House Plan for 1 Room: Lady Buys Cement Blocks, Builds Portable Home with her Savings

House Plan for 1 Room: Lady Buys Cement Blocks, Builds Portable Home with her Savings

  • A lady who worked very hard to make her money saved well so that she can become a homeowner on time
  • The lady designed the apartment with an app, made some cement blocks and other building materials for the project
  • A building expert, Muritala Gbenga, supported the idea of having a small apartment as a way to stop being a tenant

A smart and hardworking lady showed people how she managed to become a landlord at the age of 21.

The lady (@cidhalia) said she worked in the hospitality industry for a year, and the job was challenging. At one point, she became frustrated.

Building a house/Cost of building materials.
The lady showed off the cement blocks she used for the house. Photo source: @cidhalia
Source: TikTok

Portable one-room apartment

After saving a lot, the lady quit her job and emptied her savings to build a one-room apartment.

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Before the construction started, she designed the apartment with an app, and the project plan followed according.

When the building was done, she moved in immediately without any furniture. Many praised her.

A building expert, Muritala Gbenga, who spoke with Legit on building a small apartment, said it is a better alternative for low-income earners.

"Building a portable house can ensure you move into your apartment faster. I think people should stop thinking they need to be wealthy before having their own homes."

Watch her TikTok video here.

More stories on young people building houses:

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refreshered asked:

"How much did you need for this?"

H Money advised:

"Build hotels/apartments and you’ve gone clear."

Adz said:

"Congrats cid you’ve got what you’ve dreamed of and worked hard. Proud."

Mai said:

"Well deserved."

ZABSZB said:

"You’re beautiful talent young lady and we love you sharing your dreams and aspirations. Keep pushing baby girl."

francinebeleyi said:

"This is mind blow'ing. Whilst other people are spending their money on frivolous things you have the foresight to build a house with the money you save can't wait to see your empire soon."

DJ Spookz said:

"Dinner at yours yh."

22-year-old built house

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young lady working and saving as an undergraduate shared a video of the house she managed to build.

After graduation at 22, the lady built what she called a bachelor's apartment (a self-con). She filmed the building process. Her savings were able to plaster the walls, floor, and roof the house with corrugated sheets.

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The lady said that she spent a total of R38k (N1,988,516.61). She told people the stage the house could get to with the money.


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