We Need a Young President: Reactions As Nigerians Reveal the Country’s Need Ahead of 2023 Election

We Need a Young President: Reactions As Nigerians Reveal the Country’s Need Ahead of 2023 Election

  • Ahead of the 2023 general elections, it is not just about the quest for who succeeds President Muhammadu Buhari that matters rather who would transform the country
  • A poll conducted by Legit.ng, Nigerians shared their opinions on the qualities of the leader they hope to vote for in the forthcoming general elections
  • For many Nigerians, the country should be governed by young leaders with good leadership qualities as the old ones have failed the country

Having a growth mindset and committing to execution are qualities of a great leader.

Following a series of happenings in the country in recent times, Nigerians cannot but ask for a change in leadership structure.

The Nigeria of our dream according to many seems not to be realised soon enough considering the style of governance so far.

We need a young President: Reactions as Nigerians reveal the country's need ahead of 2023 election
Young Nigerians march to protest against age barriers on political posts in Abuja, on July 25, 2017. Photo credit: AFP via Getty Images
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Come 2023, the citizenry would decide to elect who leads them and take over the mantle of leadership from President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Taking over seems not to be the case rather the choice of a candidate that would assume the nation's most exalted position seems to be a puzzle yet to be solved.

This is why, Nigerians have decided to make case for politicians ahead of the poll, highlighting the desired qualities of whom they want to take over the affairs of the nation in the forthcoming general elections.

For some, a young president should be given the shot and for others, age is nothing but a number, a good leader is all the country needs to get to the promised land., as the older generations have failed so far.

In a poll carried out on the official Facebook page of Legit.ng, Nigerians shared their opinion on the type of president they want and why.

Read their reactions below:

Lawal Rasheed Kolawole wrote:

"A good leader."
"But what are the parameters to measure a Good leader??."

Benjamin Onjefu Isaac said:

"We need a young President with leadership qualities , sound health, good dream for this country called Nigeria."

Chuks Ogbonnaya wrote:

"Both good and young with vision to move the country forward."

Chris Gnarly

"A good young leader. We have tested the so called "old good leader" and see where we are today....."

Simon Simeon said:

"We need a young leader,that is good.thank God u silent d old."

Chi Mezirim wrote:

"Mehn a good leader... Truth is I don't care if he's very young or old, all this country needs right now is a visionary leader who understands the people... I just want see this country move forward for Christ's sake ."

Josh Ebuka wrote:

"We need a young president who is also good.
"Enough of ancestral presidency!

"We don't need those ancestors again."

Sunday Alum Oko said:

"A good leader but not old man.
"So we can role and crack brain together."

Zaccheaus John stated:

"Young and good president we be able to reason well not old person."

Esther Mark Francis wrote:

"A young and good leader ,we don't want old ancestors that will be controlled by selfish people around him cos of dementia..so pls Young, young and Young that's all."

Richard Igbalagh Iorafa said:

"A good leader is what Nigeria needs now the most."

Eetzz Dammy

"Even if the incoming presido is 160 all what we want is good leadership."


Akinlami Ikuyinminu

"A good leader ofcourse, infact the young ones of now are even more corrupt compared to the old ones in their days, though the coruption of the older generation has brought us to this situation we find ourselves."

Mavis Okpe said:

"A young President as a good leader. We can have both."

Okoeguale Chris Ose wrote:

"A good leader, irrespective of his or her age who can unit all Nigerians and turn our resources to fortune and make Nigeria the giant of Africa they say we are and grow our economy to enviable level."
"Anyone who can do this weather old or young."

Kokoette Umoh said:

"A good and young leader with great potentials."

Salami Adewale

"A good leader with visions either old or young."

Oluwatosin Deborah said:

"God fearing leader."

Dami Amuleya wrote:

"Let try young leader."

Abaz Da Comedian said:

"There's nothing like “Good leader”.
"Let's just give a try to this “Young president” thing and see how far ."

M Iyan-jahun Wase

"Good leader not minding age, US president Joe Biden is 79yrs but things are going well."

Jacob Móndéllà wrote:

"A very young, good president is what we need."

Hayatu Idris wrote:

"We need young, highly educated, vibrant and dynamic leader, a multifaceted fellow, pregramatic approach to national issues, deep knowledge in both microeconomics, macroeconomics as well as public finance and international relations."

Cheer Up wrote:

"Good leader that's what we want."

Ozioma Nduaguibe wrote:

"Good leader and young as well .."

2023: Shettima reveals what will happen to youths supporting "older politicians"

Legit.ng had previously reported that Shettima Yerima, President of the Arewa Youths Forum, on Tuesday, February 1, cautioned Nigerian youths against voting for older politicians, stating that any young Nigerian in support of the older generation of Nigerians in the coming election is “on a self-destructive mission.”

In an exclusive chat with Legit.ng, Shettima said that he has always maintained that the youths cannot afford to support any age beyond 60 years of age, stating that any age beyond the range of 60 is unacceptable.

Recently, debates on the age of politicians have become major political topics at different fora, particularly since the declaration by some politicians that they are running in the 2023 presidential election.

Source: Legit.ng

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