Top 50 cool Irish tattoos ideas for men and women to make

Top 50 cool Irish tattoos ideas for men and women to make

When you combine the rich historic and modern Celtic culture, add some Gaelic traditions and beliefs, and not forgetting some Catholicism, you will end up with a masterpiece recipe of Irish tattoos. The tremendous artistic details involved in coming up with Irish tattoos touch on various human aspects that are relatable to not only Ireland citizens, but worldwide tattoo fanatics. Due to this, Ireland culture has greatly influenced and contributed to international art, knowledge, literature, fashion, and trends in the world of tattooing.

Irish tattoos
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The Irish tattoos are known to focus on various human aspects that range from love, loyalty, honour, victory, faith, wisdom, identity, to mention a few. Ireland tattoos have enabled men and women to have access to a vast variety of symbols that will significantly complement their appearance.

If you have had a dilemma on what Irish tattoo to choose, worry no more! Below is a rich list of Ireland tattoos that provide different cool tattoo ideas for both men and women.

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Celtic quotes tattoos

Irish symbols such as the clove, Celtic cross, among others have time and again been used as the background of various traditional tattoo designs. Some of the tattoo quotes to consider include:

1. Mo Chuisle

traditional Irish tattoos
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It is a short and straight forward phrase that makes it perfect for a tattoo. When translated, it means “My Love/My Darling.” For all the lovers reading this, go ahead and declare your love in the fancy Ireland phrase.

2. Tada Gan Iarracht

This simple to pronounce Irish tattoo translates to the reality that hard work/effort is the path for success. It is a great mark choice for both men and women who believe in “breaking a sweat to get their sweet.”

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Shamrock tattoos

Below is a list of popular Ireland tattoos that focus on the shamrock:

3. Irish clover/shamrock symbol

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Irish tattoos
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Since the Irish people foundation is based on Christianity, the clover/shamrock is regarded to represent the popular symbol of "Trinity" in Ireland. The clove also happens to be Ireland's national emblem for Catholics.

4.Tribal shamrock

Irish sleeve tattoo
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Tribal art is universal and can blend perfectly with the Ireland shamrock for a masterpiece art.

5. Multiple shamrock

Just like they say, “one is never enough.” Combine numerous shamrock to achieve a unique Irish design.

6. Celtic Irish butterfly mark

It has vast meaning ranging from beauty, freedom, and rebirth.

7. The Celtic cross

traditional tattoo designs
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This is one of the popular epic symbols you will ever see

8. Irish green skull shamrock symbol

Skulls are widely used in most urban symbol generations. The good news is that Celtic skull marks are great in emphasizing on your originality.

9. Shamrock with Ireland flag colours

traditional tattoo designs
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It is 100% patriotic. It is best suited as one of the best small Irish tattoos that can be drawn on the hand, ankle, shoulder, neck, among others.

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Such heritage symbols are considered as some of the oldest traditional tattoo designs that have been passed from one generation to the other. These range from Claddagh to the harp.

10. Claddagh symbol

The most famous symbols are Ireland-friendship, family, and love.

11. The swan mark

Ireland tattoos
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This one is best applied on the lower back. However, you can wear it wherever you like.

12. Luck charm

Irish symbols
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This one is composed of a clove plus a banner with words "Good Luck" or "Luck of the Irish."

13. Classical Irish tattoo

It is a modern Ireland symbol of two snakes forming an Irish Knot.

14. Fighter Irish symbol

traditional tattoo designs
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It is popular among youth as depicts bravery and the aspect of never giving up.

15. The Celtic Tree Irish symbol

traditional tattoo designs
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This one bears a good life virtues-cycle of life.

16. The Ireland Eternity mark aka “Black and grey Celtic Sisters”

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This one is best if you want to celebrate the everlasting sisterhood bond and also friendship.

17. The harp with a shamrock

Irish tattoos ideas
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As a musical instrument, the harp is a common element in the Celtic community. It also showcases ones passion for music.

18. Irish map

This mark showcases a sense of belonging mainly to most Ireland individuals living abroad.

19. The Irish flag

The flag colours are the ultimate representation of true patriotism.

20. Irish sleeve tattoo

Irish sleeve tattoo
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It is composed of numerous small Ireland tattoos to cover your arms.

21. The Leprechaun

Traditional tattoo designs
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This tattoo is based on the Leprechaun Irish folklore that depicted mischevious fairies. Owning the symbol is seen as a sign of being a bad guy.

22. Adding a crown on Claddagh symbol

Irish heritage tattoos
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This is seen as a sign of love, honour, and friendship among family and friends.

23. Celtic cross with a dragon

Irish tattoos
Image:, @PatrickAlberto
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It can mean a lot of diverse meanings to the Irish, including power and dominance, and stronghold.

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24. 3D designs

3D designed marks bring your tattoos to life as they look real.

25. Nautical design shamrock

As a people that have been surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Celtic Sea, and the Irish Sea, The Irish passive the nautical mark as a sign of stamina, experience, and holding ground.

26. Geometrical design shamrock

The art is based on the accurate geometrical drawings that make it unique and attractive.

27. Irish inspired dream catcher

traditional tattoo designs
Image:, @ninkytattoo
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It is one of the best Irish shoulder tattoos that you may want to wear.

28. Celtic square

The pattern in the Celtic square will have people amazed at the masterpiece detail.

29. Irish ring

The creativity behind the Ireland designed ring makes it easy to have ring sized marks drawn on your fingers.

30. Beer drinking Irish

Irish heritage tattoos
Source: UGC

Irish love their beer. If you are proud of your national drink, why not display your social passion in having a good time with family and friends in drinking and making merry.

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31. Memory symbol

cool Irish tattoos
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Various Irish designs such as the clove can be used to come up with memorial symbols for remembering a family member or loved one either living, deceased, or important day like a birthday.

32. Shamrock behind the ear

This best suits both men and women with long hair who would show and hide their tattoo based on their daily life activities.

33. Anchor

The anchor is known for its substantial nature that is used to stop the ship. It is a representation of commitment, strong foundation, energy, and passion.

34. Circular knots

Irish tattoo ideas
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Circular knots also very often are chosen by Irish. It can be perfectly combined with a memorial date.

Traditional Irish tattoos

While most people would love to have modern marks on them, it is still good to try traditional ones. Here is a collection of the same for you. I am sure most of them are familiar to you.

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35. The Triquetra

It a widespread phenomenon among the Celtics. It comprises of three interlocking loops in the unique design of "Celtic knots."

36. The Triskelion

Irish shoulder tattoos
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This symbol is popularly known as the “Triskel” or “Triskele.” It consists of three spiral ends that seem to be on the motion. According to most Ireland citizens, it has a religious significance such as the existence of trinity “God the father, son, and Holy Spirit”, “before, now, and after”, human existence in the form of “spirit, mind, and body”, and also the paramount stages of life that include “life, death, and rebirth.” In a nutshell, it represents the idea of moving forward.

37. Gra’ Mo Chroi

Irish heritage tattoos
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This is a great symbol that when translated, refers to “The love of my heart.”

38. The Celtic Fish/ Salmon

The story behind the emblem is based on how fish are known to occupy the deep waters where most creatures can barely service. As a result, the salmon is associated with “Deep Wisdom.”

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39. The Celtic bird

Irish tattoos
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This translates to the significance of a dove in most foreign cultures. A sign of freedom and others translate it to “a message to or from the gods.”

40. The Dara Knot

The concept behind this Celtic knot was based on the ornamental oak tree. Oak trees are known for their eye-catching intricate roots. Due to this, it is considered as a symbol of “unity in being together.”

41. The motherhood knot

Irish symbol
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It is a significant mark, especially for women or as a sign of reproduction and growth. When you look keenly at the art, you will discover that it consists of two hearts combined.

42. The Celtic fivefold emblem

This symbol is dedicated to the importance of the number 4. A cording to the Ireland culture and most cultures, the number four is represented in the compass direction, no. 4 represents the current seasons “spring, summer, autumn, and winter,” and in some cultures the four elements which include “the earth, fire, water, and air.” The other fifth circle is believed to represent an extra element that connects humanity to the world hence “spirit.”

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43. The Iris Three Rays

Irish tattoo ideas have been known to influence modern artists and make some of the greatest versions of tattoos using Ireland art. This resonates with the Chinees “Ying-yang” hence a balance of life.

44. Celtic owl tattoo

Irish shoulder tattoos
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It is one of the modern Celtic marks. Its appearance will instantly amaze you. It consists of Celtic details that are drawn as an owl with a crescent moon above it. Just like in most cultures, an owl represents wisdom and intellect individuals.

45. A compass shield sleeve Celtic emblem

Looking for a unique sleeve tattoo, the Celtic compass design will make you stand out.

46. Celtic full body parts tattoo design

Go hard or go home! If you are a real enthusiast, covering your entire body such as the back with a collection of the timeless and epic Celtic marks is the inn thing.

47. Clove patter tattoo

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Irish shoulder tattoos
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Unlike having a clover mark, get this fancy Celtic symbol with its leaves possessing the Celtic knots.

48. Celtic Crescent Moon

Irish tattoos ideas
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This one is for all the moon and star lovers who can get a crescent symbol with Irish patterns.

49. Pattern name tattoo

Celtic patterns offer some of the best fonds to inscribe your name or loved ones name as a tattoo.

50. Celtic band tattoo

Just like the name suggests, get a “band tattoo” across your hand or biceps for a unique Celtic look.

I believe after going through the list; you are now able to make a guided selection of which Irish tattoo will best fit your looks. No matter your gender, numerous Ireland tattoos will perfectly suit your reasons for getting some ink on your skin. Feel free to compare the different designs that range from full body, sleeves, 3D, animation, geometrical, among others.

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