Mummy Zee Shares Prayer She Made on Crossover Night and 3 Other Things You Didn't Know about Her

Mummy Zee Shares Prayer She Made on Crossover Night and 3 Other Things You Didn't Know about Her

  • Rave-of-the-moment Mummy Zee went from being a subject of social media ridicule to becoming the latest millionaire and land owner in town in hours
  • Apart from her real name being Deborah Loveth Olaki and her husband's Abiola Adebisi, there are certain things about the woman that would interest you
  • It is noteworthy that this listicle about Mummy Zee contains information she made public on social media herself in the no-distant past, but you may have missed out on

Deborah Loveth Olaki, Mummy Zee, is having the time of her life as more kindhearted folks continue to make pledges to her family.

It all started after she was dragged for tweeting about how she began waking up as early as 4:50 am to cook for her husband after learning he ate from his female colleague's food.

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Four things you didn't know about Mummy Zee
Mummy Zee went viral for saying she wakes up by 4:50 am to cook for her husband. Photo Credit: @Auntymuse, @_Debbie_OA
Source: Twitter

That single tweet set in motion a chain of reactions that would lead to massive donations, turning her into a millionaire and a landowner.

Many people marvelled at how fast her story changed and wondered about the prayer she made during the December 31st crossover night, suggesting it may be responsible for her breakthrough.

In this article, shares four interesting things about Mummy Zee that you probably have no idea about.

1. How long she has known her husband

In a tweet on X on January 6, Mummy Zee revealed that she has known Abiola Adebisi, her husband, for eight years.

She disclosed this while replying a lady who expressed concerns that her husband may change towards her in the future.

"I've known him for 8 years when will the true self show?" Mummy Zee wrote.

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Mummy Zee had stunned netizens when she said she and her husband have known each other as far back as their 200 level in university.

2. Mummy Zee's future educational and business plans

In a tweet on September 3, 2023, Mummy Zee revealed she studied geophysics at school and expressed her desire to do a master's in seismology when financially buoyant.

She added that her second plan would be to go into selling baby wears, toys and educational materials for toddlers. Her tweet reads:

"I also studied Geophysics and maybe he's right.
"But further studies will help, I intend to study seismology for MSc, but money no dey.
"Plan B is business: Sales of baby wears, toys and educational materials for toddlers."

3. Mummy Zee said having a job won't stop her from waking by 4:50 am

Before her breakthrough, Mummy Zee faced internet trolls who tackled her statement of waking up by 4:50 am to cook for her husband.

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In a tweet on January 4, she gave an epic clap back to a troll, saying she would continue to wake up by 4:50 am to prepare food for her husband even after getting a job. She wrote:

"Came back to see takes.
"I don't even have a job o, and I'm waking at 4:50, when I get a job, I'll still wake up at 4:50am as a proverbs 31 woman that God has made me to be.
"Ke lo re pokun so."

4. Mummy Zee shares the prayer she made on crossover night

Seeing the quickness of her breakthrough, people besieged Mummy Zee online, seeking to know her prayer points on crossover night. In a tweet on January 6, Mummy Zee revealed:

"I prayed for Ease. It was all I could mention. And Mercy too."

Compilation of the over 70 gifts and pledges Mummy Zee got

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Meanwhile, previously released the full list of all the over 70 pledges and gifts Mummy Zee got.

Since her tweet went viral, government agencies, private institutions and well-meaning Nigerians have supported her with money and other stunning offers.

If not careful, Mummy Zee may lose track of the offers as they are now over 70 at the time of this report. They include a N2 million gift from Kuda Bank, two latest Infinix phones for herself and her husband and land in an estate in Ibadan.


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