The Tailor Understood How to Fail the Assignment: Reactions to Badly-Tailored Dress

The Tailor Understood How to Fail the Assignment: Reactions to Badly-Tailored Dress

Nigerians on social media have reacted to a photo of a horribly sewn dress a lady got after she paid her tailor for a corset dress.

While the general reactions to these types of stories often see the tailor taking most of the blame, it appears the situation is a bit different in this case.

Photos of dress ordered and package received.
Some internet users have questioned how much was paid for the job. Photo credit: @asoebiladies
Source: Instagram

Not only have they questioned the client's sense of judgement in picking a tailor for the job but they have also demanded to know how much she was told and how much she eventually paid for the job.

Instagram blogger, @asoebiladies, shared a collage of the inspiration and the outcome, revealing that the fabric for the corset dress had been in the tailor's possession three months before the job was done.

Sharing the photo, the blogger captioned:

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"Dear Stylists/Designers, If you can't sew a style kindly let your customer know you won't be able/available to. Dear Customers, you know the kind of tailors you have, don't give them a difficult style and start underpricing ... Edakun"

See full post below:



"All I can say is that the dress lacks structure and many more, corset is not complete without boning...make I stop here for now "


"I think designers should just know ur job and advise your customers so they will not spoil your work. If you sew what they want... this will be your story o. A customer came to me asking to see like you? (She's a new bride and expecting soon) and she said yes what's there. She thought I was looking down on her but when I explained to her that corset is more than the shape of the bust o ( that's what she thought). She wanted me to sew without the boning, I refused. She said I shouldn't cinch her waist, I told her how the outcome will be, her stomach will bulge out. Summary, she knew what she would be expecting. Designers/tailors pls stand your ground o."

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"It's not just about the cloth being with the tailor for 3months. It's about when in the 3 months did she pay and how much too? Some folks will pay meagre plus 2 days to collection and be upset at the result."


"It’s the corset for me Jesus wept!!"


"My question is how much did you pay."


"I'm very sure she didn't give enough money for this, plus roadside tailor. Case closed"


"Haha...I almost said "God punish this tailor" until I remembered that I'm a child of God"


"Some tailors can't make Heaven"


"what I ordered vs the tailor I can afford."


"This one the tailor just understood how to fail the assignment."


"You no order shape and materials too, plus how much you pay for sewing, probably cheap."

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Several internet users have been left amused by the alleged amount a client offered to pay a tailor for a lace dress she saw online.

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More often than not, we see stories of disappointed clients sharing photos of badly tailored dresses they often claimed to have paid hefty amounts to their dressmakers for.

However, not so many people get to hear the tailor or vendor's side of the story. Well, it appears this would have been just another case of 'what I ordered versus what I got' if the tailor was mischievous enough to take the job.


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