"This Is So Sad to Watch: Video of Female Student Bullied in Abuja British School Sparks Outrage

"This Is So Sad to Watch: Video of Female Student Bullied in Abuja British School Sparks Outrage

  • A female student of Lead British International School, Abuja, was captured in a viral video being bullied by her schoolmates
  • The victim was repeatedly slapped in the viral video without defending herself or retaliating in any way
  • The viral video has sparked outrage from Nigerians on social media, who condemned the act in its entirety

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FCT, Abuja - The viral video of a female student of Lead British International School, Abuja, being bullied by her classmates has sparked outrage on social media.

An X user, @mooyeeeeeee, who shared two of the videos, said she wanted justice for the bullied female student.

Female student being bullied in Abuja British School
Nigerians condemned bullying of female student in Abuja British School Photo credit: @mooyeeeeeee
Source: Twitter

She wrote on X:

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“There’s a video I’m about to post. I need you guys to help me get justice for Maryam Hassan. She was bullied in her school by her classmates at the lead British school Abuja. Pls make it go viral so she can get justice”

In one of the videos @mooyeeeeeee posted, the victim was being slapped repeatedly by another female student while asking, “Who broke my heart?”

In the second video, the victim was seen sitting next to a male classmate who was heard saying, “I spoilt her relationship”.

Nigerians react to bullying in Abuja school


"Hopefully the family of the girl being buIIied doesn’t take it lightly. Hand needs to touch the girl, it’s not just few weeks suspension or cleaning the school compound for weeks, she needs to be touched too."

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"I'm more pained seeing this guy sitting beside her without doing nothing, man forgot he has sisters at home even if he doesn't would he sit to watch his mom being treated that way? Smh"


"Haa!! My body is peppering me! Because laslas they’ll say they’re underage. Secondary school wasn’t this bad during our time. I’m so scared for my kids. The more reason i want them to learn kung fu abi na karate, look at this now."


"Her parents should involve police and also report those children to school authorities. Some of us that went to public will not care to let our parents know that someone bullied or beat us , we go just arrange some friends and treat them in the language they understand."


"This is madness. Na why my kids go dey join me lift some kind light weights then take self defense class during holidays. If you can’t train your kids to keep their hands off other kids, they’ll teach them outside."

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"This is so sad to even watch, I understand her perfectly and why she can’t fight back. I hope she gets justice."


"If she’s my sister, yasin oku ma sun!!! This is not even a cap or anything. I think parents should start teaching their children to fight back, they should stop letting these bullies get away with it just because they are quiet or anything. This is really bad."

Man confronts his bully 30 years after secondary school

Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported that drama ensued at a salon as a man ran into someone who bullied him 30 years ago in secondary school.

The man was ready to deal with the bully and confronted him while trying to refresh his memory.

The bully whose hair was being cut stood up to again go up against his victim, and the outcome was disappointing for some people

Source: Legit.ng

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