Lady Orders Black Dress, Gets Slightly Different Design, Netizens React: "U No Order the Waist Join"

Lady Orders Black Dress, Gets Slightly Different Design, Netizens React: "U No Order the Waist Join"

  • A lady got the attention of netizens after she displayed the stylish dress she ordered and what she got from her stylist
  • She desired a black dress that snatched the waist of the model wearing it, but hers was slightly different
  • Social media users gave her suggestions on how to adjust the cloth so that it would fit her, while others simply made jest of her

A lady got many people talking after she showed off the classy dress she ordered versus what her fashion designer made for her.

Lady looks lovely in her dress
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She wanted a black dress that had a flair from the waist area and was designed with sleeves off-shoulder sleeves.

What she got was a white dress of the same style. However, the waist area wasn't as puffy as what she ordered.

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See the dress the lady ordered versus what she got below:

Reactions to lady's dress

Several social media users have reacted to the dress the lady ordered versus what she got. While comparing both outfits, many people admitted that the difference wasn't much. They noted that her tailor could still adjust the waist area. See some of the comments below:


"Just tell your tailor to amend both sides. The gown is fine."


"This is the result of finding good girl style from street style. I don't want my breast to be opened, I want the waist to be down and be obvious. Aunty, let's hear from the designer first and carry your annoying comparison go one side."


"Fabric difference and body shape difference."


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"Amend the side seam, then add net underneath the skirt area to get the full lift look."


"I’ve studied this dress for a while now. Yes, the material she used is wrong but I think there’s some net under the pleats that assisted the pleats. It is my opinion."


"Just amend the two sides."


"Exactly what you ordered, adjust from the zip side, and then you are good to go."


"Hit. Ask her to split the back and make it like a corset so you can tighten it to your frame as you wish."

"Please hold your head first."


"You got exactly what you ordered but did you order the shape? No just take in the waist a bit and it will fit you."


"My sister you no order the shape join and your dress just needs to be held a bit on both sides....there's no big deal in this."

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Lady orders dress, gets disappointing version earlier reported that a lady had gotten the attention of social media users after she posted a video of the purple corset dress she ordered and what she got.

The original dress had a snatched waist, and the client wearing it looked elegant.

On the other hand, what the lady got did not snatch her waist like what she ordered, among other issues.


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