“Eedris Abdulkareem Is a Treacherous Guy”: Eddy Remedy Close to Tears As He Opens Can of Worms

“Eedris Abdulkareem Is a Treacherous Guy”: Eddy Remedy Close to Tears As He Opens Can of Worms

  • Member of defunct D’Remedies group, Eddy ‘Montana’ Remedy, has spilled the tea on his colleague Eedris Abdulkareem
  • Eddy Montana was close to tears as he shared stories of Eedris’ treachery and greed, among other things
  • This came after the Nigeria Jaga Jaga crooner took credit for creating the D’Remedies group and their ‘Shakomo’ hit song

Nigerian veteran singer Adingi Edward Terzungwe, aka Eddy Montana or Eddy Remedy, has now broken his decade-long silence on social media about the defunct D’Remedies music group.

The music star was recently invited on Daddy Freeze’s Instagram Live show to speak about his former colleague, Eedris Abdulkareem’s claim about being behind the D’Remedies group and their hit song, Shakomo.

Eddy Remedy and Eedris Abdulkareem's rift
Eddy Remedy blasted Eedris Abdulkareem for claiming Shakomo. Photo: @eddyremedyent, @thehonestbunchpodcast
Source: Instagram

Recall that Eedris was recently a guest on The Honest Bunch podcast, where he made a series of claims, including fighting for the industry and being the brain behind D’Remedies and Shakomo.

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Eddy Remedy spoke on the topic with Daddy Freeze and the veteran singer was moved to tears as he narrated how he was the one who brought Eedris to join D’Remedies after needing a rapper for his song, Shakomo, which was taking over the airwaves at the time.

According to Eddy, he was discovered by Ray Power Grand Slam in 1987 when they came to his school, Yabatech. He added that there was no Eedris when he was discovered, and he performed his hit song, Shakomo, at the event.

The music star claimed the crowd loved the song so much that he was made to perform it three additional times and he was also called to come and record the song the following Monday.

Eddy said:

“This can be very heartbreaking because you came out with a pure heart in 1987, I was discovered by Ray Power grand slam in my school Yabatech, there was no Eedris when they discovered me, that’s the first thing everybody needs to know. After I was discovered, it was on a Friday night at Miss Yabatech show. I had Saturday and Sunday in between and they called me to come on Monday to record the song ‘Shakomo’ because it’s a new sound and they were blown away by it. They saw how I performed it and made me perform it three times.”

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Speaking further, Eddy explained how he told his girlfriend at the time, Kemi, that a rapper would be needed for the song and this was after he had met Eedris a week earlier in Offa, telling him to come to Lagos.

Eedris Abdulkareem has always been greedy - Eddy Remedy

Eddy Remedy then rubbished Eedris's claims that he started the D’Remedies group and was also the one behind Shakomo. According to the veteran singer, the rapper has proven himself to be a treacherous person driven by greed.

“I don’t know where Eedris’ story came from; that boy is a greedy boy; he has always been greedy right from time, and he’s calling me the greedy one, can you imagine? I’m the one that formed the group o, I’m the one that invited him into the group. He said he was coming on a Monday morning, and he brought Tony (Tetuila); I had never met Tony in my life; I just saw a guy limping behind him. When they got to my room I asked who he was he then introduced Tony to me, and that was when Eedris was supposed to tell me that ‘this guy, his parents have given me some money before, that I should move with him and take him everywhere I’m going’, he didn’t tell me that. I’m mentioning this now because that was where the rumours started when we were on the Shakomo tour; the rumour started that Tony’s parents were sponsoring the group, no. I had $5000 that my parents sent me from America to get out of the country and come to them since I had graduated. I refused to travel, and I used that money to sponsor the group throughout that time,” he said.

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Eddy went on to explain how much he suffered to form the D’Remedies group and all the things he went through to even write Shakomo because he was still in school at the time and had issues with cultists who also wanted in on the song.

He narrated how Eedris Abdulkareem took his song, Shakomo, and went behind him to meet one Omololu, claiming he was the owner of the song but he needed a singer on it.

“God knows how much I suffered to put this group together back then, God knows how much I suffered to even write Shakomo because I was in school and going through a lot with frats who wanted me to mention their name when performing Shakomo, I was popular already with Shakomo so I don’t know where Eedris is bringing this story from. I don’t know if you remember Omololu, Eedris went behind me after I met him and took that sound that I gave him, telling Omololu that he has a new sound but he needs a singer. He told Omololu he needed a singer as if it was his sound”, he said.

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According to Eddy Remedy, Eedris Abdulkareem is a cheat and a treacherous person who only thinks about himself. In his words:

“Bro! Eedris is a treacherous basttard, Eedris is a cheat, Nigerians should stop listening to Eedris. I’ve been quiet all this while because I didn’t want trouble, I didn't want people to think we keep fighting because we are grownups but bro what is mine can not be taken away from me, I will die before what is mine is taken from me. Eedris made money from the government one time, Eedris no dey help anybody, na himself he know. He made about N120 million from the government when we were all down, I was down and out, this was a guy that I brought to eat food o, I was down and went to Asaba for four years before coming back to Lagos. I called Eedris to tell him what I was going through, he told me to start going from one hotel or the other to meet him after he was no longer in those places. I didn’t get any help from him till today, the biggest help he gave me which were insults was when he sent me N5k twice.”

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See the snippet below:

Watch the full video below:

Nigerians react as Eddy Remedy blasts Eedris Abdulkareem

Read what some netizens had to say about the drama between Eddy Remedy and Eedris Abdulkareem below:


“Eddie has been vindicated by finally voicing out his mind.”


“Daddy Freeze, honestly, this guy is being very truthful , this is very painful.”


“PRAYER POINT: May the people we call to come eat with us not take our food and leave us hungry,,, @daddyfreeze WELLDONE baba,. Baba eddy stay strong.”


“If idris na form remedy why is the group remedy following eddy’s name why not Kareem.”


“Glad to have listened to @eddyremedyent directly. I am happy because he confirmed everything I had in my head after listening to @abdulkareemeedris . Most of what @abdulkareemeedris said, particularly in respect of Remedies musical group were laced with falsehood. I knew this even then & it’s all clearer now.”

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“The group has always been eddy remedy. Idris came way later to join the group.”


“The thing dey pain this bro.”


“You know he doesn't help but kept driving from one hotel to another looking for help from him!! Does that make any sense to a grown man like you?”


“So Paul okoye was right then. I wonder Why Idris never invested all that money he made. Where is his real estate.?”


“Personally I’ve always known that this Eedris guy has a questionable character. Anyone who’s always bitter and have nothing good to say about his junior colleagues was never a good person. Him and blackface are in the same group!!! Bitter and gre.edy!!!”


“All The Celeb Criticizing The Government Once Benefitted From Them.”


“I know the end of this has not come yet. But is good that his mates are out speaking up now. No one has said anything good about him so far. Isn't possible they are all lying about him.”

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“@abdulkareemeedris you are a scam why all this your lie ? Green snake under the green grass now look for who will help you,? Bro you won't see kobo for all this you lies.”

Why Paul PSquare slammed Eedris Abdulkareem

Meanwhile, Legit.ng had earlier reported that Nigerian singer Paul Okoye of PSquare, aka Rude Boy, criticised Eedris Abdulkareem following his attack on his younger colleague Burna Boy.

According to Paul, Eedris is always talking down on his colleagues, including him and his twin brother Peter Okoye, aka Mr P.

He also cited an issue between American rapper 50 Cent and Eedris, which happened in 2004 and made him describe the 'Jaga Jaga' crooner as greedy.

Source: Legit.ng

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