"Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak?": How to Greet Muslims Who Are Fasting

"Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak?": How to Greet Muslims Who Are Fasting

  • Muslims across the world celebrate Ramadan yearly, a period to test their strength and faith in God almighty
  • Ramadan period is the moment when the Muslim faithful gather in prayer, minding and reading the Quran
  • Many people have asked how properly they can greet a fasting Muslim during this holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic calendar, has commenced worldwide as Muslims began fasting to test their strength and devotion to God.

It is a period when the Islamic faithful gather in prayer, reading and minding the Quran to make the most during the fasting month, Independent wrote.

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Why do Muslims celebrate Ramadan?

Ramadan is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world, marking the special moment of Iftar (the opening of one's fast) gatherings to household decorations and traditional foods to celebrate its arrival.

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According to tradition, fasting begins at dawn, before which a modest meal known as 'suhoor' will be taken and ends at sunset, referred to as 'Iftar'. Between the two meals, Muslims taking part in the fasting period will take in nothing, not even water.

In 2024, Ramadan began on Monday, March 11 and will end on Wednesday, April 10. It started with the sighting of the crescent moon, which usually appeared at night at the end of each month.

How you can greet Muslims during Ramadan

But how do you greet a Muslim who is observing fasting during Ramadan? Below are things you should know.

A familiar saying among Muslims worldwide is "Ramadan Mubada", meaning "Mlessed Ramadan". Another phrase popular during the holy month is "Ramadan Kareem", meaning "generous Ramadan". The two words originated from Arabic.

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These are some of how many Muslims are being greeted during the fasting Month of Ramadan by family, friends and neighbours. The terms are often used throughout Ramadan when greeting fasting Muslims.

Ramadan 2024: All you need to know

Legit.ng earlier reported that the 2024 holy month of Ramadan will begin on Monday, March 11 or Tuesday, March 12, depending on when the moon is sighted.

Across the world, the fasting period always lasts between 12-17 hours, depending on the area of the world an individual lives.

Muslims worldwide believe that Ramadan was the month when the holy Quran's first verse was revealed.

Source: Legit.ng

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