Twitter photos of a mentally ill lady he noticed is kept company everyday by her dog.

Mad Nigerian lady, dog, plays with her, keeps her company
The dog is seen in photos keeping the lady company. Photo Credit: (@Nigeriangod_)
Source: Twitter

According to the netizen, he observed that the dog comes around everyday to visit and play with the woman who he claimed had been abandoned by her family and relatives.

He wrote:

"There’s this mentally unstable woman opposite the area where I stay, I noticed that every night a dog use to come play with her & the way they both interact is always a beauty to watch. I was told she owned the dog before she had her mental issues and it comes visiting her every night when it’s been released to go and play, funny enough the dog walks from close to a kilometer to come play with her then go back home."

He marvelled that the dog keeps the woman company not minding her dirty state.

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"The dog is not even irritated by her smells or the facts that she hasn’t brush or bath for months or years, it just loved her unconditionally."

See his tweet below:

2. Dog pulls a little girl out of the sea

Daily Mail shared a video of a dog pulling a little girl out of the sea and got many gushing.

It is reported that the dog had thought the kid who seemed to be having fun was drowning.

Seashore, dog, pulls little girl
The dog pulled her out of the sea. Photo Credit: @dailymail
Source: Instagram

Swinging into action, the dog quickly used its teeth to drag the girl's t-shirt till it successfully got her to the seashore.

"Awwwwww we humans don’t deserve the kindness of some animals, '' a stunned netizen with the Instagram handle @karlacolungat said in reaction to the clip.

3. Dog removes log in the path of a blind man

A tweep, @CPPuneCity, shared on Twitter a stunning video of a dog showcasing high-level intelligence without being aided.

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The dog appeared to be strolling with a woman when it noticed a blind man walking with a stick coming in the opposing direction.

Dog, blind man, log, man's best friend, dog removes log
The dog removed a log in the way of a blind man. Photo Credit: @CPPuneCity
Source: Twitter

While the woman simply exchanged pleasantries with the blind man, the dog turned back and helped remove a log of wood lying in the direction of the man.

After safely putting the log away, the dog returned to the woman to resume the stroll.

Dog stands outside hospital for 6 days till its owner is discharged

Meanwhile, previously reported that a dog had stood outside a hospital for 6 days until its owner was discharged from the facility.

Muhammet Akdeniz, a security guard who works in the hospital even said the dog named Boncuk always arrived on time.

When the clock hit 9 am every morning, the faithful dog was always at the entrance. Then it would stay there till night time.

Turkish publication DHA reported that the patient’s daughter Aynur Egeli always walked the dog back home but the stubborn four-legged champ always returned to the facility.


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