"I Go Figure am Out": Nigerian Man Shares 'Precious' Stones He Found in Jos, Video Stuns Many People

"I Go Figure am Out": Nigerian Man Shares 'Precious' Stones He Found in Jos, Video Stuns Many People

  • A video of rare stones found in Jos, a city in the North-Central region of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has stunned Nigerians
  • A man, who found the stones, demonstrated their capabilities and experimented with them using a local tester
  • Some Nigerians argued that the stones are the fictional vibranium with electrical power, others thought differently

Nigerians have been divided over the exact identity of rare stones a man found in the North-Central state of Jos.

Sharing a clip of the stones on X, @NigeriaStories wrote:

"This was found in JOS, Nigeria.
"Experts do you know what this is?"
Rare stones, Jos
Image of the man used is for illustration and not related to the video. Photo Credit: Peeterv, X/@NigeriaStories
Source: Getty Images

In the clip, a man, who did not identify himself, laid out the black stones on a clothing material and used what he described as a local tester to demonstrate their capabilities.

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To further confirm his effort, he used an industrial tester to check the stones. It is not clear what the stones actually are.

However, some netizens thought it may be the fictional vibranium.

Watch the video below:

Netizens share their thoughts on the rare stones

@0x_CyberSec said:

"They're called "Intermetallic elements" + their alloys, such as sulfides, oxides & nitrides.
"They are often photoelectric when exposed to light, hence develop an electric charge. These intermetallic elements include selenium, gallium, gadolinium & silicon (used in solar panels)."

@Rivacruz18 said:

"This is a vibranium stone mostly found in Congo atm a kilogram of the same rock can be used to supply power to a house of two bedrooms for at least two months and it can help in also lighting up a bulb up to 72hrs.
"I go still find this stone for my papa farm I go figure am out."

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@orioninc_ng said:

"You’re about to invite Russia, Israel, China, America and Germany to Jos."

@_kabiruharuna said:

"This has been discovered in Nigeria no be today. People still think Nigeria only has oil in Abundance. No be my mouth una go hear say horse get four legs."

@DrJHHyat said:

"Looks like Molybdenite.
"We have solid minerals in abundance in my State and we welcome investors, but kidnappers dey worry shah. "

@betty_nwabunike said:

"And you are posting it for the so-called??? To come and start digging, have not looted enough.
"When will our masses have sense that when you see things like these you use it to develop your village?"

Man displays rare black stone

In a related video, a man displayed a rare black stone that produced fire.

In the clip, the stone, which looked black like charcoal, was struck multiple times with an iron rod. Each time the iron rod touched it, it sparked with fire until it ignited and produced real flame mixed with smoke.

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Arojinle, who has an MSc. Membrane Biochemistry and Biotechnology explained that the rare stone contained white phosphorus.

Man finds precious stones in ground

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported a video of a man digging out precious stones from the ground.

The pebbles were many in number, and the man was picking them and pouring them into a container by his side. The video was posted on TikTok by @xom0070.

The man did not dig too deep before discovering the rare stones, as he only moved a little soil to create a space on the ground. Many of the gold-like stones were concentrated in one of the little holes he dug.

Source: Legit.ng

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