What is the highest snap score in the world, and who is behind it?

What is the highest snap score in the world, and who is behind it?

A Snapchat score is a number assigned to a user's Snapchat account. It shows how much you actively use the popular app, including sending and receiving snaps. The score appears directly beside your username and can be seen by anyone on the platform. If you are a regular user of the app, you can easily rack up a high snap score. What is the highest snap score in the world?

highest snap score
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Having a high snap score means you are sharing a lot on Snapchat. It assigns a point to a user for every snap sent or received. This means you can increase your score when you send or receive snaps. It's a phenomenon that has changed the way people communicate with each other on the platform.

What is the highest snap score in the world?

Snapchat’s algorithm considers several factors, such as snaps sent and received, to determine the score. Here are the individuals with the highest score in the world as of writing. However, these numbers change daily.

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1. Mustbecris (320 million)

Mustbecris, better known as Chris, is regarded as the king of Snapchat. He has the highest snap score ever of more than 320 million snap points. Chris has been using Snapchat for quite along time. Mostly, he shares snaps of his daily life and interacts with his friends. Aside from that, he also plays games on the famous app.

2. Dion-19 (239 million)

Dion-19 is also on the list of Snapchat users with the highest Snapchat score. Dion-19 has acquired an impressive score of more than 239 million snap points through the use of filters and lenses to make his snaps more entertaining as he interacts with his friends.

He has been using the app for quite a while. He mainly uses the platform to send snaps, play games, and share his life experiences with his followers. Additionally, he uses Snapchat's map feature to locate and interact with his friends.

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3. Cris-this guy (134 million)

Cris-this guy is another Snapchat user known for his creative use of filters and lenses. The influencer uses this technique to make his snaps more entertaining and engaging. Most importantly, he uses Snapchat's games to challenge his friends and increase his scores. Currently, he has amassed over 134 million points.

4. Jaideep Gurgar (51 million)

Jaideep Gurgar is another Snapchat user with an impressive snap score of over 51 million. Jaideep Gurgar's strategy for acquiring a high score is similar to other top Snapchat users like Dion-19. To reach this score, he frequently sends and receives snaps, plays games and uses filters creatively.

5. Michae86l (31.2 million)

Michae86l, also known as Michael, is a Snapchat user with over 31.2 million points. Besides playing games and sending snaps to his friends and followers, he uses filters and lenses creatively to increase his popularity on the platform.

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6. Ciqlo (28 million)

Ciqlo is known for his dedication to Snapchat and constantly sends snaps to his followers. Like other Snapchat users, he uses filters and lenses and plays games to increase his points. Presently, he has an impressive score of about 28 million.

7. Gpierson_20 (22 million+)

Gpierson_20, popularly known as Garrett, is a Snapchat user with over 22 million points. Garrett became popular on the platform through the use of humour. He uses filters and lenses in an entertaining way to increase his points. His constant use of the app has helped him earn a place among the highest snap scores in the world.

8. Daydrunks (23 million)

Daydrunks is a Snapchat user popularly recognised for her entertaining snaps, often featuring her and her friends having fun together. He has amassed over 23 million points as of 2023. Daydrunks also uses filters and lenses creatively and actively plays Snapchat games.

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She has also been known to snap with celebrities, which has helped her boost her popularity. Her ability to create engaging content and connect with her friends has helped her earn more points on the platform.

9. Noah Rittle (15.6 million)

The user is known for their high ability to create engaging content and connect with their friends and family through Snapchat. They use the platform to document their daily life as they share their sense of humour with other Snapchat users, including high-profile celebrities. He currently has a score of 15.6 million.

10. Jade_rush1(13.8 million)

Jade_rush1 is widely known for using Snapchat's special event-related filters and lenses. To increase her snap scores, she has been sharing interesting moments from her daily life and trying new features on the app. She has an impressive score of more than 13.8 million.

Other users with high snap scores include:

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  • Dailybrayden123 (10.2 million+)
  • Sillyblackguy (8.2 million+)
  • Jashanzzz (3 million+)
  • Pateldeep3 (2 million+)

Who has the highest snap score in the world?

Highest snapchat score
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Who has the highest snap score? Mustbecris has the highest Snapchat score of more than 320 million points. You must send and receive more than 1,000,000 snaps each day to achieve this massive score. Alternatively, you can add as many individuals as possible and send photos to many of your contacts.

The highest snap score in the world is around 320 million points. The score was achieved by Mustbecris. Other Snapchat users with impressive scores include Dailybrayden123, Dion-19 and Cris-this guy.

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