Nollywood Love Affairs: Meet 4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Married Women Older Than Them

Nollywood Love Affairs: Meet 4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Married Women Older Than Them

  • Love affairs, relationships and marriage within the Nigerian entertainment scene are usually marred with a lot of scandals and public scrutiny
  • It is not a popular idea in African culture that men get married to women that are older than them, coupled with the expectation of having to do that as a celebrity
  • However, some famous Nigerian celebrities have botched that notion and have gone on to marry older women as their wives, proving that age is just a number
  • in this article highlights five Nigerian male celebrities who are successfully married to other women and are the epitome of true love

Marriages, relationships and love affairs within the entertainment space, be it Hollywood or Nollywood, have always been a thing of keen interest to the adoring public.

Celebrity marriages and love affairs are usually followed for different reasons naturally. And to now couple them with the extra strain of being in a relationship with an older person as a man especially considering the African culture, now you've made yourself a meal for gossip.

Photos of Peter Okoye, Lola Omotayo, Anita Joseph, Mc Fish, Stan Nze and Blessing Obasi
Meet these Naija male celebrities who married women that are older than them. Photo credit:@lolaomotayo_okoye/@stannze/@anitajoseph
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However, that doesn't mean some such relationships are not usually successful., in this article, will highlight four popular relationships of such that have botched the trend and have been hugely successful.

1. Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo:

Peter Okoye of the famous singing duo PSquare stirred the public's emotions when he announced his relationship with Lola Omotayo. This woman is nearly ten years older than him.

However, rather than sway, this couple has waxed stronger since they went public with their relationship and have been married since 2013.

Lola and Peter dated for over eight years before finally tying the knot. They have two kids together, a boy and a girl. Lola recently turned 50 years while Peter is 41 years old.

2. Stan Nze and Blessing Jessica Obasi:

Another famous Nollywood couple who share this type of unique relationship is the actor Stan Nze and his lovely wife, Blessing Obasi.

Blessing is ten years older than Stan, but with the way the couple relate and carry themselves, you wouldn't know.

Even though their relationship is still young, after tying the knot in 2021, you wouldn't know with the selfless care and genuine love they show each other.

We love and genuinely celebrate this young couple and wish them many more happy years ahead.

3. Anita Joseph and Mc Fish:

A couple of years back, ace Nollywood actress Anita Joseph got people talking when she went public with her relationship with her husband, Fisayo Micheal, aka Mc Fish.

Mc Fish is a hypeman, radio presenter and a famous socialite. His relationship with the curvy actress was hugely criticised when they started out and finally did tie the knot.

Anita is 37 years old, and Mc Fish is currently 28. The actress is nearly a decade older than her lover, but that hasn't stopped her from loving and respecting Mc Fish as her husband and being an actual model of how a surreal relationship should be.

4. Kaffy and Joseph Ameh:

Another famous relationship within the Nigerian entertainment industry with a considerable age gap where the woman is older than the man is the relationship between Kaffy and Joseph Ameh.

The pair got married when Kaffy was 33 and Joseph Ameh, aka Pappy Jay, was just 25 years old, and they have two kids together.

Though they're currently no longer together, their marriage ended in 2022. However, it was a joy to watch while it lasted.

"We went to church without talking to each other": Stan Nze reveals how his 1st wedding anniversary went

Meanwhile, recalls reporting that Nollywood's Stan Nze and his wife Jessica Obasi recently marked one year of marriage, and the actor disclosed how the day went.

Stan, in an interview on TVC's Black Table, opened up about how he and his wife were in sour moods despite the love surrounding them.

The actor revealed that the significant fallouts he and his wife have had are because they both got angry at each other and refused to agree.


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