Young Girl Goes from Rocking Dreadlocks to Silky Smooth Hair in a 2-Month Process

Young Girl Goes from Rocking Dreadlocks to Silky Smooth Hair in a 2-Month Process

  • A video is currently trending on social media as it captures a young girl's amazing hair transformation
  • In the video, the girl is seen with dreadlocks which are combed out over a period of two months by her mum
  • The end results see the young girl with full and healthy-looking hair, which is later transformed into a smooth texture

While most people often chop off their dreadlocks when they want to start afresh, it appears one doesn't necessarily have to lose all that hair.

A video posted by a US-based salon, @obeythecrownlocbar, showed how they were successfully able to revamp a young lady's hair post-dreadlock phase.

Photos of the young girl's hair.
Photos show the hair transformation process. Credit: @obeythecrownlocbar,
Source: Instagram

In the audio of the video, the mother of the young girl revealed that it took her two and a half month to successfully comb out her daughter's shoulder-length dreadlocks.

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Afterwards, she took her to the salon where her hair underwent treatment which saw her rocking a silky smooth shoulder-length mane.

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Check out the video below:

Social media users react to the video


"Waittt a this possible with 4C hair??"


"but I loved the curls, why did you straighten it? it looked so beautiful with the curls❤️❤️"


"It took 2 months. Wow. Who has that time, na to chop it off o."


"Comb it out! I just combed out mine so it’s definitely possible the key is to use a really slim utensil. A safety pin or those hair pins with tiny hooks. You’d shed a lot of hair though."


"They must’ve been twisted, because you can not comb out actual locs looks nice tho."

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"I'm doubting the possibility of this though."


"I honestly didnt know it can be combed out."


"It came out so beautiful "

Professional hairstylist shares factors to consider before combing out dreadlocks

For those in disbelief about combing out locs, Abuja-based hair salon, Hairloom, in a chat with's Kumashe Yaakugh, confirmed that it is, infact, possible to transform dreadlocks.

"No matter the time frame your hair has been locked in, you can always take it out," the salon says.

Hairloom also pointed out some factors to consider before you make the decision to comb out your dreadlocks, and it touches on a couple of things, including one's level of patience.

The salon had this to say:

"The type of locs installed matters. They are different types of locs, so that's one thing to consider. If it is a traditional locs, it is often easier to take it out than the other types. Another thing is how old the dreadlocks are. The longer one's locs have stayed, the harder it is to take it out. Also, how patient are you? Sometimes, it takes hours and sometimes it takes days to out locs."

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They also explained that people who want to take out their locs may have to accept the fact that they may lose some hair depending on how long they carried their hair in dreadlocks style.

Hairloom also advised:

"And you should also be wary of where you are going in to take down your locs because the more professional the salon is the less hair you are likely to lose."

Lady with no front hair installs micro braids

Despite the damages some braided hairstyles cause to hair, it appears that the 'drip' is much more important than hair loss for some people.

This is most likely the case for a lady who is currently the topic of discussion after a video surfaced on social media which saw her getting a hair upgrade.

In the video, the woman who sports natural hair severely lacking in the front area goes on to get micro braids, popularly known as 'million braids,' installed.


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