Mr Macaroni Speaks on Choice of Religion After Practising Christianity & Islam, Life After Endsars

Mr Macaroni Speaks on Choice of Religion After Practising Christianity & Islam, Life After Endsars

  • Mr. Macaroni has opened up about his life and career in an interview with Biola Bayo on her podcast, Talk to B
  • The content creator said he has always known he would be successful but he did not know how and when it would happen
  • He also mentioned that he does not adhere to any specific religion, although his father is Muslim and his mother is Christian

Popular content creator Debo Adebayo, aka, Mr. Macaroni has shared interesting things about his life on Biola Bayo's podcast, Talk to B.

The actor, who bagged a doctorate last year, said he doesn't practice any religion. He, however, said his father is a Muslim, while his mother is a Christian.

He noted that he had experimented with both religions, but eventually reached a point where he decided to abandon them both.

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Mr Macaroni also said anytime he wakes up, he always commits his ways to the hands of God and puts in his best at what he does.

Mr Macaroni speaks about his religion.
Mr Macaroni speaks about his religion. Photo credit @mrmacaroni1
Source: Instagram

Mr Macaroni says he would be great

While answering questions from Bayo, Mr Macaroni said he knew he would be successful.

The talented actor, who has not been in a relationship for ten years, added that he knows a lot of people who do not practice any religion but are doing well in their endeavors.

Mr Macaroni says Nigerians can survive anywhere

The skit maker, who is also known as Daddy Wa, praised Nigerians for their endurance and tolerance spirit.

According to him, if anyone can survive in Nigeria, they can also survive anywhere in the world.

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He added that it wasn't sufficient for Nigerians to only voice their complaints during elections and then return home.

The film star also said the struggle for change is a continuous process.

Below is the video

How fans reacted to Mr Macaroni's post

Netizen have reacted to what Mr Macaroni in the interview. Here are some of the comments below:


"The only sensible man in comedy industry that I know. Don't come for me else Ogun lo ma pa e."


"He was making sense from the beginning but towards the end I no feel am again."


"He speaks so well."


"U are right at some point, but trust me u need to have a way of true worship to God, he owns ur life bros."


"I agree with him, the survival trait is seeming a curse."


"I love you @mrmacaroni1."


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"Nigerians when are we going to stop surviving and start living. Word."


"When I wake up every morning I pray to God to not do anything that we hurt anyone."


"You see that audition part, e no lie."


"Daddy wa."


"@mrmacaroni1 we call u papa and call ur sister mama if u remember in tender care ."

Mr Macaroni laments to Tinubu also reported that Mr Macaroni opened up about the state of the country.

According to him, the election tribunal should allow justice to be done. He stated this after the outcome of the general election which took place in 2023.

He added that he has accepted the outcome of the election but might change if the election tribunal says otherwise.


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