“He Encouraged It”: Lady From Omah Lay’s Show Spills More Details About Her Man, Dancing With Singer

“He Encouraged It”: Lady From Omah Lay’s Show Spills More Details About Her Man, Dancing With Singer

  • Nigerian singer Stanley Omah Didia, popularly known as Omah Lay, has continued to be on the lips of everyone following his infamous London concert
  • Recall that the Bend You hitmaker shook the internet with a clip from his UK show, where he rocked one of his female fans
  • In a new update, the young lady, Jessani, who came to the event with her boyfriend, opened up about the agreement she had with her man before the incident
  • Kingsley Speaks, an online relationship coach and therapist, weighed into Jessani's relationship ongoing saga

The lady who buzzed the internet for dancing with Nigerian singer Omah Lay at his recent London concert has opened up about her relationship.

Recall that the young woman identified as Jessani was criticised online for leaving her boyfriend, whom she came with to the show, to engage in a raunchy dance with the Afrobeats star on stage.

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Lady dancing with Omah Lay on stage
The lady from Omah Lay's London show speaks. Credit: @omahlay, @jsessani
Source: Instagram

In an interview with Trendcntrl, Jessani revealed that she was in a defined and committed relationship with her man and that they both had agreed about her going up stage to dance with the singer.

The lady, who has since apologised, claimed that her lover encouraged her to go meet Omah Lay on stage after the singer beckoned her.

Jessani also mentioned that she has been a longtime fan of the Bend You hitmaker, which is why she bought the tickets for the show.

According to her, she brought her man along because he was going through challenging moments, and she wanted him to cool off and have a good time.

Watch the interview video:

She didn't dance respectfully in front her man - Kingsley Speaks

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Using Jesssani's case, Kingsley Speaks, an online relationship coach and therapist, in a chat with Legit.ng highlighted the importance of mutual respect, trust, and consideration in a relationship to know when not to disrespect your significant other

"In a relationship, if there isn't any atom of selfishness, the love should be questioned. By this, I mean that both parties would always want to be the only ones in each other's life.
"Fear sets in if there's any sense of competition from a third party, and the other party feels betrayed. I think this happened when his girlfriend danced offensively with Omah Lay. While it is true that they both went there to have an excellent time, it isn't a respectful thing to do to dance seductively with someone else in the presence of your partner.
"It is disrespectful to do that to your partner. If the tables were turned, she wouldn't accept that disrespect. Whatever Her reasons were, her actions were not justifiable. She should have done better."

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See how netizens reacted to the show

Legit.ng compiled the reactions online:


"He was going through hard times and you made the hard times worse by embarrassing him there."


"He was going through hard times and you embarrassed him and made it worst ! Gurl that was wrong! stop explaining…. You all about to make another celeb….we always glorify wrong things."


"What does she want to explain now. Babygirl you were wrong abeg."


"He was going through a hard time????? And you went on to…. Girll."


"He was going through hard times and you’re letting the whole world know that you booked his ticket too cos he was going through hard times. And then since you booked it after all you decided to make him less of a man by doing what you did on stage. Later una go dey shout say men no good but women are badder."

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"She actually took him there , But bro why would a girl take you to a concert instead of you taking her.. imagine if you were the one that took her there, She wouldn’t have done that in the first place."


"He agreed for you to go on stage did you tell him you were going up to act pre-pornn."

Omah Lay shares disturbing message

In other entertainment news, Legit.ng recalls reporting how Omah Lay got his fans worried and confused after he shared a disturbing comment on his social media pages.

In a post on Twitter, the Godly crooner declared that he lost his way in what looked like self-appraisal of himself and was willing to return to God.

Omah Lay also said goodbye to an act he didn't mention in the tweet, raising concerns about what it could be.

Source: Legit.ng

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