Wearing Wrinkled Clothes, 5 Other Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Wearing Wrinkled Clothes, 5 Other Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

  • For many men, keeping up with fashion trends isn't exactly their strong suit and it shows in their sense of style
  • However, it goes without saying that looking good is good business and requires effort to achieve a clean look
  • In this article, Legit.ng takes a look at some interesting and common fashion mistakes many men are guilty of

Sometimes good taste in clothes just isn't a guy's strength and that is okay. Between juggling jobs, hustling for that extra cash and taking care of your family and your bae, it gives little room to think about trends to follow.

However, while this excuse holds water, it is not enough reason to step out looking like the palace jester rather than the prince charming that you are.

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If you're one of those guys who are comfortable in basic clothes and are often too clueless to try new things then this article is for you.

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Legit.ng's Kumashe Yaakugh spotlights some common fashion mistakes to avoid.

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Check them out below:

1. Wearing wrinkled clothes

Now, this is something only guys with exceptional charm and suaveness can get away with. If you're a regular Joe, you have no business stepping out in clothes without first ironing out the crease on them.

Looking nice requires taking care of your clothes, and one of the ways to do that is make sure your clothes are not just clean but also neatly pressed.

2. Overdoing designer labels

This is a common mistake a lot of men - and women - are guilty o. In a bid to look expensive, you end up letting the labels wear you rather than the other way around.

The flawed theory here is that by showing off a huge, designer logo, you're showing the world that you can afford to wear said designer's clothes. Sadly, this comes off as tacky, not rad.

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3. Wearing clothes that are too small

You're simply begging for a citation from the fashion police if you think it is completely normal to step out in clothes that look like sausage casings, leaving your skin begging for some respite.

If you've put on weight and your clothes are no longer the right fit, it is better - albeit depressing - to shop for a size that suits you better. Do away with those tight pants and shirts that squeeze your muscles rather than flatter them.

4. Relying on hats

Look, if you're the type that wears your hat in nice weather, indoors or generally too often, people around definitely think you're losing your hair or perhaps, you have a condition.

Hats are cool accessories but they don't always go with every look, and they aren't essential for every outfit. Give your head some breathing space.

5. Wearing socks with sandals

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One question; why? What is the reason for wearing socks with sandals when you can just get a pair of shoes which serves the same purpose?

It is senseless and an all-around bad look. It also defeats the purpose of ventilation when you thick layer of fabric between you and nature. Please, stop it.

6. Overuse of jewellery

Women can get away with decorating their entire knuckles with rings and their wrists with bracelets but the rules change when you're a guy.

Necklaces and bracelets on men can easily be too much. If you're going for the gangster vibe - or even BBNaija Hermes's style.

One piece of advice, pale down the jewellery and don't go for too much sparkle.

With these few tips, looking presentable should be less ardious.

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