Lady Shows How to Prevent Makeup Stains on a Dress, Netizens React: "She Resembles Spider Woman"

Lady Shows How to Prevent Makeup Stains on a Dress, Netizens React: "She Resembles Spider Woman"

  • A lady decided to give a tip on how a dress can be worn after makeup has been applied to one's face
  • In a video, she showed her beautiful makeup face and got the help of another lady to wear her dress
  • She wore a wig cap on her face before the other lady helped her to wear her outfit, and the process was seamless

A lady on TikTok has given her counterparts some hacks on how to wear their outfits without having any makeup stains.

Lady shows to wear outfits without stains
A lady displayed how to wear outfits without makeup stains. Image credit: @tshepiimasethe1
Source: TikTok

In a video, she wore a black wig cap on her face after she had done her beautiful face beat. The covering on her face was to prevent the white outfit she was about to wear from getting stained.

The lady known on TikTok as @tshepiimasethe1 was assisted by another lady to wear her top gently, and it passed through her face without any stain.

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After she was done wearing the white top, she removed the wig cap.

The video had the attention of netizens, who shared their own hacks to prevent their outfits from getting stained.

Check out the video of the lady's makeup stain prevention below:

Netizens share how to prevent makeup stain

Several netizens have reacted to the video of the lady. See some of their comments below:


"Use plastic bags."


"Just use a silk scarf."

@Tshepii masethe:

"Everyone uses what works for them. Lol."

@Micheala Silwana:

"I use plastics, and make a hole for air."

@Tshepii masethe:

"We learn every day."


"The hubby should but for the top oh."


"Put a silk scarf."

@jaden charlotte mahlangu:

"There's the solution for everything indeed."


"And what if you are alone?"

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@Tshepii masethe:

"My neighbours are always here. I will ask them."

@Pali Pali:

"Wow, you’re smart."


"I did this with a plastic."


"I use tissues."


"I put a bag over my whole head."


"Face mask ka Spiderman ladies."


"I use plastic bags."

Lady's makeup transformation amazes netizens earlier reported that a lady decided to beat up her face, and the transformation by her makeup artist got netizens wowed.

A video of her no-makeup face and the after-look was stunning, and it made some people ask if it was real.

The makeup artist was praised for her level of creativity, while the lady was asked to transport herself to China because she looked like their citizen.


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