100+ incredible names that mean fire in different languages

100+ incredible names that mean fire in different languages

Fire, albeit very dangerous if not handled with caution, is inspiring. It can mean light, warmth, or even a fiery spirit. To other people, it can mean wisdom or the generative power of life and change. There are incredible names that mean fire that you can give your newborn or soon-to-be-born child. Check out this unique compilation of names meaning fire in different languages.

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Names that mean fire are derived from cultures that are both ancient and modern, and they represent different feelings and styles. Fire names might literally mean flames, a fiery spirit or even the sun.

They might also be the names of gods or goddesses of fire or other related associations such as Ember and Phoenix. If the choices that you have in your native language are commonly used, you can consider using names meaning fire in other languages.

Incredible names that mean fire

Trying to find a baby name inspired by flames is an interesting challenge. Giving your child a name meaning fire could bring about a person who has a passion for things and who would definitely make a tremendous difference in the world.

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Check out this list of names meaning fire and see if any of them spark your interest.

Boy names meaning fire

There are numerous boy names that mean fire and they come from different cultures and tribes. Some of the top fire names for boys that you should consider giving your son are:

  • Aarush: It comes from the Hindu culture and it translates to 'first ray of sun.'
  • Adish: It is of Persian origin.
  • Aedus: It originated from Ireland.
  • Afi: It comes from the Polynesian culture.
  • Agni: What boy name means fire? Agni, which means the Hindu god of fire, is one of them. Some parents, especially western parents, may find it more feminine than masculine.
  • Agnimukha: It originated from India.
  • Aidan: It is of Gaelic origin that is derived from St. Aidan, who was a seventh-century Irish saint. People loved him for his generosity and kindness.
  • Ardere: It has Latin roots and it means to burn, parch, or scorch.
  • Ashbel: It comes from the Hebrew people.
  • Atesh: It is of Turkish origin.
  • Aviur: It is of Osraeli origin.
  • Baskara: It comes from Indonesian culture, and means 'sun.'
  • Blaze: It is of Latin origin.
  • Bodaway: It has Native American roots.
  • Brando: It is of Italian origin and translates to 'firebrand.'
  • Branton: It is of Gaelic origin.
  • Cienfuegos: It comes from Cuban culture and it can also be given to females.
  • Conleth: It stems from Ireland.
  • Connlaodh: It originated from Ireland.
  • Cymbeline: It originated from Greek culture.
  • Cyrus: It has Persian roots and it translates to the sun.
  • Egan: It has Irish roots.
  • Elio: It stems from Spain and Italy and is an epithet to Helios, the ancient Greek god of the sun.
  • Eth: It has Irish roots.
  • Finlo: It is of Manx origin.
  • Fintan: It stems from Ireland.
  • Flint: Refers to the spark of rife when struck by stones or steel.
  • Haco: It comes from Celtic culture and means flame.
  • Hagan: It has Irish roots.
  • Hakan: It has Native American roots.
  • Hayden: It is a variant of Haydn and it has Welsh roots.
  • Helios: It is the ancient Greek god of the sun.
  • Hotaru: What Japanese name means fire? Hotaru is one of the Japanese names that mean fire. It also translates to a firefly.
  • Mishal: It has Arabic roots and it means 'torch.'
  • Ignatius/ Ignacio: It comes from the root word ‘ignite.’ Ignacio is Spanish.
  • Inigo: It draws roots from Spain and Basque.
  • Ishaan: It originated from India.
  • Joash: This Biblical name translates to the 'fire of Yahweh.'
  • Jehoash: It has Israeli roots.
  • Kallai: It has Israeli roots.
  • Keahi: It has Hawaiian roots.
  • Kenneth: It is one of the Scottish-Irish fire spirit names. It translates to 'born of the flames.'
  • Kiran: It is derived from Sanskrit and translates to 'ray of light.'
  • Lasairiona: It originated from England.
  • Maccoy: This is one of the popular last names that mean fire. It is of Irish origin.
  • Niremaan: It translates to 'bright as fire' and is of African origin.
  • Nuri: It is of Arabic orign.
  • Obayana: It has Nigerian roots and it means 'king of the flames.'
  • Phlegethon: It originated from Greece.
  • Phoenix: Derived from the mythical bird that rose from the ashes of the flames that devoured it. It is a symbol of immortality.
  • Prometheus: Ancient Greek god of the sun.
  • Pyralis: It originated from Greece.
  • Rowtag: It is a Native American name.
  • Sampson: It is of Hebrew origin and it means 'sun.'
  • Seraphim: It has Hebrew roots.
  • Surya: It is of Hindi origin and means 'sun god.'
  • Tyson: It is of English origin and means 'firebrand.'
  • Uri: It stems from Israel, and in Hebrew means 'my flame' or 'my light.'
  • Urijah: It has Israeli roots.
  • Vasuman: It has Indian roots.
  • Vulcan: In Roman mythology, Vulcan was the god of flames, which is where the word 'volcano' comes from.

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Girl names meaning fire

Are you considering using one of the girl names that mean fire for your soon-to-be-born or future daughter? If so, we have compiled some of the best female fire names that you should consider:

  • Aalish: It is of Persian origin, and it translates to 'flame.'
  • Abellona: It is the Danish version of Apollo, the Greek sun god.
  • Adara: It has Hebrew origin.
  • Aithne: It has Celtic roots.
  • Agnimitra: Feminine form of Agni.
  • Aitziber: It originated from Scotland.
  • Ajthne: It has Irish roots.
  • Alinta: It is an Aboriginal name.
  • Anala: It is of Hindu origin.
  • Arpina: It is Armenian meaning 'rising of the sun.'
  • Azar: It is of Iranian origin.
  • Barbara: In Catholic customs, St. Barbara was a protector against flames and lightning. It is one of the commonly used names that mean flame.
  • Blasa: It has German roots.
  • Bedelia: It has Celtic roots.
  • Candace: It is derived from Greek origins, which means 'white-fire.'
  • Cyra: It stems from old Persia.
  • Delia: It has Celtic roots.
  • Edan: It has Irish roots and is a variant of Aidan that’s more suitable for girls.
  • Edna: It has Celtic roots.
  • Eilidh: It stems from Scotland.
  • Electra: It has Greek roots.
  • Eliane: It has Greek, Hebrew, and Latin roots.
  • Ember: It is an English word for burning or glowing coal.
  • Ena: It is of Celtic origin.
  • Enya: It is a variant of another Irish name, Eithne.
  • Esh-Baal: Is is of Israeli origin.
  • Etney: It is the feminine form of Aidan and it originated from Ireland.
  • Fiamma: It is Italian for a flame.
  • Fiammetta: It is a variant of Fiamma.
  • Golnar: It has Persian roots.
  • Helia: It stems from the Greek culture.
  • Hestia: Greek goddess of fireside and chastity.
  • Huo: It has Chinese roots.
  • Ignacia: This Spanish name is the female version of Ignatius.
  • Kalama: It is a Hawaiian name that means fire. It literally translates to ‘flaming torch.’
  • Kalinda: It is of Hindi origin.
  • Keezheekoni: It originated from America.
  • Kenna: It is of English origin and means 'born of fire.'
  • Mirri: It has Aboriginal roots and means the sun.
  • Nuria: It draws its roots from Portuguese, Catalan, and Hebrew, where it means 'fire of the Lord.'
  • Oriane: It stems from French culture.
  • Oriel: It has German roots.
  • Pele: What name means goddess of fire? Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire.
  • Salana: It has Latin roots.
  • Savita: It has Hindi roots.
  • Seraphina: It has Hebrew roots.
  • Sholeh: It comes from Persia.
  • Shula: It is diminutive of Shulamit.
  • Soleil: It comes from French culture.
  • Solveig: It draws roots from Scandinavia, where it means 'daughter of the sun.'
  • Souzan: It stems from old Persia, and its literal meaning is 'extremely hot.'
  • Tana: It is one of the fire related names that are drawn from ancient Greece; it means 'fire' or 'star goddess.'
  • Tanwen: It is of Welsh origin and traslates to 'holy fire.'
  • Udia: This is a unique and sweet choice that means fire in the Hebrew community. It literally translates to 'Jehovah's fire.'
  • Vesta: It is of both Latin and Roman origins and it refers to the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and chastity.

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Deciding what to call your baby is not always easy. However, if you are considering names that mean fire, we hope you get the appropriate one from the ones listed above.

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